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Arrow Sega/FIFA (Soccer Games)

World Championship Soccer (Sega) and FIFA Soccer (EA Sports) are two iconic soccer video-game series offered by Sega and EA Sports and are arguably the finest soccer video-games ever made.

The Sega game was considered tight, well-conceived, and bright for its time, and the FIFA series is considered timely, realistic, and graphically hip.

If you want to try your hand at soccer in the video-game lens, then buying a classic Sega version or new FIFA game for a modern Playstation/Xbox will be a great Christmas choice! Even if you're not a skilled real-life soccer player, these two soccer video-game products will entice your sensibilities about virtual play.

What makes soccer video-games so neat is that they create synthetic environments of team-play and strategic passing/shooting, and these two Sega/FIFA offerings are simply superior for their respective eras as video-games really became the mainstay of modern kids' entertainment.

I personally feel nothing can top Sega's groundbreaking game, but I also find the various FIFA games published by EA Sports rather stimulating and youth-friendly.


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What Sega FIFA are you talking about? 95?
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