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Rewatched Body Snatchers last night. So good. Keeps you on the edge of your edge from the very first until very last minute. Genuine horror classic.
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Vicious!, 1988. 7/10

Director: Karl Zwicky

Death Screams, 1982. 7/10

Director: David Nelson

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DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE (1970). A long time favorite, this superb dark comedy has finally come out on DVD. Lovely Carrie Snodgress is wonderful as the phobic housewife with two bratty children and the most obnoxious, insufferable and infuriating husband You could imagine. Richard Benjamin as the demanding Social climbing wanna be is such a tool that He quickly becomes funny, although You'd be amazed He hasn't been dispatched. Carrie takes a lover (a young Frank Langella) who is just about as bad as the husband with a meaner streak. This synopsis doesn't make DOAMH sound like much, but very recommended with many memorable scenes. Also cameos by Peter Boyle and a Pre-Stardom Alice Cooper Group. ****1/2
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The Slumber Party Massacre-1982
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