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Lightbulb The Bunnymen

Here's a horror-story but told from the perspective of police-dogma. Enjoy,


Detroit was an overrun city of cynicism, crime cyndicates, and corporate corruption. This was no longer the city of Motown or the great Motor City of the USA. No, since the glory days of the automotive industry in America was at its sunset, being eclipsed because of the successes of foreign car companies such as Mitsubishi and Nissan and even Toyota, Detroit had not seen high days of great optimism for multiple generations. This made the city somewhat a place of swampy narcissism and general malaise. This gave rise to a new signature of crime in Detroit, the one already described. A crime syndicate called the Black Hand was the non-Italian rendition of the mafia in America. Car companies still based on Detroit, meanwhile, were suffering and degraded because of overall corporate corruption stretching around the globe. There were even rumors that Detroit's Ford division was now immersed in some very racy blood diamond press.

Yes, folks, Detroit was no longer a lighthouse for American activity. No one would even be able to blame all this on the car industry, because the general criminality engendered in modern Detroit had stretched way beyond the attitude shadows cast by the failed car industry or capitalism turbulence in general. Detroit was now a proverbial sand city of fear and pain and no one had any fingers to point but many hands to shake, evil hands. In this atmosphere of generic human sin and vice, a new wave of panic arose in the 21st Century. This wave of hell was comprised of uniformed criminals known as the ugly Bunnymen. These costumed freaks hailed from all walks of Detroit crime. They regularly dressed in rabbit masks and costumes. They wielded weapons of hell like hatches, axes, hammers, and even flamethrowers.

One Detroit police officer named Charled Grady, aka 'Cobra' (an alias given to him for his special admiration for snake zoology and his two snake pets at home --- Dizzy and Umbrella!), decided to pursue these horrifying Bunnymen as the only serving policeman interested in investigating this unbreakable case. Why was the iconic Bunnymen Case unbreakable? Well, simply put, no one wanted to prosecute these maniacs, because people in Detroit had simply given up on the life of Detroit itself! Yes, the Bunnymen were as ingrained in pedestrian consciousness, as horrific as that is, as AIDS had originally become in the earlier days of the 1980s consumerism-indulgence period. It was a dystopian disease, but 'Cobra' (Detroit police officer Charles Grady) considered himself the only potential cure.

COBRA: "I'll catch the Bunnymen, and I'll just stalk them singly!"

That was Cobra's general plan for the cure to this Bunnymen disease in Detroit. He'd roam and prowl around Detroit in undercover cars, so no one'd know he was a lawman, and he'd wield silencer-pistols and tranquilizer darts, unusually 'quiet weapons' effective in the downing of these maniacal Bunnymen who otherwise even profitted from raw graphic press and confetti journalism. Cobra'd simply take the Bunnymen down as if they're statistics of a quiet disease. That was Cobra's plan. He started out dressing as a street poet and later on as a taxi driver. He simply took down any Bunnyman he saw, a night-demon in costume/mask holding a murder weapon of hell like a chainsaw or axe. Cobra'd simply tranquilize them with one of his quiet sedative darts and drag them to jail or simply shoot them with his silencer and dump their body in the river for no one to care.

COBRA: "My job as the dark knight of Detroit is simply to be its cleaner!"

My friends, this is no usual cop-tale. This isn't the vignette of a supercop or an iconic police story. No, good folks, the horror-story of the Cobra is one of pure paranoia and disease. This vigilante-cop takes down the Bunnymen quietly and without due process. He's not a maniac cop, but rather, simply a cleaner. He cleans up Detroit. These Bunnymen don't want honorary funerals, and Cobra has the killing-grit to offer them their gray graves they deserve for the overall life of Detroit. However, even the wily and subtle and defiant policeman-vigilante Cobra'd tell you that stalking the costumed Bunnymen is a job for an optimistic lunatic --- the mission of death.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)
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