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Part 21

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the outside of Hammerfan's house. Fade to the basement. Hammerfan finishes a bottle of water and looks at the board.

Hammerfan: Well, that's a point to the-

The basement door opens. Roshiq walks in. he has a small amount of blood splattered on his pale face and sunglasses.

Hammerfan: Well, now. Somebody's been busy.

Roshiq: I got hungry...

Neverending: Roshiq!

He walks over to him smiling and pats a hand on Roshiq's shoulder. Roshiq shrugs it away without smiling. Roshiq opens his mouth wide for a moment. Flayed, Hammerfan and Dude all wince and put their hands to their ears.

Dude: Gah! Fuck man!

Hammerfan: I know! I told you guys he did that!

Rayne: Ah, was that that sonar thing? You gotta teach me that Dude.

Dude: Me?

Rayne: No, I was calling Flayed...never mind.

Hammerfan: Well, you being here does kind of make the numbers uneven but someone could do a second match, I suppose.

Roshiq: No.

Hammerfan: What?

Roshiq: No. I want to fight you.

He nods in the direction of Hammerfan.

Rayne: Hold on! That's not how it works. I've been dying to fight Hammer for years!

Roshiq: Too bad...I'm fighting her.

Neverending: Something bothering you?

Roshiq: I've been putting this off for years. I need comfort.

Flayed: Is this about your past? I think you need to cool down a bit.

Roshiq: I'm a walking corpse...I'm as cool as I could get.

Flayed: Nice one...

Neverending: I don't think this is a good idea, it's probably best if you leave.

Hammerfan: No...

They all turn and look at her, she's scratching her chin with a slight smile on her face.

Hammerfan: He wants revenge...alright. Sounds good to me. Let him have it...

Neverending raises his eyebrows at her.

Neverending: Honey, I don't think-

Hammerfan: Don't be a wet blanket. This'll be fun.

She winks at Neverending, who goes to speak, then changes his mind and sits down in one of the chairs. Dude and Rayne sit and watch silently while Flayed tends to his injured foot.

Hammerfan: Come on then...

She opens the door to the fighting room. Roshiq walks straight over to it. Hammerfan closes the door behind them. She walks over to the corner and injects herself to induce the transformation.

Hammerfan: You gonna charge up from the bucket?

Roshiq shakes his head.

Roshiq: I'm as pumped as I need to be.

Hammerfan: Suit yourself...how's this gonna work?

Roshiq: To the end...

She looks slightly surprised.

Hammerfan: Really? We haven't had a good old fashioned dead match since...

Roshiq: Trippin' The Rif. Cocky bastard got what was coming to him.

Hammerfan: Well, you've got another thing coming if you think you're gonna tear my throat ou-

She keels over on the ground. The transformation is beginning. The hairs begin to grow, a deep black color. Muscles begin to bulge and bones grow, tearing her skin which quickly heals. Her jaw elongates and she screams out in pain as it does, the skin totally torn. It too heals over. Her eyes are glowing red. She towers over Roshiq, who stands coolly on the spot. She howls out to the point where Neverending and the rest cover there ears. Roshiq doesn't react, he merely stands where he is. She looks down at him and lets out a small noise, almost a laugh. He licks his lips. She dives at him and he ducks out of the way, making her collide with the wall.

Neverending: This isn't gonna be good...

Dude: But it makes for good watching...

Neverending turns and glares at Dude. In the fighting room, Roshiq gets punches into one of the top corners and falls to the ground, landing on his feet. Hammerfan runs at him, teeth baring, but he jumps up and kicks off the wall into her chest, tackling her. He bares his teeth down into her ribcage but she gets a grip on him and flips him over, bashing his face into the ground. Flayed sits at the back of the other room, still looking at his torn apart foot.

Flayed: How's it going?

At that exact moment, Hammerfan gets launched through the dividing wall, smashing into Rayne, who quickly recovers herself and moves out of the way. Roshiq dives onto her and they continue fighting.

Neverending: Everybody out! NOW!

Rayne, Dude and Neverending quickyl rush up the stairs, but Flayed is too slow due to his foot. He limps to the stairs but Hammerfan reaches out, grabs his leg and swings him into Roshiq, knocking Roshiq into the ground. Flayed's head smashes into the solid wall, the shock breaking his neck. He slumps to the ground. Neverending sighs in pity, then quickly runs out of the way as Roshiw runs up the stairs, quickly followed by Hammerfan. Roshiq turns and picks a low stance. She runs at him but he uppercuts her. She stumbles past him and her head smashes through one of the windows, cutting her slightly, but she regains herself and as quick as he is, she grabs his leg and throws him up, launching him through the ceiling into a room above. She jumps up into it. Neverending, Rayne and Dude have spilled into the front garden.

Cut to inside the theater. The main room is nearly entirely filled with zombies now, most of the people dead. Blood pools at the front of the theater from the sloped floor and bodies are slumped all over the place. The only non zombies are a few people pitifully trying to crawl away. Paul The Monk is running around the room, stabbing these people with his crucifix. He remains untouched by the zombies. Cut to one of the back rooms. Miss Macabre is skulking around, menacingly.

