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Freddy Krueger: Year One

I wanted to add an extra piece to serve as a discreet comics fan fiction adaptation of the dystopian Nightmare on Elm Street franchise! Enjoy,


Mr. and Mrs. Krueger were very endearingly diligent parents in their American suburban community, and they'd attended all the important social PTA meetings, but no one knew they're secretly very very emotionally awkward in private and at home and towards their young impressionable and psychologically volatile young boy Freddy! In fact, they'd not wanted to directly tend to the needs of Freddy, leading him to feel unnaturally isolated and even alienated. Freddy started keeping a diary of his strange responses to his awkward parents until his mother found this diary and burned it up in front of him!

Freddy began to spend much time in the forests and parks in the summertime, walking alone and with his metal lunchbox which contained photos of dolls and action figures he'd taken with his camera in the local plaza toy store. Freddy liked staring at these toy images and thinking about why they might represent himself and also his youthful attitude towards lost innocence. Freddy began to think about why some animals in the forest had large claws and if a human adult would look like a goblin or specter of some kind if he/she had large metal claws! Freddy wondered if somehow and in some way, he might one day himself become some potent manifestation of the lively energy associated with dark energy or intelligence.

FREDDY: I think I might adopt the psyche of a dream-warrior!

Freddy started keeping another diary, but this one was more secret, and he hid his more dark diary in his newly built hidden tree house in the deep forest and would write in it only when he trekked out there. This diary contained experimental notes on becoming an adult maniac, kidnapping children and burning their bodies after decapitating them with a nice sword! If the townsfolk hunted him down as a nasty serial-killer or something, he could always return from the proverbial grave as a messenger of dawn or raw death. After all, Freddy's thought deeply and much about the strange and mysterious nature of vengeful life.

FREDDY: I can make these dark thoughts, so I'll someday be a stranger!

Would Freddy Krueger someday become a clawed maniac, haunting good humans as a deformed specter or stranger? Would he begin to inhabit or deform the quality of human dreams with his acquired taste with antisocial experiments? If Krueger was to become an adult American man of colors, he might have to go through the dark emotional turns required to address his inherited and trained awful consciousness regarding his intolerable relationship with his awkward parents at home. Perhaps this is the story of the beginning of the evil reign of a true master of...ditches!


"Money is Everything" (Ecclesiastes)
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