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Originally Posted by stubbornforgey View Post
will have to go with the marilyn manson killers..
they killed a pregnant woman with a smile on thier faces
Did you mean charles manson?

His "people" were so CRAZY!
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I would probably go with John Wayne Gacy, the "Killer Clown" from the Chicago area through the mid-late 1970's.. a true Monster.

Remember He was caught around Xmas of 1978 and probably a 30 minute car drive from where I lived. Also, I had just turned 17 and was looking for work, so right in his favorite age range
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IDK about worst, but I've always thought Ted Bundy was especially scary.....just because he could appear to be charming and....normal.
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Ted Bundy & the zodiac killer
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Worst Serial Killers

Albert Fish
His victims were children. The genuine definition of a monster! He had to be one of the most evil.
John Wayne Gacy
Luring children by pretending to be a clown.
Two of the worst right there. As far as children go.

Ed Gein
I pick him because he seemed so normal. Everyone that knew him saw him as nothing but a gentle. wouldn't hurt a fly person. These kind are the scariest since they blend in so much they go unnoticed for so long.
Andrei Chikatilo
He was a madman! Everything about this man was vicious!
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there are so many it is reallya matter of who when what, opinion...alot of these cartel, religious murderers are no different from serial killers as they torture and kill so many people, and there are the famous ones who are notorious, but than you got some obscure fucks who killed many many more....they all suck....
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