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Carnival of Souls (1962)

I am getting ready to watch this for first time,

What do guys make of this movie, do you think may feel a
little out dated after the remake came in the late 90;s

I have not seen the remake yet, I have heard nothing but bad stuff about the remake, I have heard Mixs Comment for this one.

I heard there is some kinda of twist in this movie, Which I did not know, I still don't what the twist is! ( So no spoilers please)

As anyone seen both this and remake, are they much diffrent from one other? if

that makes sense

I am off to see this movie now!
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I love this movie. Like "Night Of The Living Dead" this is a great low budget classic. It plays like a extended Twilight Zone episode, but that's a very good thing. It's creepy, atmospheric and very entertaining. It played on The Monster Channel the other day, and it was fun to see it again. Skip the remake at all costs.
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Seconded all of the above. Original is a classic; remake is terrible.
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great atmosphere - really wonderfully bizarre
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Carnival of souls

One great Classic! Very surreal quiet and creepy. One of my faves!
Gene Moore did the score, fabulous!! I would always pester Ozma to play tracks during Halloween!
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I love this film. The ending is excellent, the atmosphere is incredibly creepy and it never lets up.

I did not care for the Wes Craven remake at all. I remember liking Larry Miller's stand up comedy at the time though.
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Had heard about the remake, but WES CRAVEN?? Ye Gods...
Good comments by all before me...saw this when I was 11 and really creeped me out. Amazing what they could do with an ultra low budget.
Let a co-worker borrow this years ago...he had never heard of it and was heavy into vague films with dream sequences, real artsy-fartsy stuff and he loved it, saying it reminded him of a Ingmar Bergman film.
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I think it works fantastically until it gets to the actual Carnival of Souls. There are still some good shots in there, but much of that sequence doesn't look quite as ethereal as it should and it ends up just looking like actors messing around.
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Twilight Zone's take on it was much better and scarier.
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I not like this one but is okay for lunch break.
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