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A god without a universe a.k.a Gudsfordalt 2015



P.S:- Special Thanks to Michelle Brøndum and Kasper Juhl for the screener.

Incest subject has been one of the best controversial subjects ever dealt by any movie maker besides cannibalism. There have been tons of movies based on this theme and frankly I have almost seen most of the movies I can think of. I am not really one of those guys who asked about his opinion what do you think about this as good or bad deal, my answer would practically be I don’t care and everyone who believes and practices this institution, well I never cared or don’t feel the right to judge them anyway. Everyone is a person with a flaw and if you get involved in this situation whether it’s a good or a bad circumstance well, I never had the time to judge or even ask them, how they felt about it anyway.
Regarding this movie, I won’t lie to you, the moment it had surfaced its promo on youtube and practically getting more info on other site (Yeh I got banned for being annoying there, but whatever), I was really curious to find out more about this movie anyway. I was practically more excited about this movie because I thought this movie might have enough gore shit to keep me thrilled and frankly it has very little in this movie. That being said I practically enjoyed this movie and though the ending is mmmmmm unusual to some extent, I really would have preferred a prequel or a sequel to this movie in upcoming years or so. I dunno if Kasper is interested in this part or not, but that being said, I still would consider this one of the best movies to watch out for in the twisted incest category.
Before I share the story, I have practically omitted some details from the movie; I felt the need to be kept a secret so kindly bear with that part. The two central characters named Mia and Anders (they play on screen brother and sister) have practically a amazing screen presence and plus they make you ache with their performances anyway, but what really amazed me was the fact that though this people are vulnerable to some extent due to a secret related to the bad past, what really intrigued me was the fact, that Mia even though at first ends up being looked like a victim, she practically is a strong woman with dominating tendencies and it is pretty evident the moment she takes control of Anders who re-enters in her life, but deep down, she really is ready to forget the dominating tendencies and give Anders a chance to be in her life, because practically he is the only one she loves and cares for and has no one else to look out for. Anders is totally a different character if you ask me, he is still holding on to this past and at the same time, wants desperately to start life fresh for himself and Mia. Mia has a home and works to survive, but the job is decent enough for her survival, and Anders wants to survive and hence practically ends up on a self destructive path, which somehow makes him realize that he is a damaged goods who can’t be controlled, but through Mia’s POV he is not, because what he did in past practically saved her and also, the fact that no matter what, she really doesn’t have anyone in this world to look after and care for. What I liked about this movie, that it doesn’t try to humor us, which is something I totally enjoy in a hard hitting subject related movie, though one of the character named Simon, who happens to be Anders friend is a confused soul, who practically wants others to treat like a man rather than a kid and one of his act (I won’t share it sorry) in front of Anders, I honestly felt that, he is like one of those guys who practically wants to make a difference or be different least thru others POV. But he is just a minor character in the movie, so like I said it does make a impact when he is around, but not for long as his character is not that well developed unlike the two one. That being said, I totally don’t consider this as a negative factor at all.
I still felt Mia is more stronger than Anders as it is evident thru the exploration of her domineering skill, yes she does explore that part with Anders before this situation takes place, but in front of someone else besides Anders, she develops a cold feet or rather let’s say uncomfortness to get on with that flow. Anders does figure that part about Mia eventually and tries to distance her, but when he comes back and Mia comforts him not to give up hope, I find that Anders is actually expecting comfort thru Mia. You guys surely wanna consider this as a sexual thing rather than a emotional, but for me, it is more about emotional attachment than sexual, though the moment when Anders walks back in Mia’s life, the dynamics change, but the top priority for Mia is at least the emotional attachment which she has no one to look out for all this years anyway.
I honestly have no negative things to mention here anyway. Be it the intense close-up shots, the scenery, the confrontations, the anger everything totally makes this movie a worth to watch. But I was expecting this more of a gore deal, but yes even still it did end up being as my favorite anyway.

Regarding the story well it is pretty simple. Anders returns from jail after some years for a crime he committed while Saving Mia and practically ends up doing a collateral damage to his mum, to which he thinks he is still responsible anyway. He walks back and The dynamics and the new change of Mia towards him somehow makes him land in the path of self destruction and will they survive or not forms the basic premise of the movie.
If you love dramas with not much melodrama involved, give this a try least once. I assure you it will haunt your mind for sometime.
Thanks Michelle and Kasper for allowing me to witness this amazing work. Hope to see more great work of yours in upcoming days or so.
On the scale of 10, this one gets 6.9/10

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