Miss Macabre: Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of a non christ-i-an...

The room is a maze of stacked up chairs. Not very big, but very messy. At the back of the room, Papillon Noir and Fortunato are hiding silently, shaking in fear. Miss Macabre gets closer and closer, looking around the dark room. She hears a slight noise as Fortunato's shoulder gently touches a stack of chairs. Miss Macabre laughs loudly, almost cackling. She rounds the wall of chairs that they are hiding behind and her eyes widen.

Fortunato: NO!

He kicks Papillon Noir forwards into Miss Macabre. Papillon Noir barely has time to scream and Miss Macabre drives the crucifix into the back of her neck. In his haste to escape, Fortunato runs into a stack of chairs, toppling it over. Chairs all around him fall, knocking him down. Miss Macabre delights in jumping onto him and repeatedly stabbing his stomach with the spiked crucifix. Cut to the outside of the theater, where Mona Lisa's car suddenly stops in the road. Chronogrl's VW camper stops behind it. Mona jumps out and looks at the road. Scouse Mac rolls down the window.

Scouse Mac: What is it?

Mona Lisa: Looks like blood. A good few smears of it heading...

She looks to the theater.

Mona Lisa: There.

Scouse Mac jumps out of the car. Chronogrl and Massacre Man have got out of the camper.

Scouse Mac: Looks like a classic case of lights plus sound attracts zombies. Let's check it out.

They all walk towards the theater. Mona Lisa puts a hand up to Massacre Man and Chronogrl.

Mona Lisa: You sure you wanna come in here?

Chronogrl: We've come this far...

Mona Lisa nods and turns back around. They walks towards the theater. Ending credits roll.

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Part 22

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the graveyard. Fade into nthe crypt. The zombies are nearly upon Doc and Urgeok.

Doc Faustus: Is there a back way out?

Urgeok: Of a crypt?

Doc Faustus: Sorry for asking...

Urgeok: What do we do now?

The zombies stand still for a moment, only feet in front of them.

Doc Faustus: Leave the camera on...

Urgeok: You sure? I think it would be pretty strong evidence of what we do here.

Doc Faustus: But it'll make for great TV.

Doc pulls a switchblade knife out of his pocket whilst Urgeok lays the camera down on one of the shelves and holds the tripod threateningly.

Doc Faustus: Come on then!

He shouts at the zombies but they merely stand still, unmoving, staring at Urgeok and Doc.

Doc Faustus: Well this is gonna be a breeze. Worst muggers I've ever see-whoooooaoaaaaa.

At the precise moment, a flood of zombies limp, hobble and even crawl through the door, bringing the number up to around 30.

Doc Faustus: We're boned...anyone watching at home, a phone call to the police would be much appreciated.

When all of the zombies have entered, they rush at Doc and Urgeok. Doc Swings his knife, cutting open one of the zombies throats and another one's chest. Blood spurts out but the zombies keep coming.

Doc Faustus: Shit! These aren't muggers!

Urgeok: You think?!

Urgeok swings the tripod at several zombies heads. They fall to the floor but are immediately backed up by more zombies behind them. The zombies are crawling over each other to get to the men and feed.

Doc Faustus: You saw it first! Real zombies!

Urgeok: Will you stop with the fucking TV show presenting?!

Doc is getting overwhelmed now, zombies circling him. He's crouching low, taking strong jabs at their legs to make them fall. Urgeok tries to make his way over to Doc but the zombies are too thick in numbers. Urgeok backs up, climbing onto one of the shelves. He thrusts the tripod hard into their faces, smashing some of them and merely knocking others down.

Doc Faustus: AHHH! AHH! NO! FUCK!

One zombies is holding him by the throat whilst others start taking bites of his legs. They're tearing flesh away as he kicks at them. He manages to get a good jab of his knife into the zombie holding his throat, sticking the knife into his eye socket. Doc kicks out at the other zombies, knocking them away, them crawls to where Urgeok is, Urgeok having cleared a small gap in the zombies.

Urgeok: Dude! Grab my hand!

Doc holds his hand up, but it's just out of reach of Urgeok. Three zombies dive onto Doc's back and begin tearing at it. Fortunately, they're only getting his clothes.

Doc Faustus: You dick! Help me!

Urgeok jumps down from the shelf, swings the tripod at the wave of zombies encircling them, then kicks one of the zombies off of Doc's back. He picks up another by his legs and shoves him at the large group of zombies getting closer. The last one left on Doc has got to his back and is now biting into his skin. Doc manages to roll over and using his knife hack the zombie's head off. Blood is covering his face now. Before climbing up onto the shelf, he runs over to the camera, grabs it, then runs back.

Doc Faustus: These bastards...hurt....get inside your houses...phone the police! We need...assistance!

Urgeok: Hang in there small fry.

