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Road House (2024)

Really well-made fun action drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal. It's a simple story told tightly with Gyllenhaal providing some fun depth of expression as a kindly ex-MMA fighter who takes a job as a bouncer. Sort of a troubled Shane character. Conor McGregor does a feisty job as a fist for hire. Available as part of azm prime.

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MIMESIS: NOSFERATU (2018). A good premise-A young man with an extremely unhealthy obsession for the 1922 film NOSFERATU-that lose steam as the action shifts to a school planning to make a play of the film with lots of audio-visual support, but there are conflicting personalties and odd goings-ons behind the scenes.

I found this sort of compelling at first, especially with series of "In-jokes" involving the characters names, but the film can't seem to decide if it wants to be Art House or Teen movie . Trying to mesh the two just doesn't work. Also, MN is kind of a cheat with cast billing as the two "stars" should be classified as cameos. **
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Destroy All Neighbors 7/10
Last Movie Watched: Leprechaun Origins (2014).
Last TV Show Watched: Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog (S1:E11).
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DARK BLUE (2002). Pretty good look at corruption and coercion in the Los Angeles Police Department on the days leading up to the 1992 riots over the Rodney King verdict. Quite gritty and profane, but Kurt Russell is superb as the alcoholic ask-no-questions loose cannon Third Generation Policeman. ***1/2
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The Old Ones, 2024

The First Omen, 2024

Thumb resize.

Baghead, 2023

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