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I really need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need help in figuring out a 70's horror movie so I can purchase it for my collection!!!!!!!!!!!

This horror movie was about a man whose mother dead and he begin killing people so his mother would not be lonely. He began killing people and placing them inside the walls of his home. The one screen that sticks out in my mind; is the screen where he has placed some dead people at a table inside his wall. As if the dead were eating, they were decayed with spider webs around them.

please help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. if anyone out there has a modern horror movie I should view give me a holla.
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Don't spam. No one cares.

Originally Posted by X¤MurderDoll¤X View Post
oh posher, I love you.

well as much as a girl can love a squirrely little girly man I suppose.

None of this is real
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thats not spam. help the guy out.
nvm, i didnt see he posted it more than once.

Click for B-Movie reviews!

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