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Anybody into cryptids?

I am a big lover of cryptids. For those who aren't familiar, a cryptid is a monster or creature that is rumored to actually be real, like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. I started watching the series "Monsters & Mysteries in America" on TV, and they do documentaries & pretty decent re-enactments of some pretty scary monsters that are thought to really exist. Some of my favorites are:

The Wendigo
Ozark Howler
Flatwoods Monster
The Mothman
The Bray Road Monster
The Spottsville Monster
The Rake

These monsters are profiled in the show, & sometimes they have actual footage of what is supposed to be the monster. Except for the Wendigo, most of these cryptids are found in a line along the Ohio river, from Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. , through Kentucky, down to SE Missouri. Before we broke up, the GF & I were planning on renting an RV next spring, and going on a "monster tour" to see if we could find any of these cryptids. Hopefully I'll have a new GF by then (I usually do) & we can still go.
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