Doc Faustus: Fuck you...Lurch.

Urgeok jabs the tripod stand at the large group of zombies, only around three of them inanimate now, but they manage to get a good hold of the stand and yank it from his hands.

Urgeok: Shit. Give me your knife!

Doc points lazily to the ground at the zombies feet where the knife lay.

Urgeok: What do we do now?

Doc doesn't answer him. He is looking down at his legs, which are quickly turning black just like Chronogrl's bite did. Before Urgeok can act, the wall of the crypt smashes open, knocking zombies flying everywhere. Hammerfan the werewolf has been throw through it. Roshiq runs in at her. She gets to her feet and swings her arms out, knocking zombies aside.

Doc Faustus: Werewolf?

Hammerfan punches Roshiq, launching him out the door, knocking even more zombies flying. Hammerfan bounds out into the slowly fading darkness after him. From the hole Hammerfan broke open comes Dude, Rayne and Neverending. They look around the room.

Rayne: Shit, zombies.

She kicks one of them which is crawling towards her. Despite her small build, the zombie gets sent back several feet. Dude spots Urgeok and Doc.

Dude: Whoa! You're that TV host. Love your show, bro.

Neverending: Focus, Dude. We've got to follow them!

Dude: Right behind ya!

Neverending and Rayne run out of the crypt in the direction. Dude looks back at Urgeok and Doc, who's mouths are both wide open.

Dude: You've been bit? You better say your goodbyes then. Later, bro.

Dude runs out after Neverending and Rayne. Urgeok and Doc stare at the door he just ran out of, but when the zombies start getting to their feet, Urgeok quickly jumps down, slings Doc over his shoulder and picks up the camera. He begins running the the same direction as the others. Ending credits roll.

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Part 23

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the theater. Fade into The Return's small room, the door is locked. He is pacing the room, holding a plastic cup of water. One of the walls is now covered with planks of wood, and tied tightly to the wood is Dante's Inferno, in a five pointed star shape. He has a large circle drawn around him. The Return stands in front of Dante, who is unconscious for a moment.

The Return: Ah, fuck it!

He throws the cup of water at Dante, who still doesn't move.

The Return: Come on...wake up!

Dante still does not move. He breathes softly, but his eyes remain closed.

The Return: What's wrong with you?! Wake up!

He slaps Dante's face a few times. Dante's eyes suddenly open, and he looks around taking in his surroundings. When he sees his arms his face contorts with rage and he struggles against the restraints holding him in place.

The Return: Glad you could join us.

Dante shouts out, although no distinguishable words can be heard. It is more of a roar.

The Return: Shut up!

Dante stops shouting, and looks at The Return. He softens his expression slightly.

The Return: Thankyou...

He paces for a few seconds, then stops.

The Return: Why did you do it?

Dante: What?

The Return: Betray me...we had an agreement.

Dante: Did we? I never agreed to anything, that was the others. Therefore I was never on your side and did not betray you.

The Return: I just...I don't understand. The plan was simple...you guys put on a great show, I mean...what's more convincing than a real death...then after the audience leave the whole place burns down. I'm the sole survivor and with the great reviews and tragic story of a fire I'd make my way to the top and-

Dante: You do realize that was a worse monologue than a Bond villain. I knew the plan...you went over it a hundred times.

The Return: Oh shut up!

He punches Dante in the chest. Whilst it was a hard punch, Dante doesn't react. Cut to Scouse Mac, Mona Lisa, Massacre Man and Chronogrl looking around the main hall of the theater, looking at all of the blood. Scouse Mac inspects one of the bodies.

Scouse Mac: Still warm...I reckon they're still here.

He stands up and turns to the others.

Scouse Mac: Stay close. Take something from the bag.

Mona Lisa opens the large bag of weapons. Massacre Man reaches in and pulls out a long sword.

Massacre Man: This should do nicely.

Mona Lisa smiles at him, the first smile he has seen from her.

Mona Lisa: Belonged to an old friend of ours...his name was Persuasian. Has a thing about David Hasselhoff.

Chronogrl doesn't reach into the bag.

Chronogrl: Mr. Mac-

Scouse Mac: Scouse Mac. I'm not your teacher any more.

Chronogrl: Right...sorry, Scouse Mac. I...I don't think I can kill.

Scouse Mac: My girl, you wouldn't be killing them; they were killed long ago. You're just sending them back to where they belong.

She nods slightly, takes a deep breath in then pulls out a small pistol. Massacre Man leans over to her.

Massacre Man: Remember to squeeze...don't pull-

Chronogrl: I know what to do! I went to army cadets as well!

Massacre Man nods in apology, and backs off. She sighs and hugs him tightly.

Chronogrl: How did we get ourselves into this?

Massacre Man: I destroyed Dad's overalls...

She laughs slightly as a small tear trickles down her face.

Mona Lisa: There'll be plenty of time for that afterwards. Come on...

They open the large door to the main room and all stand there, petrified by the sight in front of them. Having eaten all of the people in the room, the zombies are all standing still, not doing anything. But now they're all staring directly at the four people standing in the doorway.

