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The finale

So it's going to be a time jump episode.
Good. I'm good with that.

Subs at the end:
another trailer does similar

...Both further make the implication (There was talk about this possibility at an earlier stage in the show) that the show may continue, but in another format or setting?
Could the last episode serve as something of a backdoor pilot to an actual Bat Universe show?
I mean, Star Trek did that kinda stuff all the time, other (albeit animated) comics based shows have done the same thing.

Will kind of suck if we get the taste of something that "could be" though, and just...nothing, ever again.

I know Gotham isn't most Batman enthusiasts jam, but seriously a LOT of them seem to have given up well before the more Batman-y good stuff.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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