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yeah her name is emma cleasby she has starred in heartbeat and bikers grove shes a good actor i thought considering she hasnt really done allot of telivision..
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Actually if the producers of "Bitten" follow Kelley's story at all than the movie will be nothing like "Dog Soldiers". For one in the book Kelley's were's are more reminisent of the old folklore werewolves, ie...they are not bipedal hybrids that Hollywood likes. Nope here werewolves resemble typical Quadrapedal wolves. Another reason is the book really isn't not all that horror based, it is more action. While there is killing in the novel the victims are almost always non-pack werewolves called mutts. Only a few humans get offed and that is only to bait the pack werewolves into a fight.

Anyhowls I will be awaiting "Bitten" simpily because I am an obsessed werewolf fanatic, and because I enjoyed Kelley's novels.
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I believe they optioned Angelina Jolie the part

Angelina Jolie was Optioned the role for Elena Michaels! But I want to know who else is going to be in the movie! Tell me who you think would be perfect to play her pack members?Ryan Reynolds,Hugh Jackman,Dominic Purcell?
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