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Part 11

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of autumn leaves laying on the floor. Everything is calm and dark, lit only by the moon. Without warning a foot wearing brown boots stamps down onto the leaves crunching them to the dirt covered ground. It is Novakru. She is running through the woods. A twig is in her hair and her face is pale and flushed. She breathes heavily as though she's been running for a long while. As she runs she takes her phone out of her pocket. Still no signal.

Novakru: Damn!

Looking at the screen, she doesn't notice the branch ahead of her. Her face smashes into it, sending a tooth flying with a small amount of blood. She falls backwards onto the floor, the back of her head narrowly missing a root. The phone flies from her hand and lands on the floor behind her. She pulls herself round onto all fours and looks at the phone. As she is about to go for it, she hears a horse in the distance and a maniacal laugh. Immediately she gets to her feet and starts running again. She wipes sweat from her head and notices the blood. She spits it out, and as she does she breaks through the trees, finding herself on the bank of a very wide river. She turns to look behind her, seeing no sign of V. She picks up a long branch and pokes it into the river.

Novakru: Please...

The branch doesn't reach the bottom so she lets it go. It completely submerges. She smiles slightly, then lowers herself quickly into the water. The current isn't strong and she begins swimming across, keeping her head above the water. She does breast stroke so as not to make too much noise. As she swims across, she hears a small splash from somewhere in the river behind her. She turns quickly, but sees nothing.

Novakru: Just a bit further...little more.

She keeps swimming, faster than before. Another splash. She turns again and catches sight of something sinking back into the water. Her eyes widen and she turns to a faster stroke, making much more noise.

Novakru: Nearly there!

A cold whisper can be heard on the wind and she swims even faster. She is only around fifteen feet from the bank now, and more splashes can be heard behind her. Another whisper can be heard on the wind, louder this time. Then a third time, and this time she can hear it.

Whisper: Sink with ussssssssss...

She screams slightly and keeps swimming. Something pulls her down slightly then lets go when she kicks it.

Whisper: Sink...rest with usssss....

Novakru: For the love of God no...

She reaches the bank just as the horses footsteps can be heard approaching from the other side of the river. She clamps her hands down on the grass and starts pulling herself out but as she pulls her shoulders onto the edge the ground rips out. She falls back, glancing over her shoulder quickly. She can't see the horse yet, but can hear it getting closer. She clenches the ground again and pulls herself out as fast as possible. This time she succeeds, falling down onto the ground. She pants with fear and exhaustian. Just as she is about to stand up, an invisible force pulls her back into the water. She kicks in terror but to no avail. She is up to her waist in the water now, thrashing around still. In one last bid for freedom she digs her hand back into the wet ground but it is no use. She screams a shrill scream and cries tears of anguish as her face sinks below the water. The whisper sounds once more.

Whisper: Die with ussssss...

V the Horseman reaches the riverbank and looks down into the black water. He makes a small hissing noise. The horse stamps it's feet a few times, then dives forward into the water. As the great black horse and metal clad man fall go into the deep water, V still holding tightly onto it's back, they barely make a splash. For a moment, all is quiet. Ending credits roll.

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Part 12

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of a small building with a small satellite dish attached to the top. A light shines from a small window in the building. Fade into a small white room with loads of posters for Horror films up around the walls. Doc Faustus sits on a small tattered armchair. Next to a chair is a small television on a trolley. A VHS and DVD player sits below it. He is wearing a red silk shirt with a black tie pulled down quite low, as well as a bowler hat. Another man is in the room controlling the large camera focused on Doc Faustus. The man is very tall and wears a baseball cap. This is Urgeok.

Doc Faustus: Up next is a clip from a film that has been called many things from overrated and unfunny. To this people I say screw you!

He points at the camera for a moment, then puts his arm back down.

Doc Faustus: This is The Exorcist!

The clip of Regan throwing up plays on the small television. Doc pauses the film.

Doc Faustus: What does this clip say to you? Is it that the monster is within? Is it that sometimes evil can be found where you least expect it? If it is, sort yourself out! It's none of those things. It shows that children can't be trusted! They're brats who's green slime on you or kill their topless older sister whenever they get the chance! Which brings me to my next point!

He swivels his chair around slightly so as to face the camera more directly.

Doc Faustus: I am fed up with children stealing Halloween from us real people! Where halloween should be a day for all things vile and bloody it has instead be turned into a free candy vending machine for kids. And what happened to true horror television? It was replaced by yet another ridiculous Simpsons Treehouse of Horror or...

He shudders slightly.

Doc Faustus: Charlie Brown. So, I urge you parents, put your child to sleep early tonight and take their pillow then-

Urgeok signals to his watch and Doc rolls his eyes.

Doc Faustus: My ever faithful douchebag has just informed me it is time for us to depart for the opening of "That Tuesday". It should take around ten minutes to arrive so, until then we'll put on a montage of Horror films that I put together last week.

He looks up at a small LED display on the wall with the word "viewers" written next to it. The number quickly falls from 110 to 63. Urgeok starts to pack up the camera whilst Doc Faustus goes for his coat. Urgeok grabs Doc Faustus' shoulder.

Urgeok: Can you please not talk about me like that.

Urgeoks face is deadly serious. It shows no threat yet but he is clearly not a fickle person.

Doc Faustus: Whatever Lurch, I pay you to film not to talk. Let's go.

They walk out of the building, turning off the light. Fade to a shot of Roshiq's house, then fade down to the basement where he lay on the straw. Roshiq appears totally changed now. His clothes are the same, but nearly everything else is different. His hair has grown to reach the bottom of his neck and is a solid black color. His skin is even more pale than before hand and he has a large black beard. His eyebrows too are very bushy, to the point where they almost meet in the middle. His ears whilst nearly the same almost make a slight point not at the top but at the earlobe. His skin is also much younger, making him look no older than forty. His body is also bulkier, not bulging with muscle but he is clearly toned. His eyes open revealing the empty sockets.


As he screams his top canine teeth are pushed from his gums by new, white sharp fangs. He yells out as he tries to stand as though the movement is greatly painful to him. In the distance a dog begins to bark, then several others follow suit. He sighs, then walks painfully over towards the door out of the basement. In the living room his television is still on. The very end of Doc Faustus' show before he left for the theater can be heard. The dogs are still howling in the distance.

Roshiq: Listen to them, the creatures of the night. What mus-

He breaks off halfway and chuckles to himself. Cut to him leaving his house, slamming the front door behind him. He is wearing a totally black suit other than his crimson bow tie. Over his eyes are dark circular sunglasses. He walks with an intricately carved wooden stick which he holds in his black leather gloved hand. He takes in a deep breath of the fresh air then begins walking calmly whistling a rather minor song. From up ahead a small boy dressed as a ninja runs up to him, carrying a small bag likely to be full of candy. The boy's mother is walking quickly to try and catch up. The boy is Zwoti. He can't be older than seven.

Zwoti: Hey mister. Are you meant to be a vampire?

Roshiq is slightly taken aback by the child he cannot see. He smiles to himself and nods in the direction of the voice.

