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Train to busan 2016

Train to Busan (2016)
Busanhaeng (original title)



Sang-ho Yeon

Sang-ho Yeon (screenplay)

Yoo Gong, Soo-an Kim, Yu-mi Jung , Dong-seok Ma

Produced by
Woo-taek Kim
executive producer

Dong-ha Lee - producer

Cinematography by
Hyung-deok Lee

Visual Effects by
Jung Hwang-su
... visual effects supervisor (as Hwang-su Jeong)
Chansoo Kim ... cg supervisor: digital idea

Music Department
Jang Young-gyu

Duration:- 118 minutes

Verdict :- 6.5/10

Seok woo a workaholic father and plus a divorcee must overcome his daughterís birthday wish to visit her distant mother at busan to which Seok woo has a hard time fulfilling it due to his excessive working hours. But reluctantly he agrees to fulfill his daughter bday wish and they decide to hop on a train to busan, (that is where her mother resides).

But at the same time, a zombie outbreak breaks all over Korea and in the train as well they are travelling and hence start the survival game. So who really survives? And more importantly will this outbreak be stopped? That forms the basic premise of the movie train to busan.

Now, call me a lazy bum if you want, but this has been on my watch list for a while, but I still was skeptic to see it, due to some Cheap CGI effects I had seen in the movie. But once I have finally seen this movie, due to the directorís and editing departments great editing, itís just a matter of hit and miss blink factor so I was perfectly pleased with the overall outcome of the movie.

The train is fill with various normal and strange passengers. A bunch of baseball team along with a cheerleader who has a crush for her star team player, but is somewhat shy to confess it to her. Tensed man travelling along with his wife who is pregnant and a duo of old sisters who constantly argue about being nice and helpful and caring towards others and each other as well.

Another business tycoon who is hell bent to avoid this mess and reach to anywhere safe place and survive. But can be psychotic as well once the survival game begins in the train.

The makeup of the zombies is one of the best factors in the movie. They totally look amazing as zombies and plus they are not those slow walking zombies who can lose their victim. They can run like hell and get their victims. But course they have some minus points in them as well. Like they canít see their prey in the dark and rely on the sound to track their victims and so.

Acting wise, Seok woo who I had last seen in the Korean thriller the suspect 2011, does a amazing job as a workaholic/ divorcee who loves his daughter more than anything but at the same time is guilt ridden for being a workaholic as well. And the tensed man travelling along with his pregnant wife (Dong-seok Ma) though I have seen his just one movie called the murderer and his cold ruthless act had impressed me that time, in this movie he plays a totally different contrasting character. A man more concerned about his wifeís safety rather than his own and even fighting with the zombies and trying to help others as well. He makes a amazing impact to the character he has got to play and he totally delivers it.

Korean dramas have always been my favorite genres to explore and I am really amazed that how they come up with such amazing actors who though facing camera for first time or maybe even after a long gap or so, do a commendable job here and always in rest of the movies as well.

Course every movie has a negativity attached to it and here I felt, a tighter editing was required. This movie clocks to almost 2 hours and so, I felt a 15 minutes editing or so, would have worked. Still comparing the overall final product of what I just saw, I was totally pleased with it.

The action sequences are one of the best ones I have seen, like for instance zombies holding at the back of the train to get hold of their prey and even along rest of the other zombies hanging with the other zombies to get hold of their prey are amazing watch. Also the train station stop fight sequences is a treat to watch.
I honestly felt that even though this movie ends up a horror/drama genre movie, I felt that the emotional drama factor wasnít really stretched out much here. The action and drama factor was totally present in the movie and it doesnít keep the movie drag a long a bit.

Which I felt is the major reason for the phenomenal success of this movie, considering that movie is just made on a 9 million budget or so and sadly it looks like they literally have invested their souls and heart in making and looking this movie a spectacular disaster zombie horror drama and I really hope to see more of the amazing work from the director in the future endeavors.

So, if you want a crazy zombie horror ride with right amount of action and plus drama which isnít that dragged long, kindly give this movie a try and hope you would certainly add this movie to your collection list.
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I love Train to Busan.For me it is a better movie than World War Z,similar in tone and style but superior is every way.
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8/10 - Very good spin on the genre.
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Excellent film.

Post-apocalyptic disaster films, specially centered on zombies, have become all-too common and cheap. See them on the DVD covers these days and you are bound to put it back on the shelf, thinking it's just another one out there.

This is one which stands out from the rest. Pacing, lighting, acting, script, all are quite good.

If you loved Snowpiercer, you will relate to this one.

Definitely recommended.
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Really good movie. A bit heavy handed emotionally there at the end but overall I liked it alot.

Recent Movie Watches
Back to the Future 3 7/10
Predator 9/10
Terminator 5 7/10
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