Massacre Man: Whoa.

The zombies start to hobble towards them en masse. While Chronogrl and Massacre Man are still standing where they are, Scouse Mac shoots a bolt into the crowd of zombies with a crossbow. It shoots through three of them, knocking them down. Mona Lisa on the other hand has run at them with a large axe and is hacking away with ease.

Scouse Mac: You gonna fight?

Massacre Man: What the fuck, eh?

He runs into the crowd of zombies and begins slicing, clearing the crowd with ease.

Chronogrl: I...I don't know if I should, with the baby and all...

Scouse Mac's eyes widen and he takes a step closer to her.

Scouse Mac: You're pregnant?! Shit...this isn't good.

Chronogrl: What? Why? What's wrong?!

Scouse Mac: We have to-

He is interrupted when Roshiq flies through the open doorway behind them, knocking him and Chronogrl down. Roshiq rolls down the floor towards the zombies then regains himself. Before Chronogrl and Scouse Mac can stand up, Hammerfan bounds into the room after Roshiq. Massacre Man and Mona Lisa have run into the rows to avoid the collosal fight between the werewolf and vampire. Cut back to The Return's room. They hear a crash in the distance but ignore it.

The Return: I still don't understand how...the spell was meant to keep you firmly under my control!

Dante: The spell? That spell? That was barely a charm. You may dabble in the arts but you're no match for me. I didn't even have to try!

The Return: You bastard...

Dante: Maybe if you were intuitive you would have thought of that earlier. But clearly you're not, after all, while you were busy throwing water on me, I, was doing, this.

The ropes around his arms legs and throat quickly come undone and he drops to his feet. The ropes shoot at The Return, getting him by the neck and lifting him up into the air as well as tying his arms behind his back.

Dante: Now we can talk...

Closing credits roll.

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Part 24 (Part I)

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the theater. Fade into the main room. Roshiq is standing directly in front of the stage. He looks very bruised; covered in brown and blue bruises and blood. Hammerfan also looks hurt, her black hair matted with blood, scratch and bite marks cover her face. Blood drips menacingly from her mouth. Mona Lisa and Massacre Man run back to Scouse Mac and lay on the ground next to him and Chronogrl. They speak in urgent whispers.

Massacre Man: Is that a werewolf?

Scouse Mac: Yep...and a vampire.

Massacre Man turns around to look at them in disbelief, then he turns back to Scouse Mac.

Massacre Man: Really?

Scouse Mac: Yes really!

Mona Lisa: Should we get out of here?

Scouse Mac: No...no, I have to keep an eye on what's going on and we don't want to split up like those Scooby Doo retards.

Massacre Man nods in agreement.

Scouse Mac: Look, just keep your distance from the two of them...if this is one of their Halloween fights then they won't be here for long. Those things go all over town. Just...just carry on killing the zombies.

All but Chronogrl stand up. She grabs Scouse Mac's leg.

Chronogrl: What about my baby? What's wrong with it?

Scouse Mac: I'll tell you when we get out of this situation. Don't worry, I can deal with it later.

At the front of the room, Hammerfan goes to run at Roshiq, but then sniffs the air and runs away, bursting through the door to the backstage area. Roshiq listens to the air around him.

Roshiq: Come on! Fight me! Come back and KILL me!

Creeping up behind him is Paul The Monk. He holds the crucifix high into the air.

Paul The Monk: Allow me.

Roshiq spins around, raising his leg up high as he does so. He kicks Paul hard in the face, knocking him sideways onto the floor.

Paul The Monk: You're pretty strong for a corpse...not to worry, I'll send you back to hell.

Roshiq laughs slightly.

Roshiq: A holy man? Yes...yes I think I can smell the young boys semen on your clothes.

Paul The Monk: You dare to mock me? Well, sinner, I can assure you that smile will be wiped off of your face when you are burning in the pits of hell!

Roshiq: Better liars than you have tried.

Paul The Monk: Liar? I deliver the word of God to those who seek it.

Roshiq: That's what I said...liar.

Paul glares, then stands up and runs at Roshiq. Roshiq jumps high into the air, over Paul The Monk and lands behind Paul. He spins around, grabbing Paul's neck and one of his legs. He spins Paul around, who yells a quick prayer, then throws him high into the air; high enough to touch the ceiling of the theater. Paul starts falling back to the ground, but Roshiq lets out a quick sonar, then jumps into the air, catching Paul as he goes. Paul gets a good hold of his crucifix and presses it to Roshiq's cheek. They land, and Roshiq throws him to the floor, crushing the crucifix with one hand and throwing the pieces of wood and Paul The Monk.

Roshiq: Now, if you'll excuse me.

Roshiq walks over the top of the chairs with ease, in the direction of Hammerfan. Paul gets to his feet and his face full of anger, he runs at Roshiq, diving at him in and attempt to tackle him. But as Paul jumps, Roshiq turns and sticks his hand out, which Pauls head smashes into. Paul drops to the floor and Roshiq jumps down over him.