Zwoti: I didn't know vampires had sunglasses.

Roshiq: I didn't know little boys spoke so much...

Zwoti looks up at him in awe, mouth open. His mother has nearly caught up now.

Zwoti: Would you like some candy?

The boy holds open his bag. Roshiq's smile grows and he reaches into the small bag, pulling out a pair of gummy vampire fangs.

Zwoti: Fangs! Aw, cool! They're my favorite!

Roshiq speaks calmly and with slight amusement at both the boy's attitude and the irony of the candy he holds in his hands.

Roshiq: Mine too.

The boys mother calls out for him. Zwoti ignores her and studies Roshiq for a moment.

Zwoti: Are you a real vampire?

Roshiq: Pardon.

Zwoti: Are you a real vampire? You can tell me, I think it'd be cool! I want to be a vampire! I would have been one today but my mummy said it was too scary.

The boys mother picks him up, gives Roshiq a scathing look then carries Zwoti away. Roshiq turns slightly and makes a slight whispering noise. In the distance the dogs bark very loudly for a moment. Zwoti is still looking over his mother's shoulder at Roshiq who smiles, then opens his mouth wide, extending his fangs. At the same time he pulls down his glasses revealing the empty sockets. Zwoti's jaw drops and he says nothing as his mother carries him away. Roshiq turns and begins walking in the other direction. He throws the candy into his mouth and starts chewing. Suddenly his face grows serious.

Roshiq: Need to drink...

Cut to two teenage boys walking along a sidewalk next to some large buildings. As they pass the alleyway between the buildings they hear a noise from within. Roshiq is speaking to them from the darkness.

Roshiq: Help...please. They took my wallet. Somebody. Anybody.

He coughs and splutters a few times. The boys, Gorephobia and Zero cautiously advance into the alley. They turn on the lights of their phones.

Gorephobia: Hey, dude. What did they do?

Roshiq: They took my...wallet.

Zero: How bad are you hurt?

Roshiq: Real bad...look. Over here...

Theyshine their torches to wear the sound is coming from. A limp body lay on the ground wearing a refuse man's uniform with blood covering him. They gasp.

Roshiq: Help me...

They look at the body.

Gorephobia: What did they do to you?

The real Roshiq swoops down from the fire escape of one of the buildings, landing just behind the boys.

Roshiq: This.

Before they have a chance to run he has slashed his clawed fingers across the back of Gorephobia's throat. He falls to the floor, his body twitching in spasm. Zero tries to run but Roshiq dives at him, pinning him to the floor. He punches him once hard in the face, breaking his nose and knocking one of his teeth out. Zero tries to scream but Roshiq clasps his mouth tightly with one strong hand. No matter how hard he tries Zero can't move the hand.

Roshiq: Shhh. Shhhh...this will only take a minute.

He bears his fangs down upon Zero's neck which twitches with his heavy breathing. He screams a tortures scream which is muffled by Roshiq's hand as his throat is torn open and Roshiq begins sucking the blood out with such force Zero grows paler by the second. Eventually, his eyes droop, then they close. Ending credits roll.

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Part 13

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of Hammerfan's house. Aside from a small group of trick or treaters walking past outside, everything is perfectly still and quiet. There is barely even any wind to rustle the fallen leaves. The camera slowly moves forward, passing through the front door. As it does, muffled sounds can be heard. It moves towards the basement staircase. The sounds can be heard more clearly now. Muffled growling and screaming and shouting. The camera passes down the staircase and through the tick metal door to the basement. Everything is alive.

While Hammerfan, Dude Guadalupe, Neverending and Rayne stand on the outside calmly watching the chaos on the otherside of the wall unfold. Neverending is so relaxed he is even texting. Hammerfan is marking points on the large blackboard and keeps looking down to her stopwatch.

Hammerfan: Flayed hasn't landed a good hit for nearly fifteen seconds now-oh wait...

Rayne winces slightly whilst Dude laughs with admiration.

Dude: Good hit, Flayed!

The camera moves into the other side of the room. The Flayed One i, his werewolf state lunges his powerful fist at Murderdoll but she is too agile and dives out of the way, bouncing off the wall and diving onto the back of his neck. She uses hey rigid nails to tear at his neck whilst at the same time biting his neck. He howls in pain.

Hammerfan: That's gotta hurt. I can see this ending soon.

Flayed reaches to the back of his neck, grabs her with his large hands and throws her hard into the wall. She slumps to the floor then regains herself just in time to see his almight foot stamp down onto her ribs. She clenches her teeth hard, then smiles malevolently at him as she grabs either side of his foot with each hand and begins pulling it apart. He howls and falls backwards, trying the scramble away but she has too good of a hold on him. The flesh in between two of his toes begins splitting. The split makes it's way down his foot. In an instant his fear and anguish becomes blind rage.

Dude: Don't let her hold you down! The teeth! Use the teeth!

Flayed curls his massive body round with the right leverage tears his foot from her grasp, at the same time bearing down upon her. He starts pummeling her face which quickly turns brown and blue with bruises. She tries to fight back but he's too powerful.

Hammerfan: I'm gonna call it. POINT TO THE HOUNDS!

Neveredning looks up halfheartedly, his eyebrows widen for a moment then he makes his way to a small gun. He aims it through one of the holes and shoots. A small dart sticks into his furry back. Instead of calming him down, it only angers him.

Rayne: Erm...I think it's gone wrong.

Flayed stops pummeling her. She gets a look up at him, her face full of admiration. There is not an ounce of fear or worry. She closes her eyes as he opens his jaw wide and clamps it on her skull.

Neverending: Must have been a dud. I'll just get another.

He slowly walks towards a small cupboard but Hammerfan holds up her hand and speaks with no empathy.

Hammerfan: I wouldn't worry. It's too late for her now.

Flayed's teeth crack into her skull. He chews a small bit of it then spits it out. He turns his attention to her brain, digging his snout into the small hole and feasting.

Neverending: Give him a couple of minutes to wind down then we'll get him with another dart.

The screen fades to black, then cuts back to Flayed slumped down in the fighting room, eyes closed. Dude throws a bucket of water onto him and he jolts awake, quickly taking in his surroundings. He notices a small pile of mashed up pieces of brains over in at the wall where he killed her.

Flayed: So I did kill her then...heh. Thought that might have been a dream.

Dude: Nah, you got her good and proper.

Flayed: Bitch probably deserved it. Last thing I remember is her tearing my...aw shit! My foot!

Dude: You're fine. Rayne bandaged it up, it'll heal in a week. Unless her teeth where made of brass you should be fine.

The both laugh. Hammerfan laughs aswell, Rayne looks confused, and Flayed gets to his feet.

Rayne: I thought it was silver that killed you guys.

Hammerfan: It is, it is.

She wipes a small tear of laughter away.

Dude: You wouldn't understand, babe. Hound joke.

Neverending: Guess it's up to you and me now, Rayne. Win it for the bats.

Flayed: Ha! You wish.

