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Originally Posted by Zero View Post
Daughter of Dracula - oh my was that awful!
This one? :


If so, I'd agree that it was a bit disappointing...but awful?

It does have Edward Van Sloan back, after all...it can't be all bad.
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Originally Posted by neverending View Post
This is the classic horror forum. If you want to discuss bad modern horror movies, go to the modern horror forum.
I agree, but seeing as how we discuss almost every type of movie, including upcoming superhero movies, in modern horror and others, I really don't think the "rules" are held to be that rigid.
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the rules are very rigid - - - very very rigid

(oh and daughter of dracula did, indeed, suck ass)
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Funny how subjective that all is. I love DRACULA'S DAUGHTER. ( Also SON OF DRACULA, though I'm not usually a Chaney, Jr. fan.) Gloria Holden is such an iconic presence. And it's very cool that it begins the same night that the Lugosi DRACULA ends.

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