Roshiq: You had your chance.

Paul The Monk: No...NO! O' father in heaven, please save me- ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!

Paul bites into the flesh of Paul's neck and tears, pulling his head away from the rest of his body. With an almighty rip, he pulls it off, throwing the head away into the crowd of zombies which promptly begin eating it. Cut to backstage, where Miss Macabre, all covered in blood, rounds a corner and sees Hammerfan who growls slightly.

Miss Macabre: Ooooh...grrrr. Aren't you pretty.

Hammerfan growls again, louder this time.

Miss Macabre: Doggy want a bone?

She reaches into her pocket and pulls out two of Fortunato's fingers.

Miss Macabre: This is the best I got. Sorry Mr. Wolf...

A smile grows on her face.

Miss Macabre: Hold on...hold on one cotton picking minute. I'd recognize those eyes anywhere. They're the last eyes I ever saw...you...you bitch! You killed me!

Cut back to outside the church in 1967. Miss Macabre is being held down by the men. The car that ran her over rounds the corner, the driver obscured by the reflected sunlight. The camera shoots forward to the inside of the car and Hammerfan is sitting in the drivers seat.

Hammerfan: Peeping Tom am I?

She accelerates, driving straight towards Miss Macabre who simply holds her hand out. Just before the car hits her, cut back to the present moment.

Miss Macabre: Well look at you now.

Hammerfan goes down onto all fours and begins pacing in front of Miss Macabre, bearing her teeth and growling.

Miss Macabre: You must be...nearly sixty! Ha! Brilliant. Guess we can't all have skin like...

She rubs a hand delicately over her cheek.

Miss Macabre: This.

Hammerfan barks loudly and Miss Macabre jumps with sudden fear, the smile long gone from her face.

Miss Macabre: No...bad dog.

Hammerfan stands on her hind legs and takes a step closer to Miss Macabre who shakes slightly, then turns and runs. Hammerfan bounds afterher, barking with delight at the chase.

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Cut to The Return's room, where he is being strangled by the floating rope around his neck. Barking can be heard getting closer.

Dante's Inferno: Look at you...you're pathetic!

The door to the room swings open as Miss Macabre runs in. She closes the door behind her and runs behind Dante.

Dante's Inferno: What are you doing?

The door breaks open and Hammerfan dives through, arms outstretched. She takes out Dante and Miss Macabre, breaking down the wall opposite and taking them through is. The ropes around The Return fall limp, and he falls to the floor. Hammerfan, Dante and Miss Macabre are now in the space behind the back curtain. Hammerfan flicks her huge hand, knocking Dante aside who falls through the curtain onto the main stage. Miss Macabre screams as Hammerfan begins biting her face off. Roshiq, who was just about to go through the door she has disappeared through hears the screams and the roars and runs onto the stage to behind the curtain. Scouse Mac looks to the stage and freezes in fear at the sight of Dante's Inferno.

Scouse Mac: No...no, it's impossible...

Massacre Man: Shit dude...is that who I think it is.

Mona Lisa: Keep fighting!

Mona Lisa and Massacre Man carry on hacking at the zombies. Scouse Mac's eyes are wide. Images of him as a young boy flash onto the screen. He's in the car next to his dad.

Scouse Mac: Dad, do I have to-

Man: I told you, don't call me that. I don't want it to seem like I'm replacing your dad. I promised him that when I married your mother.

Scouse Mac: But I don't like him. He scares me.

Man: Well we're gonna see him in Church today, and I want you to say hello.

Cut back to Scouse Mac in the present day, a slight tear welling up in his eye. Cut back to him in the church as Dante walks past him to get to his seat. Dante speaks.

Dante: Hello son.

Scouse Mac doesn't say a word, he just looks at Dante with wide eyes. Cut to Scouse Mac still as a child listening through a wooden door to his stepfather and mother arguing.

Stepfather: I tried to force the boy on him! Look what nearly happened!

Mother: Calm down. I didn't happen. You were both okay.

Stepfather: Think what that must have been like for the boy! Seeing his father do that!

Mother: No. You're his father.

Stepfather: What kind of father am I? I nearly got him killed! He's better off without me! You both are!

A door slams. Cut back to present day Scouse Mac, who lifts up his crossbow to aim at Dante, who is speaking quickly and making the injuries he just sustained disappear. Cut to The Return who has stepped out into the area behind the large curtain. Miss Macabre's mutilated body is still there but Hammerfan has gone. The Return is holding a large book.

The Return: Cutforay, malurte, vinmaya! I call upon the great slayer demon, he who delights in blood! Come to my aid! Come, oh might V!

Cut to the woods. The scene where Novakru looks up to see V replays. He lifts up his sword, then brings it down hard. Just before the blade makes contact, V disappears in a flash of bright light. From the distance, EyesOfDarkness runs towards her.

EyesOfDarkness: Hey! Hey, are you alright?