He limps over to one of the armchairs and sits down, relaxed. Hammerfan sniffs the air. They look at her cautiously and Dude sniffs aswell.

Hammerfan: Smell that?

Dude: Yeh...yeh I do. Flayed?

Flayed: Now that you mention it...smells like brains.

Hammerfan: Yeh...but different. I've had plenty of brains and they don't usually smell like this...what do you think dear?

Neverending: I'd tell you if I had a sense of smell...that's one of the things they don't tell you about dying...

Hammerfan: Yeh, yeh, I'll get a violin later.

She moves over to the large wooden crate where Muderdoll's body sits. She sticks a finger into her hollowed out her and takes a scoop of the brains. They all watch cautiously as she tastes it. Her eyes widen and she turns around to them.

Hammerfan: Oh my God...tastes like cabbage.

Rayne: Is it bad?

Hammerfan: Well, I don't like cabbage as it is so-

Rayne: No! I mean, what does it signify.

Hammerfan: Oh! Zombie blood. She must have been drinking it. No big deal.

They all sigh with relief and chuckle slightly.

Rayne: Cool. Didn't know we had them round here.

Dude: Neither did I. Still, it's always cool to see. Shame they drop dead so soon.

Neverending: Yeh...they'll never make a good zombie apocalypse when they can only last a few days.

Hammerfan: You lot want to go and find a few after the fights?

Flayed: Nah, Hellraiser six is on. Apparently it's so bad it's good.

Dude: Yeh...might as well watch that instead.

They all sigh again, and smile slightly, not bothered at all by the threat of the zombies. Ending credits roll.

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Part 14

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the outside of the theater, where it looks very empty. Doc Faustus and Urgeok are standing outside the front of the theater, where the win is picking up. Doc speaks to the camera.

Doc Faustus: Well, looks like we were a bit too late. Bastards went in five minutes ago. Live TV, anything can happen, hey! As you know there has been a lot of controversy over this play, from the complaints about it being too soon to the constant script changes. Why, only hours ago Mr. Return; the director, said to me that he was starring in the play as Dante's Inferno, one of the infamous killers. However, upon visiting the rehearsals this morning everything was a shambles!

He laughs coldly.

Doc Faustus: Yes, it appears Mr. Return had in fact lied about his part. No, the part of Dante's Inferno will, along with the other parts, be played by mystery actors who will only be revealed on curtain up in...

He checks his watch.

Doc Faustus: Three minutes! There is also the odd decision to show an entirely fictional version of Dante's Inferno's childhood wherein he kills three nuns. Very odd...load of shit if you ask me. But, all will be seen in just two minutes.

Urgeok: Two and a half.

Doc Faustus: Oh! Lurch has piped up now, has he? Just hold the camera Frankenstein.

Urgeok shakes his head in frustration. Doc Faustus looks around blankly, searching for anything to say. An overweight woman in a summer shirt walks droopily towards the theater. Her arms swing from side to side. She holds tightly a small ticket to the play in her hand.

Doc Faustus: Ah! Perfect, it appears we have a latecomer! You!

The large woman turns and looks at him. Blood is trickling down from her ear and the whites of her eyes are purple.

Doc Faustus: Yeh you, Chubs! Mind coming over here and answering a few questions?

The woman begins moving quickly towards him. Urgeok looks slightly wary of her, but Doc merely laughs at her apparent stupidity. She moves haster towards him. He laughs a bit more and points to his ear.

Doc Faustus: You got a little something there, babe. Yeh...on your ear.

She clicks her neck slightly as she comes within feet of Doc Faustus. Urgeok has the camera focused on her as she stands staring at both of them. She has stopped where she is.

Doc Faustus: You look good. Pretty sexy. Perfect for a night out. Ha! You've seen it here first guys. A subtle but effective Halloween costume!

She clicks her neck slightly more, this time her head cocks a lot further to the side, to the point where her skin is pulled as tight as it could go. Doc merely laughs again.

Doc Faustus: Can you even here me? Hey? Can ya, darling? Nah, didn't think so. Haha! Can you believe her? This is perfect television!

Urgeok: I think we should leave her alone now.

Doc Faustus: I think you should just point and capture. That's what I pay you for.

She starts moving towards them again.

Urgeok: There's something not quite right about her. She loosk pretty badly hurt. Are you hu-

Doc Faustus: Oi! Gulliver, I'll handle this. Chubbs. You want a Mars bar? Eh? Do ya?

He pulls one out of his pocket and shakes it in front of her. She starts moving towards it.

Doc Faustus: You see. I know what the chubbsters want. They want chocolate.

He looks at Urgeok.

Doc Faustus: Turn the camera off.

Urgeok does as he's told and switches it off.

Doc Faustus: Hey, good act you. Nice one, do you wanna go inside and watch the play now love?

He looks at the woman who ignores him. She simple carries of clicking her neck, moving towards him.

Urgeok: See. Told you there was something not right about her! I don't want to say it but I know what I'm thinking.

Doc Faustus: I hear you...must be another zombie party going on down at the graveyard. They don't tend to advertise them much 'cause of police and that. Should we go check it out?

Urgeok sighs and turns back towards the car, Doc Faustus turns and steps just as the woman leans into where he was and falls flat on her face. Doc turns around and sees her, then laughs.

Doc Faustus: Ha! Look at her. Pissed out of her head! Must be a good party.

They walk towards the car. Fade to the inside of the theater, where on stage one of the young child actors from earlier in rehearsals sits on stage with a bloody knife. Several "dead" nuns lay on the stage. All of the lights turn off for a moment and they clear the stage. The lights flash and the sound of thunder can be heard. There chairs sit on the stage, empty. Beside one of them is a large bag. As the lights flash, a prerecorded voice over can be heard, that of The Return.

The Return: October 31st 1967. A normal Autumn morning...

The flashing stops, the lights focus on the stage, where the empty chairs still sit. Next to the stage, The Return reads from his notebook, concentrating hard. He stands on his own, concealed by a curtain. All of the other cast and crew are on the other side of the stage.

The Return: Three evil souls gather in the most unlikely place; the town church. Their names are...Miss Macabre!

The Return beside the stage speaks very quickly. On stage, there is a bright flash of black and orange light, and then miraculously, Miss Macabre is standing on the stage, wearing exactly the same clothes she was on the day she died. Many people int he audiences "oooh" and "Awww" at the "special effects". She stands, wide eyed, then looks down at her pale thin arms and smiles slightly. Then, she sits down on the chair withe the bag next to it.

The Return: Paul The Monk!

Once again there is a bright flash and afterwards, standing on the stage is Paul The Monk, looking no different than he did 42 years before. He puts his hands together in prayer, then sits down. Across the other side of the stage, Fortunato looks to Papillon Noir.

Fortunato: How are they doing that?

Papillon Noir: No idea...but they look just right for the part. Who are they?

Fortunato: No idea...

The Return: And the mysterious...Dante's Inferno!

