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Anyone else ever seen the videos of this guy on youtube?

It looks like he is wearing a Myers mask.

The music is not what I normally get into but I am intrigued by his style and effects.
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Saw this guy a couple of years ago with Les Claypool. Strange dude but boy can he play.

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Isn't he playing with a band now? Guns N' Roses I think.
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i dunno if its full time but he has played with them

ive got a fair amount of his stuff and he has a lot out
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Originally Posted by Despare View Post
Isn't he playing with a band now? Guns N' Roses I think.
He played with them in like '04 only I believe.

Don't listen to him much myself, but my amigo Dudeman jams out to him.
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I personally have been getting into Buckethead a lot lately..the most beautiful thing ive ever heard on cd is "Too many humans".as well as "Jordan",Nottingham Lace,'Whitewash" which is a hell of a youtube video..(if its the one im thinking ),and others..my brother who is into Clapton and David Gilmour heard and watched him and was blown away!!!

On a side note here,..and not to change the subject of this thread..altho they're a different genre maybe,..I've also been diggin The Atomic Bitchwax a LOT lately as well.,..so..if there are any other fans..maybe a post about them would b great!(if theres not allready one.i havent seen one anyway!)
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jordan has the most insane solo ive ever heard.

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