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Jason (Friday the 13th Fan-Comic)

A young boy was at a summer camp called Crystal Lake in the woods of the Pine Barrens on New Jersey (USA). His name was Jason, and he was eccentric and anxious and 11 years-old. He was swimming one day at the camp some distance away from the bank of the lake when he lost energy and began drowning. Jason called out for help, but the irresponsible camp counselors were busy smoking marijuana and making out and allowed the unfortunate Jason to drown. The poor boy drowned. He was thought to be dead.

Ten years later, there surfaced some horrific news stories of people living near the Pine Barrens being brutally murdered --- burned, decapitated, or gorged! Then, the following summer, when the camp session at Crystal Lake in the Pine Barrens began, a stalking killer surfaced. It was Jason. He didn't die...completely. Sure, he sunk to the bottom of the camp lake, but he aged and grew to be a man, though he was deformed and molded by his zombie predicament! Something in his brain kept him alive.

That camp session at Crystal Lake saw teenagers from all around the Middle States seeking a fun time in the summer! The camp counselors were paid college students on vacation. It was one counselor named Evan who first encountered Jason while playing street hockey. Evan was wearing a hockey-mask and playing hockey by taking practice shots on a small portable goal-net with a hockey-stick. It was midnight, and Evan was preparing to arrange street-hockey games for the campers the next day!

Jason walked up behind Evan unnoticed and broke his neck and then pulled his head clean off by the strength of his zombie-hands! Jason then took Evan's hockey-mask and put it on his head/face. He snuck inside the camp's administrative office and found a butcher-knife in the kitchen. Over the course of the next two weeks, Jason went on a terrible killing-spree, using his stolen knife to gash the throats of multiple counselors and campers. He always wore his signature hockey-mask. The camp closed down and the area was condemned after a cryptic sign, written in blood, was found:

"My name is Jason. I killed people here at Crystal Lake! I drowned years ago here because of irresponsible camp-counselors. I returned as a grown being to exact revenge. The deaths are not my fault. Crystal Lake is a dominion of deathly poison."

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Great story. So the lake is poisoned?

The only thing I have a problem with is that this could be in the middle states. Doesn't Jason Goes to Manhattan imply that Crystal Lake is in the Northeast?
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