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Long Dream, from the makers of Uzumaki

I just finished watching Long Dream, a neat little film from the writers and director of Uzumaki. Tonally it is very similar to Uzumaki, so if you are looking for more like that one, Long Dream is a sure thing. It does have a much smaller budget and is a much smaller scale movie than Uzumaki. It is only an hour long and almost entirely takes place on one floor in a hospital and only has a handful of characters. It is shot on video, not film, and this gives it an understated feel, but unlike many other shot-on-video films, the sound mix is good so it retains a degree of polish. The acting is also of a professional level as well, so there is no friends-of-the-producer performances here.

It is about a man whose dreams last for increasingly longer durations in dream time but only a moment in real time. They begin to get into decades of length and eventually centuries. The doctor who is treating this strange condition is fascinated by it and sees it as not only a possible key to immortality but to be reunited with his lost love. Naturally, this being a horror film, this fixation drives him to commit some rather unethical acts.

Like Uzumaki, Long Dreams is not in a hurried pace. It proceeds calmly and purposefully through its plot. It is a bit on the surreal side as well, there are many points which deliberately defy common sense. Like the subject of the movie, its logic is one of dreams. It has a lyrical and literate sensibility to it that you sometimes find in Japanese horror, mostly the older stuff. The people who made it have a poetic mindset.

I would say if you are looking for a quiet, late night, surreal stroll, Long Dream fits that bill nicely. It reminds me of some of the more far-out episodes of Tales from the Dark Side.
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