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Are you kidding me?

Joust Movie In The Works

Biz.GameDaily is reporting that Midway's classic arcade game Joust is being prepped to be adapted into a feature film. The game's movie rights have been bought by the new production company CP Productions which has a first look deal with Paramount Pictures. Here is a snip:
Hollywood Producers Christine Peters (Area 51, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) and Michael Cerenzie (Blackout, Black Water Transit) created CP Productions to focus on the under-25 filmgoer. The first of many projects coming from the new production studio is a new imagining of Midway Games' classic Joust arcade game. "Joust is an arcade game that's as old as Pac-Man and has global awareness," said Cerenzie. "We took one element of the game and the brand itself and built a whole new world around it for the film." Cerenzie calls the new script by Marc Gottlieb "Gladiator meets Mad Max." The film is set 25 years in the future and includes a Las Vegas suspended in mid-air.

Joust? Are they going to fly around on Emus or Ostriches and fight? This one isn't horror but the news is scary to me.
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What's next? Frogger? Centipede?
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If you like ostriches, it's the movie for you. I can't wait for the A-Team videogame the movie. Mr.T spitting fireballs...it will be awesome.
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Next up....Frogger! Hell they made Super Mario Bros...the right influence can get anything made no matter how crappy and unwanted by movie fans it will be. Bout time for e SILENT SCOPE series...like the Professional...:)
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In a world where small digital blips fly from one side of the screen to the other, one small digital line is going to discover that he has the power to send it back. . . and this time. . . .its personal.

from the producers who brought you The Nanny Diaries and Director Rob Zombie comes the film that's going to put the PONG back in, uhm PONG.
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Sounds good to me.....only if Uwe Boll dirests them.
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