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i just watched the movie Persona from like 1966 (i believe), and though its not a horror movie, it was amazing!!! incredibly done, great mind bender to make you think as well on yourself. I highly recommend this movie for anyone to watch... psychological no doubt!!!

Ingmar Bergman movie it is... he is the guy whom directed the horror movie Hour of the Wolf.
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Yeah, I didn't like it. I try to be open minded but I just found it funnier than scary because all its arbitrary camera. I didn't even think it was that funny, just rather pointless.

I think it was meant to be an exploration on the universality of our struggles and how we can all be doomed to losing the lives we strive for or something but whatever the message was I just wasn't listening by the end.

I find in general Bergman doesn't give his characters enough depth to make me care either way.

Wild Strawberries wasn't half bad though. The dream sequences are creepy but it's a pity they're only dreams.
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