The flash appears once more, however it lingers this time, flashing for several seconds before disappearing, leaving Dante standing on the stage. He smiles maliciously, cracks his knuckles then, after giving The Return a quick and devilish look, he sits down on the other chair.

The Return: They are the evil masterminds behind...THAT TUESDAY!

Under his breath, Dante's Inferno whispers to himself.

Dante: And we are back...

Cut to black. Ending credits roll.

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Part 15

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the garage where Scouse Mac resides. A green car pulls up outside. Fade to the inside, where the shutter has been pulled down. Chronogrl has a bit more color in her cheeks but she still looks quite sick. She gags a bit. Massacre Man is leaning against one of the many counters whilst Scouse Mac stands in front of them.

Scouse Mac: As you all know, many years ago this very day, the famous Tuesday massa-

The shutters are thrown open as a blonde woman walks in. She looks to be in her mid thirties, and is wearing a brown jacket. She has a large white cool box with her, which she puts down on a desk. Scouse Mac nods at her.

Scouse Mac: Nice of you to turn up.

Mona Lisa: No jokes now, Scouse.

Massacre Man and Chronogrl look at each other, and he raises an eyebrow, then mouths "that was a joke?". She laughs a bit. Monalisa catches sight of her laughing.

Mona Lisa: Want my help or not?

Chronogrl: Yes! Yes I do!

Mona Lisa: Then I'd thank you to not laugh at me...

She is mixing some chemicals from the cool box into a small conical flash. She swishes it around and looks at it carefully. She pours a tiny bit more liquid into there then lays it down on the table.

Chronogrl: I'm not gonna have to drink that too, am I?

She looks apprehensive.

Monalisa: No...

She doesn't look towards Chronogrl, instead pulling out a needle from the cool box.

Chronogrl: Oh no...I hate injections!

Monalisa: More than you hate death?

She looks at Chronogrl now.

Monalisa: But anyway, it's not for you...it's for you.

She looks at Massacre Man who puts his hands up.

Massacre Man: Whoa, I'm good. I wasn't bitten or anything.

Monalisa: Never said you were...

Massacre Man: You could try and explain things better.

Scouse Mac: We're not entirely sure how this thing is passed on, it varies from person to person. Some pick it up years after they've died for no apparent reason and they come back to life, some get it through bites and blood, some through mere physical contact and some...

Mona Lisa: There have been particularly bad years where it's struck living people through the air...

Scouse Mac: Anyway, after quite a few years of hard work in secret, Mona has come up with a vaccine-

Mona Lisa: Thinks she's come up with a vaccine. I can't guarantee anything. But you need to take this now, or it'll lose it's potency.

She draws the serum into the syringe and flicks it a couple of times.

Massacre Man: Hey, I'll just look out for anybody who looks at me and licks their lips, okay?

Chronogrl: Not scared are you?

Massacre Man: You can talk!

Chronogrl: But I thought you were the big brave man!

Massacre Man: I just...don't need it.

Mona Lisa: Stop pissing about! You're gonna be around her for a long time, I take it.

She nods at Chronogrl.

Monalisa: Stop being a little girl and take the injection.

Massacre Man: Isn't there any other way I could take it?

Monalisa frowns for a moment. Cut to Massacre Man drinking a glass of milk.

Scouse Mac: Your brother's a pussy.

Chronogrl: Oh I know. He's just a big teddy bear!

She laughs as she tickles his chest. He hits her hands away.

Monalisa: So, nice to meet you two, but I think you best be off now.

Massacre Man slams down the glass of milk.

Massacre Man: Hold up! We're not leaving 'til you tell us what the fuck just happened!

Scouse Mac: We really don't have much time.

Massacre Man: And I don't have much patience.

Mona Lisa sighs.

Mona Lisa: You know about the Tuesday Massacre, right?

They both nod.

Mona Lisa: These things started appearing just after that. Evidence suggests that they come about due to the power of the emotions felt that day.

Massacre Man: Evidence? What evidence?

Scouse Mac: Stuff from the books.

He nods towards the book case.

Scouse Mac: If they're large enough they can leave behind some of the most powerful energy on Earth.

Chronogrl: How powerful?

Scouse Mac: Enough to raise the dead...

Massacre Man: Hold on...is that what you were doing outside the graveyard?

Scouse Mac nods slowly.

Massacre Man: They climb out of the ground?! Fuck!

Scouse Mac: Climb out of the ground? Ha! No way. Do you think a dead body has that kind of strength? I was just collecting samples. If you listen carefully you can hear the scratchers.

Chronogrl: That's sick...

Scouse Mac: That's life...well, death. Afterlife.

Mona Lisa: Anyway, these things strongly resemble one of the killers. Dante's Inferno. Rumor has it that he dabbled in witchcraft and dark magic.

Massacre Man: Witchcraft?

He laughs slightly, but nobody else in the room is laughing.

Massacre Man: Seriously? You think it's to do with him and some magic spells?

Mona Lisa: They do resemble him. They're full of anger, and they only ever come on Halloween.

Massacre Man: Yeh, but come on! How do you even know they look like him? No pictures were ever taken of him, they told us that in school. Apparently he was a lonely old git.

Scouse Mac: It's the eyes...

He's looking blankly at the wall as he speaks.

Scouse Mac: Those red eyes...

Massacre Man: How do you know? The only time anybody ever really saw him was that Tuesday, and his body was burnt by the townsfolk before any real study of him could be taken.

Scouse Mac: Because I was there...that Tuesday, I was there. I was in the church, all those years ago...

Chronogrl and Massacre Man look at him shocked. Ending credits roll.

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Part 16

Opening credits roll. Fade to an aerial shot of the woods, the sound of running water can be heard. Fade to a shot of the lake. Apart from the slow current, everything is still. The calmness is broken by a large bubble breaking the surface of the water. Cut to under the water, where Novakru is being dragged down. She struggles to try and get to the surface of the water but to no avail. Under the water everything is lit up by many disfigured bright green humanoid shapes hovering around. As she gets dragged down by one of the them, another swims up to her face.

Green figure: Trapped souls...We are so lonely...so many of us and so lonely. Stay with us...forever.

Her eyes widen and she screams out, releasing more air. She kicks out but it is no use. Novakru looks down to see the trapped soul that is pulling her down and what she sees shocks her beyond belief. The water goes down far deeper than it should, with green shapes flitting about in the solid black abyss several hundred feet below. The water is strangely clear compared to the darkness above. She looks up as she tries to swim away and above her is not a surface of water. It is simply solid and unmoving like a sheet of thick ice.

Trapped soul: Do not fight it...embrace it. Embrace us...

Her face contorts as she tries to cry, and her lids begin to droop as she quickly wares herself out. But suddenly with a burst of energy and desperation, she kicks out, managing to shake free of the trapped soul, but as she swims for the now far away surface, many flit towards her, swarming. They grab holdof her and drag her down deeper and deeper still. Her eyes droop and close just as she catches sight of a shape in the distance of the water. A familiar voice pierces through the river of souls.

V: She is mine! She has no business in this world of yours!

Trapped soul: No...she will be ours now. We will take care of her.

