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BRIDE OF THE MONSTER 91955). Like most Ed Wood films, this is bad, but also pretty good in parts, especially when Bela Lugosi is on. Really like his scene with Prof Strowski...You feel such empathy for him, then the little hairs standing up as He reveals what he plans to create. Probably Bela's last great Moment. **1/2
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They Came From Beyond Space (1967)

Meteors fall in formation, causing government and scientists to investigate, but the scientists in contact with the meteors start acting strangely.

This film is sort of James Bond meets a sci-fi horror TV serial. The music, story and direction remind me of the Japanese TV sci-fi serials Space Giants (Ambassador Magma) and Ultraman (Urutoraman) which aired a year before the film.

The first few minutes start out a bit slow and clunky in direction, but then it really gets going, and it's always moving and entertaining in a fun way. It captured my interest really well. I'm afraid the last quarter of the film lacks the creativity of first three quarters and is a bit unsatisfying, but the film certainly stands out from other horror/sci-fi.

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