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Zombie Horror Tokyo / Japan setting

Hey all, This is one of my favourite scenes, I enjoyed writing. 99p / $1.28 on Kindle and free on Unlimited. Many thanks.

S W Cheshire

Andrew turned around sitting down on the edge of the stairs. He looked at the carpet. He is just staring into space as Ben and Kimoto went through the keys trying to find the key for the top floor exit.
“Here we are,” Kimoto said
Ben unlocked the door. He felt the cool night breeze blowing onto his face. He walked onto the roof of the hotel. All of the buildings are dark. No one can be seen at all. Ben and Kimoto walked up to the edge of the hotel. They looked down towards the front. He squinted his eyes looking at the road ahead. It is the only way out. It is jammed packed with the zombies. Al snarling was looking for their next meal to feast on.
“Shit,” Andrew said
“Yes shit” Kimoto replied
Ben looked down and around. He felt his head spin as he looked to try and find a way out of the city centre. They need to distract the infected, so they can get the gates open.
“Got it,” He said
“What,” Andrew asked
“Look,” Ben said pointedly
Ben pointed at a city bus. It has been parked up next to the sidewalk.
“What do we do with that,” He asked
Andrew looked at Ben.
“Use your imagination,” He said
Andrew frowned.
“Oh for” Ben moaned looking up into the sky
“We set the bus on fire,” He said, “Hopefully it will explode, causing a distraction.”
“Will that works,” Sarah asked
Ben looked at Andrew.
“I remember this game I played,” he said, “It was a free download for IPad.”
“What was it called” Kimoto questioned
It took ben a second to think.
“Oh God,” He said “Zandemic.”
“Oh yeah” Kimoto replied, “Good game that, one hell of a story.”
Andrew looked at Sarah and shrugged his shoulders.
“Ok,” He said, “How do we do this?”
Kimoto stepped forward.
“I’ll do it,” He said


Kimoto stood in the underground car park of the hotel. Ben by his side. He looked over to see one of the left-over cars. He walked over to it. He held onto the hose pipe used to maintain the gardens of the hotel. He placed it into the fuel cap. The fuel started to run from the pipe into the bottles.
“Will this work?” Andrew asked
“Only one way to find out.”
Andrew watched as the bottles were filled up one after the other with fuel. He stood up as he put the tissue into the bottles watching the fuel absorbed by it.
“Right” He snapped “Come on.”
Kimoto entered the reception. He looked at Caithlin as she sat hunched up onto the settee. She is holding onto her bag.
“Before we go,” Ben said, “We need an escape route.”
Ben looked around the reception. He looked over seeing a map of Tokyo. He pulled it out of the metal stand ripping the pen from the counter. He unfolded the map looking down at the city centre.
“Ok,” He said, “We are here.”
Kimoto looked down at the map as Suki stands next to him. Arms folded.
“I think we should just get out of Tokyo,” Ben said, “And try to find a boat and make it to one of the islands.”
“Maybe stock up on food,” Sarah said
“Good point” Andrew intervened
Kimoto stood quite for a few seconds.
“Ok,” He said, “Let’s do this.”
Suki stood next to Kimoto.
“Don’t go” She wept
Kimoto stopped looking at Suki.
“I have to,” He said softly “For the others and us.”
Andrew and Sarah looked away. They can’t understand what they are saying to each other. Suki wiped a few tears away from her eyes. Kimoto looked at the group as they watched him. He turned around taking a deep breath looking at the wall.
“Do you want help?” Ben asked
Kimoto reached up grabbing onto the edge of the wall. He pulled his body up. He peeked over the edge of the wall. He took a deep breath.
“Here goes.”
Kimoto through the bottle. It landed over near one of the empty shops. Kimoto looked both ways. He only has one chance of getting across the street to the bus. Kimoto sprinted across the street. Kimoto ran across to the bus. He dived underneath it. None of the zombies were looking still. He rolled out the underneath keeping his head down. He felt the lighter in his pocket. He managed to open the automatic front doors without making any noise. He kept down and out of view. He pulled the lighter from his pocket. He lit the tissue up that has been shoved into the top of it. He through the bottle down towards the back of the bus. The flames went up as the fuel spread across the back of the bus. He quickly lit the other bottle up. He ran out of the doors chucking the bottle into where the driver sits. Kimoto looked at the bus as the fire spread along it. He turned looking at the wall. One of the zombies is standing by it.
“Perfect,” He said
Kimoto ran towards the zombie. The zombie turned its head looking at Kimoto to see him running towards him. It snarled. Kimoto jumped up. He landed onto the shoulders of the zombie. He launched his body into the air grabbing hold of the wall. Kimoto pulled his body over landing onto the grass.
“Piece of cake,” He said to the group
“Come on,” Sarah asked
“I agree,” Andrew said trying to break conversation with her
Kimoto reached into the inside of his pocket pulling out the set of keys. Sarah, Andrew, Suki, Chelsea get into the back of the car.
“Ouch,” Kiera said
“I’m trying my best” Andrew replied
Suki looked at Kimoto. She watched as he ran towards the gate of the hotel. He kept out of the way and out of sight of the zombies as the snarled looking in on the group as they sat looking out of the window. Kimoto looked over towards the flumes of smoke, where the bus has caught fire. He can see the yellow flames as they rise into the air. Andrew looked out of the back window of the car.
“Come on” He pleaded “Come on.”
The flames burnt through to the engine. The bus erupted. Kimoto looked up. The zombies ran from the gate.
“Hell yeah” He yelled

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