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Shadows of the Dead

Not sure if this has been a thread already but I figured what the hell. Anybody seen SOTD? It's not a horrible movie by any means. It's low budget, and the sound quality is lacking but it's a decent exercise in originality. Especially in a sub-genre filled with derivitive crap.

Shadows is about a couple, driving through the woods that come across a dead body. Silliness ensues as one of them is asked to check it out. Soon, the boyfriend stumbles from the woods bitten. They retreat to a cabin and the boyfriend slowly starts his transformation from human to zombie and eventually forces his girlfriend to suffer the same fate. As they both slowly lose their humanity they struggle to maintain their relationship and love for one another.

This isn't gory. There's no jump scares. The makeup is simple and effective. This looked wonderful for a low budget, indie film. It's a character study. It's meant to show the struggle and feelings behind the gradual descent from caring humans to bloodthirsty undead. It's a very different film. I do count it in my top 10 zombie films.

I'm also working on a Directors Cut comic book adaptation for this.
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