Novakru looks around, seeing V nowhere. She laughs to herself, more and more. EyesOfDarkness crouches down next to her. She looks at him and smiles.

Novakru: Thankyou! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

He picks her up and starts carrying her away. Cut to the middle of the theater. A bright light flashes, then a shadow appears up by the ceiling in the center of the room. Another flash, then V appears and drops to the ground, landing on his feet. Mona Lisa, Chronogrl, Massacre Man and Dante's Inferno all look at him. The Return walks out from behind the curtain and smiles. V takes in his surroundings, then shakes his head.

V: No...NO! You fool! NO!

He turns and runs towards The Return. Scouse Mac, who had barely noticed V, lets the crossbow fire. It skims millimeters in front of V's head, who keeps running towards The Return. The Return's face is filled with terror. Blood sprays onto the side of his face from Dante's Inferno. The bolt has landed directly in his heart. Ending credits roll.

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Part 25 I

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the outside of the theater. Neverending, Rayne and Dude run up to it and come to a stop outside.

Rayne: Think they're in here?

She is answered by a loud howl and the sound of crashing from one of the high up windows. They run into the building. Cut to Urgeok running along, carrying Doc Faustus who looks very badly hurt. The whites of his eyes are getting redder.

Doc Faustus: Where...are we going...?

Urgeok sounds out of breath.

Urgeok: Following...the-

Doc interrupts him.

Doc Faustus: We're not going...to the...hospital are we?

Urgeok: No...no we're not.

Doc Faustus: Because I'd rather die than miss this opportunity...

Urgeok: I know.

They've arrived at the theater and Urgeok runs in, carrying Doc. Cut to inside the main room where the bolt has just shot into Dante's heart. Dante falls to the ground and Scouse lowers the cross bow. Everything plays in slow motion. Dante looks up and sees Scouse Mac. His face is full of rage and he lifts his finger up to Scouse Mac.

Dante: Him! Kill him!

Suddenly, the huge crowd of zombies all turn their attention on Scouse Mac who doesn't turn his head. He's still staring directly at Scouse Mac. Dante roars as he pulls the bolt out from his heart. The bolt turns to ash in his hand and he gets to his feet again.

Scouse Mac: No!

The Return, meanwhile, is petrified, his feet glued to the spot as V runs straight towards him, holding his sword high in the air.

The Return: I command you-

V: You fool! You ruined it! Die!

The Return shivers with fear then turns and runs away behind the curtain. V follows, passing through the curtain without even making it ripple. The Return yells something in a strange language and one of the stage lights falls directly above V. V flicks his wrist and the sword sends the lights flying away to the side. The Return runs into one of the backstage corridors. Rayne, Dude and Neverending are running in the opposite direction towards him. The Return pushes them apart with ease.


He swings his huge sword. Dude and Neverending jump to the side but Rayne was looking behind her at The Return. She turns back just in time to see V's almighty sword flash towards her. The blade cuts neatly through her neck sending her head up high into the ceiling. It falls back to earth landing directly in front of Dude.

Dude: Ray-Rayne...Raaaaaaaayne! NO! NOOOOO!

He turns and sees V round the corner behind him.

Neverending: Oh Dude...oh I'm so sorry.

Dude: He's gonna be fucking sorry!

Dude reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a syringe and drives in into his skin.

Neverending: No don't!

Dude shoves Neverending away then pushes the liquid into his blood stream.

Neverending: I know this is hard but we have to focus!

Dude: Fuck Roshiq and Hammerfan!

He throws the empty syringe away and picks up Rayne's head, the look of shock still fixed on it. He kisses her pale forehead then sets her head down on the floor and turns around. He starts running in the direction of V, as he does, the hairs begin to rapidly sprout from his skin, muscles growing and bones dislocating. Nonetheless, the keeps running, focused on getting revenge. By the time he's rounded the corner he is entirely Werewolf. Neverending sighs, then continues running in the direction he was originally heading. Cut to a dark room. Everything is still. Hammerfan pads into the room and sniffs the air. She growls slightly and takes a few further steps into the room. Roshiq drops down from the ceiling, kicking her to the ground. He begins clawing hard at her back.

Roshiq: Come on!

Hammerfan lifts her back up, launching Roshiq, but he twists around and kicks off the wall instead of crashing into it. Hammerfan is just standing up when he collides with her again, driving his shoulder hard into the side of her neck. She lets out a slight wimper, but then gets a good grip of him, grabbing him by the leg. She swings him around a few times, then throws him. He flies like a rag doll, smashing through the glass window, but as he does he gets a grip on the frame. He pulls his feet onto the windowsill, then jumps up high. His hands reach the roof of the building, several floors above the one he was on, which he climbs onto. Hammerfan lets out a roar that shudders the walls, then jumps up through the ceiling of the room, reaching the floor above her.

