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Harley Quinn (DC Comics): Identity/Horror (Dimensions)

Multiple Identity Disorder (MID) (or Dissociative Identity Disorder) is marked by the 'presence' of two or more 'personality-states' or identities. The patient feels they are more than one person and may try to make their 'base-reference mind-state' intentionally eschewed or try to harm themselves (or others). MID differs from schizophrenia in that the patient (suffering from MID) actually believes fragmentations in the mind regarding perspective are giving rise to a 'new consciousness' (or separate 'person').

The iconic American female comic book supervillain Harley Quinn (DC Comics) is a criminally-insane anarchist who was once a respected psychologist named Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Quinzel had a complete 'break' with reality and 'transformed' into the insidious and mischievous Harley Quinn. Harley really 'believes' she is 'different' from Harleen.

Harley Quinn could be diagnosed as someone who certainly suffers from MID and is willing to act out on this condition by 'experimenting' with the visceral experience of 'feeling' like 'someone else.'

Is Harley Quinn real? Comic book fans certainly think(!) she is, but if we investigate the comic book 'universe' Harley occupies, we find that the city she wreaks havoc in (Gotham City) is an entirely unique 'environment' in which Harley entreats her MID(!) 'condition.'

Of course comic books (regardless of how graphic or complex) are merely 'templates' of the eccentricity we find (or imagine) in everyday life (in the real world!). Nevertheless, Harley Quinn serves as a sort of 'diplomat' of not only MID but also the 'imaginary experience' of consciously willing ourselves to 'adopt' completely different 'personalities.'

The rather graphic and violent comics-adapted film Suicide Squad (starring Jared Leto, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie) includes the comic book character Harley Quinn(!), portrayed by Robbie, and presents Harley Quinn as a rogue-trickster 'experimenting' with hopping back and forth between crime and justice.

Harley Quinn can help us not only generate interesting MID stories, but she can also serve as a 'conduit' for evaluating the 'reality' of immersing our minds in the altering 'experience' of MID-type 'mind-states.'

There's no real female horror-film 'avatar' even though we have the Big 4 males in horror cinema --- Jason, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Leatherface.

Maybe Harley Quinn can help us, however, in generating interesting mind-state related horror-story creativity(!).


HARLEY QUINN: Doc, I just feel...criminal!
CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST: You have to focus on optimism.
HARLEY QUINN: Harleen was an optimist...
HARLEY QUINN: She died...I'm Harley.
CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Alright, but do you 'miss' Harleen?
HARLEY QUINN: She was...boring.
CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Insanity has a cure, Harley.
HARLEY QUINN: No, it doesn't. If it did, I wouldn't be euphoric.
CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST: I understand, but medicine eases panic.
HARLEY QUINN: The only thing that makes me panic is loss of love...
CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST: What about crime and punishment?
HARLEY QUINN: What's so 'sacred' about the modern corrupt city?
CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST: We'll find a outfit for you...


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Beautiful art uploaded there at the end=)

I really enjoyed this perspective and it makes sense. Might I add for your information that the jester has a definitive place in the realms of consciousness (to call it by a name,) which if werent explored enough in Jung's works on the psychological archetypes, can also be found in Native American religion (jester gods.) Ive seen the jester "gods" personally, so it begs the question, why would the cosmos chose the jester as such a supreme manifestation? No idea...but what the jester represents is the teachings of the cosmos; dont take yourself seriously, dont take any of it serious, as you and life and everything is one big joke=)

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