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ok, I haven't been on this board in about 6 months, but I just saw this movie and thought it was worth getting other people's opinions on it. I personally thought it was great and I'm one of those people who is completely sick of "thrillers" or "suspense" movies trying to pass themselves off as horror. This is definitely more of a "psychological thriller" (a genre I hate normally), but after I watched it with the commentary on, I liked it even better.
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Ive never seen it, but I will check it out if its that good.Did you like Identity?
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I liked the flick a lot very good acting and story. One of those flicks that show ya you don't need a lot of gore to make a good movie kinda reminded me of a tamer Nekromantic 2 with the whole torn between two lovers type of thing!

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** SPOLERS (well sorta.. ) AHEAD ** :

stingy wrote a review about this movie.


kind of agree with him on the fact that desmond harrington is way too good looking for such a character, but he pulls it off well. the scenes where he talks to the doll and acts as if she were really talking back to him, in any other case, i would find quite funny. but he's so intense that all you can feel is pity and even feel a weirded out it's so obvious he's losing his grip. the final twist, though suprising, made me burst out laughing because it seemed a bit far-fetched.

but all in all, i really liked this movie. plus, like i've said before, harrington's hot :o :D
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i never saw it, but ill check it out
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I agree with the Psych Thriller more then horror genre for this one. I liked it even though it was a bit predictable. My wife liked it and she's not that big of a Horror/Thriller fan.
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I saw a trailer of this. Looks pretty good!!

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Thumbs up

Originally posted by Sistinas
Ive never seen it, but I will check it out if its that good.Did you like Identity?
I LOVED Identity! I really enjoy these type of thrillers. The storyline was so unusual. Kept me guessing all the way to the end.
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I think this looks O.K.
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