Cut to inside the theater room. Bodies of people who were in the audience are standing up, the whites of their eyes deep purple. Massacre Man, Chronogrl and Mona Lisa are trying their hardest to cut down the number of zombies rushing towards Scouse Mac, who is putting another bolt into his crossbow. Dante looks directly at him.

Dante: Do it.

Scouse Mac fires the bolt at him. It turns to ash in mid air as Dante flicks his hand. Beside him, a stage light flies through the curtain. Scouse Mac yells out in anger and pulls two daggers from his belt and starts to run at Dante. Zombies rush at Scouse, but he slices and stabs them away. Dante glares at him and holds him hand up. Dante's skin begins to blister, but he does not flinch. He carries on running at Dante, daggers at the ready.

Mona Lisa: I'm going to help him!

Massacre Man: What do we do?

Mona Lisa: Keep killing!

The camera turns to see the balcony. The Return runs out onto it, closely followed by V. The Return rushes to the edge of the balcony and looks down at the sight below, judging whether to jump. He turns back to look at V and gasps. Just as V is about to reach him, Dude the werewolf dives at him, tackling him over the balcony. As they go over, V's sword swishes. Blood sprays on Dude and V as they fall and The Return's head soars past them, landing on the stage next to Dante's Inferno who doesn't notice it. V kicks away from Dude and they both land amongst the seats. V's helmet has been knocked off, revealing no head. In fact, the entire spiked metal suit is empty. V reaches his hand out and the metal helmet flies through the air into his hand. He puts it back on. Dude roars.

V: Here, boy.

Dude jumps at him with great speed, his sharp teeth bared and his claws outstretched, but V is faster and he jumps to the side, swinging the sword. The blade slices through Dude's mouth and continues going down him body, totally bisecting it. Dude's two halves fall to the floor, totally limp. Chronogrl screams at the sight of what's just happened. V ignored her however, instead running at Mona Lisa who is heading down to the front of the stage. He jumps into the air and kicks her forward. She lands flat on the ground and V lands with his metal boot on her back. Before she can see what's attacked her, he brings the sword down onto her head. V looks around the room. Massacre Man and Chronogrl are still killing the zombies as fast as they can. Scouse Mac is on the stage now.

Dante: Would you really kill your own father?

Scouse Mac doesn't answer him. His skin is so blistered now it's almost peeling away. He jumps through the air with the daggers outstretched, but just before he reaches Dante, he gets stopped in mid air.

V: This isn't sport...

V runs out of one of the doors to the theater. At that moment, Urgeok emerges, carrying Doc Faustus on the balcony. He begins filming.

The Ferrets like it...
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Part 25 II

Cut to the roof. Roshiq is standing up there, looking out across the town. The door bursts open as Hammerfan steps out.

Roshiq: You took your time.

She growls at him and he laughs slightly.

Roshiq: Let's just finish it.

She bounds towards him and he stand still where he is. She takes him to the ground and bares her huge teeth. Saliva drips onto his bruised and bloody face, but she doesn't tear him apart. She simply looks at him. Into his empty eye sockets.

Roshiq: Come on! DO IT! End it now! I'm ready for the taking!

She still does not kill him.

Roshiq: Please...Please!

He is almost sobbing.

Roshiq: When I died all I had left was my heart and you destroyed that too! Please! End it...I'm an empty shell!

Hammerfan still does not kill him. Instead, her wolfen hairs begin to fall out. Roshiq feels them.

Roshiq: No...no. You have to kill me! You have to kill me!

Her bones reduce to their normal shape and her muscles fade. She is human once more and she looks at Roshiq with pity.

Hammerfan: Oh...oh Rosh.

Roshiq: Kill me!

Hammerfan: You know I can't.

Roshiq's expression turns from sadness to anger and frustration. He opens his mouth wide and Hammerfan covers her ears.

Hammerfan: Ah! God, stop!

Roshiq carries on doing it. He opens his mouth wider. Hammerfan rolls around on the roof floor. Roshiq carries on, the strain making a vein pop out of his head.

Hammerfan: STOP!

Roshiq carries on. Blood begins to drip from Hammerfan's nose, then her ears. She stands up, still covering her ears and picks up a long metal pole. She makes her way painfully over to Roshiq, who is still silently screaming. Hammerfan holds the pole up high, then brings in hard down, piercing it through Roshiq's rib cage. He stops. Hammerfan relaxes slightly, breathing heavily. Roshiq's face forms a slight smile just before his eyes glaze over. Cut back to the main room of the theater. Scouse Mac is floating in the air, controlled by Dante's Inferno.

Dante: Now...apologize.

Scouse Mac: Go to hell.

The skin from Scouse Mac's arm tears away. He screams out in pain and his arm thrashes around.

Dante: Stop being a bad boy, and apologize.

Dante flicks his wrist and Scouse Mac's hand goes into Scouse's trouser pocket and stops thrashing around. A slight smile forms across Scouse Mac's face.

Dante: Apologize!

Scouse Mac doesn't answer. His hand moves slightly in his pocket and he smiles again.

Scouse Mac: I said...

