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Your favourite movies.

So I've watched a shitton of horror movies and well I'm dissapointed so I'd like to know what movies you enjoyed and maybe find something for me to watch. My fav is propably grave encounters I really like the shaky camera supernatural stuff. Watched both V/H/S today and realized that I'm not capable of finding any good movies by myself so I decided to find a forums so here I am.
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Tell us what kind of movies you like.

-Zombies, monsters, psychos, slashers, ghosts,...?
-Do you need a good dose of action or can you appreciate the more slow atmospheric movies?
-Does it need to be serious or can it be funny and silly?
-Do you only watch movies in English or can they be European, Asian, South-American,...?
-Do you prefer more recent movies? Or can it be an older movie?

And try listing more of the horror movies that you like.
That way we can recommend similar ones.
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Well, they don't have to be action packed I like when they slowly build up tension like that you know something is about to happen (like there was a movie where a woman with a blindfold was playing a game with her daughter when you clap and and she goes the direction where you clapped from, sorry I find it hard to express myself in English, and you see her walking blindfolded to a closet from which random hands appeared and clapped I hope you get the idea). I prefer recent movies (year around 2000+) about supernatural stuff, not the human like killers. about listing movies I like, well there aren't that many the first ones that come to mind are The Devil inside, grave encounters ,6 souls and ok, the first part or tape(If you've seen it you'll know what I mean) of V/H/S was pretty cool except for the ending. Emm, I also am a fan of the first person filming like the shaky camera e.t.c.(Like paranormal activity was filmed). The funny ones are ok, but I prefer serious stuff. I watch movies only in English I tend to miss out on stuff when I'm reading subtitles but I can do German, Russian, Latvian, and English. So I think that's about all I can think of. I also like the plot twists like in shutter island and another movie which name I cant recall but it was about a girl whos teeth were ripped out and she wanted them back.

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I really like movies with a good twist at the end like the Insidious and Cry Wolf.. I'm mainly big on slasher serial killers though.. I'm still waiting on the modern day legend to be born. There's the rise of Jigsaw but I'm still waiting for a really good slasher flick with a good creative story behind the killer and his unique scary look like Jason and Michael.

I love The Collector but there really isn't much of a story to who he is and why he's the way he is. I love his look, is a total sicko, and has the potential to be a legend but they fucked up by not introducing him better because The Collector and The Collection were pretty good.
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What country are you from, and what's your native language.

If you're looking for good horror, I don't recommend restricting yourself to only films after 2000. There's a lot of mediocre films post 2000.

If you like supernatural films, I recommend The Exorcist 1974, Poltergeist and Scanners. For good horror films with some variation in story and themes, I recommend seeing the best: The Thing 82, Psycho 60, Alien 79, The Fly 86 and Evil Dead II 87.

For "shaky camera" Blair Witch and Cloverfiled.

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Try The Tunnel you might like it.
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