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Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse 2015



Another zombie apocalypse movie? this time the story revolves around teens rather than grown up ones and this three are basically a part of the scout group in school, so what could possibly be wrong? tons actually, as things unfold as things progresses, so why are they still in it, if they are really are not that keen to be there at all? Well it happens to be the bond between the friends who are holding up for a friend who is going thru a emotional crisis related with his dad, and they simply can't say that loud to him, that how much they hate being around the scout group, and all they are eager to walk into college life and experience thrill of college, and girls duh.

This is only half the issue the main issue is yet to unfold. it so happens that, one of the friend happens to be in love with his best friend's sis, and somehow doesn't have the courage to say it to her, as she is already with someone else, and how a strange alibi woman walks into his life and makes him confess his feelings to her, and how they all fight survive thru this mess, forms the basic premise of the movie.

So, what works in this movie. well the kids for starters are great mostly, they have been buds since childhood, so naturally all their good/bad physical/emotional attachments are handled well with this situation. yes they are teens, so naturally some of the stupidest immature things might irk you, so be patient with that. some sexual reference tones plus dialogues are funny, but some fall flat, which kinda sets the pace off to some extent. but rest assured this is a fun ride to most extent and am sure you will enjoy it.

The gore is okay to some extent, with some interesting kills, but anyone looking for T&A factor might sorely be disappointed as it does have too less in this. Rest assured this doesn't spoil the mood at all. Yes the story does take a long time to unfold and when it does, it is just chase and survival fight with the zombies and that works for most instance.

The Cinematography works fine with movie and so does the background score, it doesn't feature those darn loud heavy metal music, (for folks who find this thing offending) so i guess you could enjoy this in a way like i did, though am okay with hard metal music anyway.

Rest assured, this is totally a one time treat for a weekend blast along with some beer for relaxation. it lingers in your mind for few moments and then BOOM!!! NADA nothing.

On the scale of 10, this gets 6.4 from me
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