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Face of the Killer (cartoon horror)

Hey all,

I have been working on making free little horror games for a while and with permission would enjoy sharing them. My favourite horror stuff is always a mix of funny / cartoony and scary at once and I have been having fun trying to go for a similar atmosphere. There are no jumpscares or flashlight mechanics.

I have two games so far which you can play for free. These are part of a series I'm still working on. Any reaction or feedback always welcome.

Game 1 - "Voice of the Killer".
BB starts her new job at a mysterious call centre by the sea. But what is the mysterious organizational change approaching, and what is the hoarse whisper on the line...?

Game 2 - "Hands of the Killer".
Unable to sleep BB explores her crumbling apartment complex in search of stuff to sell, only to be enrolled against her will in a secret University Of Death. Will she escape with her life, and her deposit intact...?

I have a third one done too which I hope to release soon. Hope people like + thanks for reading
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