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Originally Posted by uchihaitachi181 View Post
Iíve been looking for this movie off and on for the last ten or so years. I donít have much to go on Iím afraid. The most stand out things are as follows.

Spindley black aliens, tentacle arms taking over the human host

A few of them chase one of the main characters literally around the house with someone making commentary like a race announcer. The line I recall is ďAnd we have alien number one.Ē

I also remember the female lead being on the roof trying to get to an antenna for some reason and I think the film ends with the two leads getting married.

I wish I had more to go on, but Iím afraid that is the extent of my memories of this movie. I was maybe 7-10 when I caught this on tv so it was somewhere in the 90ís maybe late 80ís.
Could it be "Signs"?
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Originally Posted by Bloof View Post
Could it be "Signs"?
Itís not, Iíve seen signs since and itís very different
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