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The Golem: How He Came into the World

I wrote an article for Suite 101 about the 1920 film, "The Golem: Jewish Folklore in German Cinema." Please take a look if this interests you. Thanks!
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The first time I saw a Golem was in the game Heretic.I'm sure most people who don't know the background story of the the Golem saw it for the first time in the game too.False portrayal anyway,some mummy looking creature whose death scene is breaking to pieces and a soul flying out.

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Nice, succint and in a nut shell! I just bought my brother this movie for his birthday, so it's a favourite of mine. What are your views on Faust?

Just one thought, the character Rabbi Loew's name is only a stone's throw from the actor Rob Low's. If they ever remake it, I for one would find it amusing if Rob Low played Rabbi Loew!:)
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Swiss Tony,

Thanks for the complement. It is appreciated. I'm a filmmaker and plan to do my own version of The Golem someday. Honestly, I never saw Faust so can't comment on it. I do recommend, however, the restored version of Nosferatu (1922). It looks brand new and has color tinting. My nine-year-old daughter liked it (she saw it when she was seven). The same daughter, when she was three or four, went into the bedroom and began playing my video of House of Dracula--on her own--and only came out to get me when she was scared.

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