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Red face Thriller

No music messages yet :(
I'm gonna start :D

So, What are the "horror" and/or suspense songs, video clips that you remember? Thant you enjoy !

Let me list Thriller, Ghosts, Is it Scary, Smooth Criminals, ...Michael Jackson's, Well i must seem Michael's fan:confused: ...I do somehow :D

Move on, I like: Gone with the sin, Him
Stratovarius's songs, they have great death, gloomy and thrillering songs :rolleyes:

Ok, :eek: can someone else remind me other songs?

Never say Neverland....
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What about Insane Clown Posse? Some of it is too graphic or crude for me...but alot of it is very catchy--although you might be offended by the language. Definitely dark...certainly spooky. But genius as well.

My favorites: The Great Milenko and The Boogey Man...you can't get scarier than a Boogey Man! You all know what I'm talking about!

And Abunai...I love Thriller too! My sisters and I were terrified when we saw the video as young kids! Funny to think about it now though! Awesome topic to start!:cool:
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All the Tool videos - they've got that super creepy cool clay-mation creatures in them.
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michael jackson's triller is all right i like the video more then the song thoe
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I know it's not a song, because there aren't any words, but I really love the theme to Halloween! It really scares!
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