Scouse Mac manages to pull his hand out of his pocket and it is revealed to be holding a hand grenade. He opens his hand and it falls to the floor landing at Dante's feet.

Scouse Mac: Go to hell.

The grenade explodes. Scouse Mac gets sent flying high and hits the floor hard, dead. Dante flies in the opposite direction, his lower half totally blown off. He looks down at his legs and lets out a huge roar which shakes the walls of the theater. The floor beneath him opens up into darkness and hundreds of rotting hands reach out, grabbing Dante. They pull Dante down into the darkness. The hole closes up and as is does, all of the zombies drop to the floor, dead. The whole building continues shaking. Cut to the ceiling, where Neverending is now up there, comforting Hammerfan. They look around in confusion as the building starts to crumble. Cut back to the main room.

Massacre Man: Come on! We have to go!

Chronogrl: But he-

Massacre Man: Now!

She gives on last fleeting look to Scouse Mac's body, then they turn and run. On the balcony, Doc has suddenly got to his feet. Whilst his eyes are deep purple, he suddenly looks very active.

Urgeok: We better go!

Doc Faustus: But think of the shot!


Doc Faustus: Good point!

Cut to the outside of the theater. Massacre Man and Chronogrl run out, closely followed by Doc Faustus and Urgeok. Massacre Man holds up his sword when he sees Doc Faustus, but Urgeok holds up his hand.

Urgeok: Whoa! It's okay, he's one of them but he isn't! He isn't gonna hurt us!

Massacre Man: How can you be sure?

Urgeok: Because I'd be the first one he'd kill if he could!

Massacre Man lowers his sword. Urgeok holds up the camera to film the building as it collapses. Above them, Hammerfan and Neverending jump across to the next building, holding Roshiq. The theater is now nothing more than a huge pile of rubble. A crowd of people forms. Massacre Man looks around and laughs.

Massacre Man: Great...now there are people.

The screen fades to black. A caption appears "One week later." Fade to Roshiq's back garden. Neverending and Hammerfan are standing next to a deep hole. She looks in and sees Fridaythe13thfan's body, still as it was years before.

Hammerfan: Creepy...sometimes I wish they did rot.

Neverending: In that case you won't want to be buried near me...

They roll Roshiq's body into the deep hole and begin piling dirt on it. Hammerfan walks into the house whilst Neverending keeps shoveling.

Hammerfan: I'll be out in a second.

Neverending nods. She walks through his house, looking around. She turns and sees the painting of her as a vampire and smiles slightly. She wipes a slight tear away then lifts the painting off the wall. Fade to a shot of a large hospital. "Herrerville Hospital". Fade into a room. Chrongrl is laying on a bed. Massacre Man stands beside her and a nurse is in the room.

Chronogrl: So it's probably nothing, but the other day I was bit by...nevermind. Can you just check every thing's alright?

The nurse puts the thing on her stomach and looks at the screen for a moment with a bored face. Suddenly, her face changes to one of confusion.

Chronogrl: What is it?!

Nurse: I...I don't know.

Chronogrl: Am I-ah!. Ouch...

Massacre Man: What is it?

Chronogrl: I don't know.

Her eyes are welling up and her face is turning red.

Chronogrl: But it really - ahhhh! Oh God, make it stop!

The skin of her stomach begins to move and stretch as though something is pushing it. The camera only shows Massacre Man's face as blood sprays onto it and his eyes widen. Chronogrl screams and a baby can he heard crying. The camera zooms out of the room and into another one. Novakru is lying on a bed, surrounded by a curtain. She hears the screaming and crying child.

Novakru: Yep...I remember childbirth, heh...

She has a television next to her bed which Doc Faustus is on. His skin is rotting but he's sitting in a suit, on a couch next to Oprah.

Doc Faustus: So basically, it got my body but didn't zombify my mind in time. I'm hoping I'll end up as just a walking talking skeleton!

Oprah: That is so interesting. And I hear you're getting your own chat show on Comedy Central.

Doc Faustus: Yep, first guest is the one and only Robert Englund-

She turns off the television and takes a grape from the table next to her which has a framed photo of Ferretchucker on it. She sighs as she looks at it. A shadow appears on the other side of the curtain.

Novakru: Ah, perfect. I need a new pillow please.

The shadow stretches it's arm out, revealing it to be holding a sword.

V: You will...your current one's about to get stained.

V pulls the curtain back and holds the sword up high. Novakru screams as he swishes the sword down towards her neck. Ending credits roll.


Thank you everybody who's been reading these. I know it can be tedious commenting after the stories, but I really appreciate it. I hope you've all enjoyed reading it as I have writing it. I honestly make these things up as I go along with only a rough and constantly changing plan so I'm as surprised as you sometimes (I hope I surprised you!).

The Ferrets like it...

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I just skimmed it,but I like the look of it,so I'm gonna read all of it.It looks promising. :)
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Originally Posted by Kamflout View Post
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I think you are a spammer.
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Yup. Appears to be.
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