V: Hand her over to me, or I will take her by force.

Several of the drifting green souls stop their aimless floating and shoot towards him. V gallops inexplicably through the water on his black horse as though the lack of a surface to ride on has no effect on him. One of the souls tries to latch onto V's body but as he draws close, the mighty sword swoops. As the sword makes contact, rather the slicing the thing in half it sends it flying into the far distance. Two more rush in but her sends them flying as well.

Trapped Soul: Why do you insist on being difficult...

V: I intend to complete what I started...

Trapped Soul: Then we must take you too.

More souls swoop in but they are no match for V's might sword and within seconds they have been sent off into the darkness by his sword. He gallops towards where the woman is being dragged down and reaches down from his sword, pulling her from the grips of the trapped souls. One of them lets out a scream akin to that of "The Body Snatchers". Immediately, the souls that had been floating aimlessly in the depths dart upwards straight towards V and Novakru.

V: Don't be fools!

Trapped Soul: You would make good company...

He is only about twenty yards from the surface when the souls are upon him, latching onto V and his horse, which keeps galloping towards the surface. Ten yards...five yards. As the souls grow in number, they gain enough strength to over power and drag down V and the horse. With a mighty throw, he launches Novakru through the surface of the water. As soon as she breaks through, she regains consciousness and gasps the air. She lands flatly on the riverbank, soaking wet. She winces in pain and rolls up her trouser leg. Where the soul had been dragging her down, there is a very sore looking hand shaped burn. She looks around, then gets up and runs through the woods.

Fade to Novakru jumping over a tree root and landing on the bright leaves which crunch under her foot. Ahead, in a small clearing, she can see something reflecting some of the moonlight. She cautiously approaches, but catches of sight of what it is and gasps, putting her hands to her mouth. It is Ferretchucker's moped.

Novakru: Ferret...no!

She runs over to it and sees a splatter of blood up the blue paint. A tear drops from her eyes and she puts her head to the metal.

Novakru: You can't be...

She whimpers for a moment then screams out to the sky so loud, birds fly away from the trees.

Novakru: YOU CAN'T BE!

She cries for a few more moment, then looks up, her eyes wide with the idea that is growing in her head. She pulls the moped up to right it and inspects it for a moment. Other than a few dents it is largely undamaged. She quickly hops onto it, and turns on the ignition. Fade to the riverbank. The water is still once more, until suddenly, a metal clad hand reaches out of the water, it's spiked armored fingers digging into the mud. V is pulling himself out of the water.

Ending credits roll.

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Part 17

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the theater. Clapping can be be heard. Fade to a shot of the stage. A group of around fifteen people sit on home made pews, watching Paul The Monk who is talking to them. He is reciting the speech made forty two years previously. Beside the stage, The Return is watching carefully, barely blinking.

Paul The Monk: ...No, only a few people will learn today...maybe the rest of you could begin to understand when you...see.

Beside the stage, The Return speaks very quietly.

The Return: Kill them...

Paul The Monk: Let the retribution...begin.

Unlike in the real event back in 1967, one of the actors stands up to face Paul The Monk. It is a middle aged man wearing a suit. The actor looks very nervous.

Man: Now, listen here Mr. Monk!

Paul pulls out his sharpened crucifix and drives it into the man's throat. As the sharpened wooden dagger pierces through his skin his eyes widen with terror at it being real. At that point, Dante and Miss Macabre stand up in the crowd on stage and begin killing other people. Blood flies off the stage to the sound of the actor's screaming but the audience merely watch, occasionally awing at what they believe is just very realistic death scenes.

The Return: Remember...let the back row run out of the church.

The slaughter on stage is very different to that from the real incident. The actors are being taken down left right and center, very few of them are escaping.

The Return: Paul...remember to shout at Dante when he...okay now!

Dante has just crack one of the actor's neck. Paul says nothing.

The Return: Now!

He still does not do as he is told, all three of them continue killing. On the other side of the stage, Fortunato, the child actors and Papillon Noir look on.

Fortunato: That looks so real...

Papillon Noir: I know. Way better than rehearsals.

Fortunato: No. I mean, it looks too real.

Papillon Noir: What are you suggesting?

Fortunato: I don't know...but I know that looks too real.

Papillon Noir: Doesn't matter now! It's our part!

On stage, some of the people from the "church" have run outside. Miss Macabre follows them. Fortunato walks on stage in his lollipop man uniform with the children and Papillon Noir. He guides them along the "road" on stage. Miss Macabre runs up to him.

The Return: Kill him.

She taps him on the shoulder and he says his line.

Fortunato: Excuse me, can I help you?

She laughs and holds the crucifix up to the air. Fortunato's eyes are fully of worry, and at the last second where she drives the crucifx down he swings the large sign he is holding. It collides with her side, knocking her off the stage. Many of the audience members grumble with uncertainty. The Return's eyes widen.

The Return: KILL HIM!

Across the stage, Dante and Paul have just finished killing all of the actors. They look at each other, then directly at the audience. Dante then turns to The Return and smiles slightly. The Return gasps.

The Return: No...NO!

He flicks through his note book and tries saying a few spells but it is too late, and Paul The Monk and Dante's Inferno have dived off the stage. A few uneasy audience members stand and try to leave, but as they reach the door out of the theater it is locked. Meanwhile, on the stage, Fortunato swing the large sign at Miss Macabre again as she runs at him, screaming. He misses this time, but it throws her off, making the crucifix stab his arm. He yells in pain and kicks her away.

Papillon Noir: But...there isn't a blood pack there...oh my God!

Fortunato, clutching his arm, runs off stage right. Papillon Noir looks down at Miss Macabre, who has a small trickle of blood down her face from where she hit the floor. Miss Macabre winks at Papillon Noir as she stands up. Papillon walks backwards in fear and shock. She shouts to the audience as Miss Macabre runs at her.

Papillon Noir: This isn't in the play! They're killing us!

She dives out of the way as Miss Macabre rushes the sharp crucifix at her and runs off the stage. At hearing her warning, the audience members suddenly panic and all stand up, running for the door as well. As they do, Dante and Paul begin killing them as well. Paul drives his cross into a young man's back, who yells and falls to the floor. Dante has abandoned his cross and is instead snapping people's necks and limbs as they try and run away. One of the men banging on the door out yells.

Man: Open the door! We need to get out!

A quick cut to the front room of the theater shows blood stains all over the walls and by the confectionery stand, bodies littering the floor. The sound of footsteps and a deep moan can be heard, but other than that, all is quiet. Cut back to inside the room. Miss Macabre chases Papillon Noir off stage. Paul continues stabbing whilst Dante calmly sniffs the air. He smiles and runs to a small door beside the stage.

The large crowd of people manage to break the huge door out of the room down, but as they do they are met by a terrible sight. They are met by another huge crowd, one made up entirely of zombies with the whites of their eyes a deep purple. Immediately, they begin attacking the audience members who try and retreat. They dig their teeth into the throats of many whilst Paul picks of others at the back of the crowd. The room is in chaos. Just before he enter the small door, Dante turns and sees the zombies.

