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Halloween (2018)

With all that's being said so far between me and cheeba, who hasn't even seen it yet, I figured I would make a thread for the people who have. I have a few things I wanted to ask people who have seen it to see what they think. I will write it's in white so people who haven't seen it won't have it spoiled for them...

First of all I want to say I don't think Michael is dead. Yes he was more or less locked inside of a furnace but that really means nothing. In a horror movie anything can happen and I realize we might as well not even count the times that everyone thought he was dead before since apparently those times no longer exist I just think it would have been too weird and sudden of an ending to be the actual ending. I would also like to think by them showing her daughter holding the knife, whether it be because she's too scared to put it down or because she is about to freak out, I still think there is more to be told on that as well as what exactly the link is between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode they really aren't brother and sister. I mean when the crazy ass doctor said Judith, it made Michael wake up. What if Lori looks like Judith and he saw her and thought she was still alive and he needed to finish the job. That actually kind of makes sense but I would like to think there is something deeper than that especially if they are insinuating the daughter holding the knife is the evil tendency in the family like what happened with Jamie at the end of Halloween 4.

I would love to hear some theories and inside from others who have seen it.

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