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This 1981 Crown novel by Robert C. Sloane was a terrifying read. I used to go to faraway libraries in really dangerous neighborhoods in New York back in the 80's and 90's to borrow books before the internet came along and made all of that unnecessary. I found this book in some library in The Bronx, if I remember correctly. I used to read like a maniac between 1985-1995, but much of what I read has faded in my memory, yet this novel still sticks out as being incredibly frightening. It's about a married couple whose neighbors are trolls in human disguises, and how they seduce the husband and young son, while the wife has to try and stop them. There is a scene where the wife comes home and her husband is sitting in the dark, then gets up and chases her around like a bull, which is one of the scariest scenes I have ever read. I also found the sequel, 1983's The Vengeance, in some library, but that book was terrible, much shorter and completely lacking the horror of the first book. There's no record of the first book being available anywhere in New York libraries anymore with the exception of a reference copy in the Archives of the QBPL, which can't be checked out. A PB was published a few years after the hardcover, but I've never seen a copy. What's odd is there seems to be almost no info about Sloane and very few reviews of the book online. Anyone else read this one?
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sounds very interesting! Could be a movie!
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