Dante: Good boys...

He runs into the small door and is back stage. Somewhere else back stage he hears Miss Macabre giggle with glee and Papillon Noir scream. He smiles slightly, then runs through the corridor to The Return's room. He laughs and knocks on the door, mockingly.

Dante: Knock knock...

He slowly opens the door but is shocked to see nobody there. His eyebrows raise in confusion just as a large piece of wood smashes against and breaks on his head. He falls to the floor. The Return is stands behind him and throws what's left of the plank to the floor.

The Return: Who's there?

Closing credits roll.

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Part 18

Opening credits roll. Fade to an aerial shot of the town. A caption reads London, October 31st 1842. Fade to a shot of Roshiq walking down a flint path. The sky is cloudy. Roshiq looks exactly the same as he does after his transformation, aside from the fact that he has eyes and his hair is longer, tied back in a neat pony tail. He wears a dirty white shirt and brown trousers. He walks along quite happily, whistling a tune when without warning he clutches his chest and falls to the floor, limp.

Fade to black. Fade into a shot of Roshiq laying asleep in a bed at night. Lightning flashes and a young man swiftly jumps onto the windowsill of the open bedroom window. He is very pale with long, messy hair. He wears very dirty clothes. This is Friday13thfan. He knocks on the glass of the open window, waking up Roshiq, who glances across at him and his eyes widen. F13thF jumps into the room and walks slowly across to him.

Roshiq: Who are you?

F13thF: Your salvation...

Roshiq: Pardon?

F13thF: You are dying, right?

Roshiq: Don't remind me...

F13thF: But you are dying. Your body will soon fail and you will become a rotting corpse in the Earth...unless they burn you.

Roshiq: Why are you here? What are you doing?

F13thF: I want to offer you a second chance. I read in the newspaper what happened to you and you're strong...strong enough to survive this long.

Roshiq: I'll call the police!

F13thF: Don't worry. Hear my offer and reject it or accept it. I will leave either way in due course.

Roshiq thinks for a moment, then closes his eyes.

Roshiq: Say what you have to say.

F13thF smiles.

F13thF: I was in a very similar situation to you once. I was out late one night when I got hit by a vehicle. I would have been a body in the ground if the driver of said vehicle hadn't been a very special person.

Roshiq: Get to the point, sir.

F13thF: My skull was cracked open that day...I should be dead right now.

Roshiq: That's impossible!

F13thF: No it isn't. That's the point. Let me show you something...

He walks to the small table across the room and picks up a small mirror. He looks into it for moment, the nods and walks towards Roshiq, to who he hands the mirror.

F13thF: Look at me in that.

Roshiq looks at him questioningly, but F13thF nods at the mirror. Roshiq tilts the mirror to face F13thF, but in the reflective glass he cannot be seen. Roshiq gasps and drops the mirror. He tries to scream but F13thF claps his hand over his mouth.

F13thF: Don't ware yourself out. Listen to me. You will die before the week is up if you do not accept my help tonight. Become a creature of the night. You will live twice as long as any mere human being!

Roshiq pushes F13thF's hand away.

Roshiq: But at what cost?

F13thF: To be more than a human, you must put your humanity to the side. Be willing to feast on the living and harvest their youth.

Roshiq: You mean...drink blood?

F13thF: It is them or you...decide. Become a vampire like me and we could hunt together...or die young and worthless. No wife or children to preserve your memory. Just another column in the obituary...

Roshiq puts his hands to his face and lay there like that for a moment, then he turns and looks at F13thF and nods. When he speaks his voice is almost a whisper.

Roshiq: Okay...

Fade to black, screams of people can be heard and the laughing of Roshiq and F13thF, then the sounds stop. A caption reads "October 30th, 1967". Fade to a shot of Roshiq's house. It looks exactly the same as it does in 42 years. Roshiq is standing in his back garden next to a large rectangular hole in the ground. He looks old, somewhere in between what he was early Halloween 2009 and his younger self. In the hole is the body of F13thF, looking very old.

Roshiq: This is finally it, old friend. Ah...why did it get so hard to harvest...so hard to get a good drink. Gotta hand it to you though...you hung in there well. So well...

He jumps down the hole.

Roshiq: Here's to you...my salvation.

He bears down on the dead body's throat. When he stands up and climbs back out of the hole he looks younger again. Across the road from his house, looking though a gap in his fence is a teenage girl, around 17 or 18 years old. This is Hammerfan. Miss Macabre walks past her holding her small bag.

Miss Macabre: Peeping now, are we Hammerfan?

Hammerfan: Keep walking, freakbag.

Miss Macabre: Oh, I see how it is...remember to go to church tomorrow. Special service...

Hammerfan: See you then.

Miss Macabre walks on and Hammerfan keeps watching. Fade to black. A caption reads three years later. Hammerfan, looking slightly older is passionately kissing Roshiq.

Roshiq: How did I find you?

Hammerfan: Guess you got lucky.

She winks and they carry on kissing. Fade to the two of them in the living room of his house, yelling at each other.

Hammerfan: Because I don't want to!

Roshiq: We can't work if you don't!

Hammerfan: I chosen my path! I'm not ready to die! I don't want to be trapped inbetween life and death!

Roshiq: I understand that, but a werewolf? REALLY? How can you do this to me?

Hammerfan: To you? To you? This is my future we're talking about! Why can't you let this go?

Roshiq: I just...I just don't understand!

Hammerfan: No! No you don't! I love you! I always will, but you have to get past this!

Fade to Hammerfan in the back garden of the house. Neverending, looking quite a bit younger, is mowing the grass. Hammerfan is watching him and smiling slightly. Neverending looks across at her and she winks. Fade to Roshiq in his basement, painting an unseen picture. A caption says 1989. Hammerfan walks down the basement stairs looking somber. He turns and looks at her, immediately seeing something is wrong.

Roshiq: Hammer...what is it?

She walks over to him without saying a word, and picks up his hand. She lays it on her stomach. His eyes widen and he shakes his head is disbelief. She nods and kisses his forehead.

Hammerfan: Goodbye...

She walks away, whilst Roshiq sits in front of the painting. The camera pans around showing the same painting that he has in his house in 2009. It depicts Hammerfan, when she was younger, as a vampire. Fade to a shot of a hospital. Roshiq sits on a rooftop opposite in the pouring rain. The sound of Hammerfan screaming can be heard, then a baby crying. Neverending's voice can be heard.

Neverending: It's a boy...we have a son.

Roshiq turns and walks away from the side of the roof. Fade to a shot of Neverending and Hammerfan's house. A caption reads October 31st 1991. Roshiq knocks on the front door and Hammerfan answers and looks shocked to see him.

Hammerfan: Roshiq...I-I didn't expect to see you here.

Roshiq: I've come for the fights. Am I on time?

He speaks in a very serious tone.

Hammerfan: Yes...yes you are. Come in, I guess...

