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Dating App From Hell?! Next on Sick Sad World...

I watch a lot of Investigation Discovery. I have noticed quite often over the past few years so many cases where women have been murdered after meeting someone on Plenty of Fish. In case anyone has never heard of it, it's a free dating app which is usually just used for random hookups. I have used it myself actually and met three women in person and hooked up with two of them.

I have noticed that people are killed far more often from meeting someone on Plenty of Fish then back when Craigslist killers were around. From what I can gather by watching all of these shows, the motives are the men were fucking crazy and the women rejected them or did something that that they felt provoked them to lash out in violence. I can attest that there are some really mean shallow people on that website who will say some pretty damn mean things, but do they deserve to get killed for it? No they don't. what I want to know is how a website like this is allowed to even operate when innocent people, mainly women, or being killed...
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