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Originally Posted by GMB View Post
Happy birthday to me-I'd seen it years ago on a very bad quality VHS. Got to watch it on blu ray this time. Better quality, fun watch. 6/10

When a stranger calls-came as a 2 pack with above movie. I'd never seen this but attempted to watch the remake so I had low expectations. Much better than expected. 7/10

The changeling-its been a long time since I've said this, but this movie actually creeped me out at times. Ghost movies always got to me as a kid. Really good movie. 8/10
Love When a Stranger Calls, I just watched it the other night.

Night of Terror-1972.
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BEAST OF BLOOD (1970). The last and best of Eddie Romero's BLOOD trilogy-not that's saying too much- is more focused than the previous two and quite outrageous with probably unintentional humor. Celeste Yarnall (THE VELVET VAMPIRE, STAR TREK) is luscious and good turn by John Ashley, even if he looks an awful lot like WWF wrestler The Honky Tonk Man. ***
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