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Anyone want to help?

Hey guys! I'm very new to this site so please be nice :) !

Im studying A level film and media at college and for 30% of my final grade I've got to do a research project centred on women in film. I've narrowed it down further to how women are depicted as monsters in classic horror films and got a copy of 'The Monstrous Feminine' by Barbara Creed which is helping A LOT.
But my film studies teacher says I should go more in depth so now i'm looking at how when feminism came in to play (about 1960s-70s) loads of vampire films with women as the villian came out as a kind of protest by the male movie makers. It's not going well because Im struggling to find anything as my knowledge on horror movies is not what it should be- hopefully I'm asking the right people...

I understand it is a lot to ask but if anyone has got any films, articles, websites or general opinions as to where to start my research and what to look at then I would really appreciate it!


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Black Sunday, the Vampire Lovers, Twins of Evil, Blood and Roses, Kill, Baby, Kill!, Carrie, the Gorgon, Psycho, Friday the 13th, Lair of the White Worm, H.G Lewis' the Gore Gore Girls is a perverse examination of feminism and misogyny with a heartily burlesqued group of early feminists.
There is a book called Vamps, but I sadly do not recall the author. Karl Jung's Aspects of the Feminine and Robert Graves' the White Goddess are also good places to look and, if you can bare the lack of knowledge of world mythology, cliche apologist claptrap and half baked rantings about Emily Dickinson, Camille Paglia's Sexual Personae might provide a molecule of truth within it's insufferable sea of crap. Female vampires are also much more than anti-feminist propaganda from frightened males. There is far more to it and I suggest you not fall for such intellectual pratfalls. These stories have been around since long before the invention of films. Perhaps they were in some way a reaction to feminism, but feminism merely brought out some more primal fears of reclaimed sexual power. In some ways, these films are an acknowledgement of power regained, not just simpering castration anxiety as Freudian Marxist ivory tower retards would tell you.
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Research Elizabeth Bathory

Lee Widener, Author Website

Cartoon Artwork, Underground Art, Other Weird Stuff

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Originally Posted by Doc Faustus View Post
Karl Jung's Aspects of the Feminine
My thoughts exactly

two seconds on Amazon.com yielded these:

Men Women &Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film by Carol Clover

Bitches Bimbos & Virgins: Women in the Horror Film by Gary & Susan Svehla
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monstrous feminine

Yes, I'd say you were talking to the right people.

My article on horror movies focuses on some of the most persuasive female iconography in classic films. You can find FILM MOI at

It's lighter in tone, but I think you'll enjoy it.

The class sounds fascinating. You may also want to check out H. R. Hays' THE DANGEROUS SEX: The Myth of Feminine Evil and Bram Djikstra's IDOLS OF PERVERSITY: Fantasies of Feminine Evil in Fin-De-Siecle Culture. Both are fascinating. (But the Svehla book is drivel. Avoid.) Best of luck with the project.
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