The door closes. The camera remains fixed on the door as the sounds of yelling, roaring, barking, shouting and tearing can be heard. As the sounds continue, the captions along the bottom of the page go from 1992 to 1999, where they stop suddenly, and Roshiq yells out in anger and pain.

Roshiq: My eyes! You bitch!

The screen fades to black, then fades to a close up shot of Roshiq's face. The caption at the bottom reads "October 31st, 2009". His eyes open, and reflected in them can be seen Hammerfan and Neverending's house. He walks towards it. Closing credits roll.

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Part 19

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the garage where Scouse Mac lives. Massacre Man and Chronogrl are still staring at Scouse Mac after the revelation that he was at the Church "That Tuesday".

Massacre Man: You were there?

Scouse Mac nods, still staring off into space.

Chronogrl: And you saw Dante's Inferno?

Scouse Mac: I saw all of them. I can remember their faces now as clear as day. Paul The Monk was just an ordinary priest. Short hair, dark skin. His face was wrinkled a bit with age but you could quite happily pass him in the street without taking a second look.

Chronogrl and Massacre Man look at each other, whilst Scouse Mac continues to stare into space. Mona Lisa is filling a large bag with weapons from around the room, preparing to leave.

Scouse Mac: And Miss Macabre, heh. I used to fancy her something rotten. I may have only been five but boy, could I stare at her all day. So fair and pure, at least that's what we all thought.

He smiles to himself slightly, then his face goes back to it's characteristic thoughtful look.

Scouse Mac: Me and my father were sitting there, just an ordinary visit to Church. My mother was running late because she had been out to see my grandmother. We sat there and he told me a joke...I can't remember what it was.

Although the story he is telling has a somber mood, his voice remains strong, deep and emotionless.

Scouse Mac: Then in he came. I'd never seen him before and I remember looking inquisitively, like you do at that age. Then he looked at me. He looked at me and for a second our eyes met, and I could have burst into tears there and then. The whites of his eyes...

For the first time since he's begun the story, he turns and looks at Chronogrl and Massacre Man, and gestures towards his eyes.

Scouse Mac: They were the deepest color of purple. I knew right then that there was something not right about that man. If only it'd been enough to make me cry. Then we might have left. He sat down in the row in front of us and I just could not stop looking at him. The back of his head, it was covered in dark blue veins.

He scratches his head thoughtfully. Mona Lisa has finished filling the bag, and is leaning on a table now, watching Scouse Mac. Massacre Man and Chronogrl's eyes are fixed on him.

Scouse Mac: I watched as Paul The Monk stabbed that poor woman. Somehow I knew straight away that the man sitting on the row in front of me would have something to do with it. He stood up and ran to the back of the room. The girl he killed, Stubborn Forgey. She was in my school.

He trails off, then picks it up again.

Scouse Mac: And even as my dad grabbed me and we ran to that door, I couldn't take my eyes off of Dante's Inferno. He had a strange aura about him that send a shiver down my spine.

Chronogrl's eyes are welling up slightly now with empathy, but Massacre Man simply frowns.

Chronogrl: But you both made it out alright, didn't you?

Scouse Mac: Physically, yes. But me and my father were both damaged that day. Dad more than me, strangely. He felt guilty for taking me to church that day...that morning I had begged not to go. Started having nightmares that he had watched me get killed. It all became too much for him to see my face anymore.

His voice is full of scorn now.

Scouse Mac: It was two days before Christmas that he left. Left my new bike behind though...I suppose that was good of him. Last I heard of him was thirteen years ago.

He nods to a piece of paper pinned to one of the wooden cupboards. It's a newspaper obituary.

Scouse Mac: He took his own life with a handful of pills. Maybe he never forgave himself. I, have never been able to set foot in a church since. That day, even at five years old, was the day my faith died.

He pats his hands on his legs and to break to silence.

Scouse Mac: But at least that opened my mind to new concepts, which after all you've seen, you must agree with. There are odd things afoot. And with all of the emotions buzzing around this year with the focus on that new play and such I can assure you it will be a strong year for the unexplainable!

He walks briskly over to Mona Lisa and picks up the bag.

Scouse Mac: It's probably best if you two just go home and-

Massacre Man: Hold on one fuckin' second! You still haven't told us what it was that bit her! Yeh, so it might have something to do with Dante's Inferno, but what?

Scouse Mac: Well...I would have thought it was rather obvious.

Massacre Man: You would have thought wrong!

Scouse Mac: Well it's obvious that Dante's Inferno wasn't falling into line with Paul The Monks plan. He had an agenda of his own, i.e. he was power hungry. Well, what do power hungry maniacs love to have?

Massacre Man looks blankly at him. Mona Lisa pipes up.

Mona Lisa: An army...he wanted an army by his side. But it's not as easy as just mind control. You see, Mr. Massacre Man, the human brain is a very powerful thing. It isn't so easy to manipulate it to do what you want. Soooo, this "infection" as it were kills the brains cells as quickly as possible making an empty shell. When that's complete it follows it's master's orders.

Scouse Mac: The fact that these things only came about after he died shows that he still had some power in whatever afterlife he was in. He made them come to be but as he wasn't around, they had no orders. And they still haven't. They wander around aimlessly. It appears that they only come on Halloween because of the, can you guess it? Emotion hanging around. Dante must have tapped into that and used it to his advantage to create them.

Massacre Man: So what you're saying is that Dante's Inferno's ghost made these things which are braindead to do his bidding, but as he is only a ghost they can't hear him?

Scouse Mac: Pretty much. They'll keep on coming as long as people remember what happened that Tuesday. But, they usually only pose a slight nuisance. They'd only ever do any real damage if Dante's Inferno magically came back to life.

Chronogrl speaks and they all turn to look at her.

Chronogrl: So...this emotional energy that's always around on Halloween, it weakens the barrier between the living and the dead?

Scouse Mac: Yes.

Chronogrl: So...isn't it possible that other creatures could...bleed through?

Mona Lisa: Like what?

Chonogrl: I don't know...werewolves or vampires?

Scouse Mac: Oh, they're always around.

Massacre Man and Chronogrl's eyes both widen with surprise.

Scouse Mac: Yes, there's a good dozen of each in this town alone. I've had a few run ins with them but they keep themselves to themselves mostly. We stay out of each other's way.

Chronogrl: Dozen of each...in this town?

Scouse Mac: I wouldn't worry about them. If you ever find yourself cornered by what looks like a vampire tell them you're a friend of mine. They should leave you alone.

Massacre Man: What about a werewolf?

Scouse Mac: A werewolf...run. They probably wont know what you've said until morning.

Chronogrl: Okay...okay. So not werewolves or vampires. Couldn't some...ghost or, or demon's bleed through?

Scouse Mac: Yes...yes I suppose they could. But I've never come across one.

A quick flash of V running at great speed through the woods in his spikes metal armor. Flash back to Scouse Mac's garage.

Scouse Mac: So, now you know, you can leave. No need for you to linger. Me and Mona Lisa are off. I'd lock your door if I were you.

Scouse Mac opens the garage door and motions for them to leave. Chronogrl goes to walk out but Massacre Man puts his arm out.

