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Cradle of fear

Cradle Of Fear (2001)

I had to add this movie if your a gorehound (like myself) you definitly need to watch this movie and it also has a good story line not recomended for people who dont like low budget movies but still preety good

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Hell Yes!!!

I indulge on the gore in this film! I am also a huge cradle of filth fan, so this movie was a must own for me!
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Iīve read itīs really fucking B.
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I thought this was gonna be shit, but it turned out alright.
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Yeah, great film. Who made it - Alex Chandon, or something? Check out Pervirella too - very weird!

I like the whole 'a few mini stories added together in a film' style - it was like a nastier and slicker Creepshow. The Sick Room was brilliant. The lead in that is now, sadly, in the soap opera bracket, ie, Holby City and now Eastenders.

One more thing...

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I'll have to check this out...
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Originally Posted by The Harlequin View Post
Who made it - Alex Chandon, or something?
Yes, he did.
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Its been forever since Ive seen this movie. I too am a huge Cradle fan.
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