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Red face Newbie :)

Hey everyone! I felt like I should introduce myself before I get started :) So I'm Amy, I'm 17 and OBSESSED with horror movies. I fell in love with them when I was 9. I was in germany (on holidays), my parents were out so I turned on the TV and began to watch The Birds. It freaked me out so much (being 9 and all). But ever since then I can't take me eyes off them!
I love being scared (although I think I am slowly becoming more desensitised to horror films haha).

I'm actually doing my end of year assignment on horror movies!
I'm looking at the evolution of horror movies, whether our society is desensitised to horror movies and if there is a culture of fear created by them.
You can comment below your thoughts on those topics and I can add it to my assignment (if you want).

So happy I found this site, now I can actually talk to people with the same interests as me :)
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Welcome Amy. You should be able to glean lots of cool stuff from the various forum discussions. :-)

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Originally Posted by Horrormoviebuff View Post
...whether our society is desensitised to horror movies and if there is a culture of fear created by them.
Welcome aboard Amy.

I think 'desensitized' frequently gets misapplied. We are, after all, hardwired biologically to be frightened by frightening things. I suspect desensitized is a reactions to poor story-telling such as:

1. Predictability undermining fear of the unknown.
2. Marketing hype & online reviews ruining fear of the unexpected.
3. Bad acting short circuiting credibility, dread, etc. and
4. Cheap effects provoking insult or humor rather than horror.

Alas that my opinions are usually worth what they cost to get. Good luck on your assignment and welcome again.
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Hi and welcome!
Cheers From A Very Old Broad ???

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Welcome to the forum!
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I don't think horror movies "create" a culture of fear, I think a culture of fear is the result of the state of the world around us, and horror movies reflect that.
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Hello & Welcome to the Forum!
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Hello Amy hope you enjoy it here
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