Massacre Man: We'll follow...

Mona Lisa: What?

Massacre Man: Wherever you're going...we'll follow. After what I've seen and heard, I'm not content with just going home and locking a door. You guys have go weapons. You can drive where you want to go, and we'll be right behind you.

He stands looking at Scouse Mac, ready for an argument. But Scouse Mac simply nods.

Scouse Mac: Alright then...stay close and be ready for a fight. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Massacre Man looks at Chronogrl who just shrugs. Mona Lisa and Scouse Mac walk over to Mona Lisa's car. Scouse Mac turns and looks at Massacre Man and Chronogrl who are still in the garage.

Scouse Mac: Come on then! Turn off the light and shut the door.

They stand where they are for a second longer, then Chronogrl flicks the light switch and runs out to her VW camper. Massacre Man steps outside, looks around again in shock at how easy that just was, then slams down the large garage door. Closing credits roll.

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Part 20

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the graveyard of the town. Whilst still very much night, the sky is getting slightly lighter. Urgeok and doc Faustus are walking into the graveyard.

Doc Faustus: Hmm, usually more lights if there's a party going on.

Urgeok: Or at least glow sticks...reckon we should just leave it?

Doc Faustus: No. No I don't. Jesus, you gotta think, Lurch. Why else would that fat bird be staggering around pissed out her head dressed as zombie?

Urgeok: Maybe she's an escaped mental patient.

Doc Faustus: Ha! When do you ever see one of them in real life?

Urgeok mumbles under his breath.

Urgeok: I work with one...

Doc Faustus: Got something to say?

Urgeok: If I did, I'd say it to someone I liked. Like my wife. Or my son. Because I have people in my life that love me.

Doc Faustus puts his hands out in front of him and rolls his eyes.

Doc Faustus: Alright, calm down Lurch. Come on, let's find this party.

They walk further into the cemetery but still they find nobody. Everything is very dark, and the only sound is there footsteps and the wind rustling the leaves. When Urgeok finally does talk, it makes Doc Faustus jump.

Urgeok: Wow, all we need now is a kids swing set to make this as creepy as could be.

Doc Faustus: Just keep looking around bigfoot.

Urgeok: Bigfoot, that's a new one...

At the moment, they hear some more footsteps off in the distance.

Doc Faustus: Fuckin' told ya. Okay, turn on the camera Lurch.

Urgeok turns on the camera and the small flashlight he's taped to the end of it. They walk to investigate where the sound came from. Quickly cut to Scouse Mac, driving along. His mobile phone rings. Mona Lisa answers it.

Mona Lisa: Yeh?

Cut to Massacre Man sitting in the back of the VW camper, Chronogrl driving it.

Massacre Man: If this emotional energy is so powerful tonight, couldn't it make these zombie things strong enough to climb out of the ground?

Cut back to Urgeok and Doc Faustus, Mona Lisa's voice can still be heard.

Mona Lisa: Not really. It'd have to be really strong. That, or Dante's Inferno would have to come back to life.

A young woman come into the light of the torch. She looks very rotten. Her skin is a pale shade of green and there are large holes in her skin.

Doc Faustus: Hey babe, nice costume. Can you show us where the rest of you lot are?

She stands there, looking bewildered. The whites of her eyes are purple. She snarls at them, then takes a cautious step forward.

Doc Faustus: Yeh, grrr, we get it. Can you point us in the right direction now?

She takes another step forward, then pukes up black bile.

Doc Faustus: Fuck, she's pissed out of her head too!

He raises his voice and speaks slower.

Doc Faustus: Where. Is. The. Party?

She looks back up, then coughs, launching her saliva and small amounts of black bile at him. It lands on his cheek. He wipes it off in disgust.

Doc Faustus: You bitch! What the fuck is wrong with you?

He takes a step towards her. This is enough to provoke the girl who stumbles and jumps at him, baring her teeth. She bites into his cheek, where her saliva had landed but before she can tear the flesh away, Urgeok has pulled her off him, launching her backwards. She stumbles over a gravestone. Doc Faustus stands up.

Doc Faustus: Fuck! What do you kids take these days? When I was younger a spliff was enough for me. Fuck! Bitch! That's really stings now. Zoom in on that.

Urgeok zooms in, showing blood leaking down from his cheek.

Urgeok: You should probably go to the ER. That looks nasty.

Doc Faustus: Don't be such a pussy, they're not all gonna be like that. But Jesus, I hope that bitches mother is watching right now.

He turns and looks at the large crypt up ahead.

Doc Faustus: They're probably in there. Come on, lets go.

Cut to black. Some banging can be heard, then light floors in where Doc Faustus has kicked the door to the crypt down. Nobody is in there. Urgeok shines the flashlight around a bit. It looks like it has been deserted for a long time. They walk inside.

Doc Faustus: Shit...eurgh, you can smell them!

Urgeok: This probably breaks all kinds of laws...

Doc Faustus: See what I have to put up with, viewers? Never stops whini-

There are footsteps outside. Doc and Urgeok both turn around to see a group of around ten people silhouetted in the doorway, the bright moon shining behind them.

Doc Faustus: Finally! Are we too late or what?

The group of people take a few steps into the crypt.

Urgeok: I don't like this...

Doc Faustus: Fuckin hell, is everyone in this town stoned or what?

The group of people stagger in, straight towards Urgeok and Doc Faustus. Cut to Novakru, riding the small moped down the road through the woods. It's going quite slowly, presumably due to the damage done to it in the crash earlier that day. She rounds and corner, and as she does she screams in shock. V has just run out of the woods at the corner and is running so fast he is catching up the the moped.

V: You didn't think I'd given up now, did you?

Novakru: Please! Just stop!

V: But you're mine...

Novakru: What did you do to my son? Why can't you just leave me alone.

He is getting closer and closer.

V: You're mine.

She screams out in rage and frustration.

Novakru: What does that mean?

V: I've set my sights on you...

Novakru: WHY?!

V: Because...I can.

At hearing this, her face contorts with anger. She slams on the breaks and twists the moped. The back wheel spins out and takes out V's legs, who spins through the air, his sword narrowly missing Novakru's leg. He lands on his feet, perfectly poised. She gasps, and starts up the moped in the opposite direction, not noticing that as he flew over, his sword sliced through the breaks. She speeds along the road.

Novakru: Nearly...free.

She turns to check V is not behind her. When she turns back around she is heading straight for a car that is traveling in the opposite direction. Too late to turn, she tries to brake, as does the car, but to no avail. The moped smashed into the hood. The car keeps on going, albeit slowing down. The driver, EyesOfDarkness, momentarily knocked out. Novakru flies high into the air, smashing through the branches of the the trees, being cut up by the twigs and spines. She lands hard on the dirt, her back on a tree root. She looks around, winded by the fall. Her eyes widen with fear as she sees V standing over her wearing his spiked metal armor. She tries to scream but can't find the breath. V raises his sword. Ending credits roll.

The Ferrets like it...
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