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Originally Posted by Angra View Post

Did anybody else get a From Dusk Till Dawn vibe from this one, or is it just me?
It felt all Assault on Precinct 13 to me..
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A teenager discovers a vampire is hiding out in a shed on his grandfather's farm.

I enjoyed it. Had a bit of a Fright Night vibe to it.
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TUSK (2016). Very strange rather disturbing film with a boffo performance by Michael Parks. Takes its time slowly building, putting You on edge with a payoff I wasn't quite expecting. Check it out, although there is an unbilled famous actor who all but derails the story when He's in it. ***
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Day Of The Dead: Bloodline This sequel is a lot better than I expected, and is actually one of the better of the "new" zombie films I have seen in years. This one actually has a good plot, well developed characters, good drama and dialogue, great action, good staged combat and stunt work, as well as cool fx and a good picture quality. The plot focuses on a young lady graduating from medical school to find a cure for the zombie virus so that those who get bit don't become one of those things. She does, but at the same time, the zombie infection gets so bad, everybody has to live at safe zones in order to survive, then the zone she's at runs low on meds for a girl there who becomes infected. They are able to go to the University where there is plenty, but they end up losing a guy to the zombies in the process, then one of the zombies crawls under their van, and holds himself up to the bottom underneath it, so he is able to ride back onto the safe zone grounds without them knowing it. It gets even more interesting when that zombie turns out to be one of the female doctor's stalkers from before he became infected, and he turns out to remember and recognize her. The format is similar to the remake from around 2008, but it has an original story with original characters.Those who like the remake should also like this one. Even fans of the original might also like this one as well. It is not like the many cheap crappy remakes Hollywood has thrown at us over the past couple of decades now, but far better than that. I know that last one isn't always saying much, but this is not a let down.
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Smart little Aussie flick about a spaceship crashing just outside of a small rural town. Nice twist.
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