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MOTHER! (2018). POSSIBLE SPOILERS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >

Darren Aronofsky has made another visually dazzling film, but there are SO MANY metaphors and SO MUCH symbolism along with a pretentious script that it starts to lose You after an hour and it's awfully loud towards the end.
Have read reviews from praising to scathing, so was curious. Well made, but not something You'd want to watch often. **1/2
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I just finished "Us" of Jordan Peele. Good movie
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Originally Posted by Sculpt View Post
Surprisingly the actors who've played Bond were well into their 40s. I know, pretty bizzare right? You'd think they'd go with 30 years old, considering they should be functional Commandos in fighting.

Roger Moore was 46 for his first Bond film, and he did 7 films! Timothy Dalton was 40, Brosnan 42. Craig will play Bond in 2020 at age 52! In Connery's last film he was 53. So Idris at 46 is just one of the later starts, but it's what they've been doing.
I thought Sean Connery was in his thirties. That's probably another reason why he's the best and formed the character. And Connery's run really ended at You Only Live Twice. Diamonds Are Forever isn't really the same character and style as those first bunch of films. And Never Say Never Again is that unofficial remake of Thunderball.

It seems like after Connery, the people running the series kept looking for someone who played the spy type before. Or was popular enough. I didn't know Roger Moore was in his 40s. But I know he was in a few older spy type TV shows that I haven't seen. Yet he also mentioned being too old in one of his final Bond movies.

I think they wanted Pierce Brosnan before Timothy Dalton but there were conflicts with that detective TV show. There were a lot of timing things mentioned during that period that a friend of mine told me about.

I still think the best bet will be younger Bond in his 30s. And set the movies right so you can do a good number of them.
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