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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two crashed space stations. Fade to Hammerfan, rushing down a corridor. There are screams of hunger from behind her as the vile creatures press on, following her scent. She's running past doors, trying some of them. All of them locked. She runs past Monalisa's shop and trips in the hole in the floor that Roshiq made.

Hammerfan: Shit!

She turns and sees he hole in the door of the shop. The creatures jumps around the corner, toppling into one and other. She dives in, cutting her arm on the jagged metal. One of the creatures, the smallest, is pushed forward by the others.

Creature #1: Go on. Check it out. We are gonna dine on her supple flesh.

Creature #2: I'm the weakest! You should do it.

Creature #1: What are you afraid of?

Creature #2: You bastards! I'm gonna cut her throat and eat her jugular.

The creature jumps forward and looks through the hole. The other creatures watch as a a knife shoots through the hole, into the creature's ribs. The knife's handle is a cone, with the blade protruding from the circular face. The injured creature goes to pull it out but suddenly, from holes in the cone around the blade, a liquid sprays out. The creature screams in agony as the sulphuric acid burns at it's flesh and it falls to the floor. The other two creature watch in amazement. They turn and run, but then there's a clanking sound from behind them, and one of them slips on something.

Creature #3: SHIT!

The grenade on the floor explodes, sending ball bearing sized pellets everywhere. The two creatures yell out. One of them is dead, but the other, the one who fell, is only injured, it's legs crippled. It turns on Hammerfan, who is looking out the hole.

Creature #1: You stupid bitch! Do you know who I am?!

Hammerfan: Stay back!

Creature #1: I'm gonna enjoy ripping off your scalp. Just like the barbarians of Earth!

Hammerfan: Just die!

She throws another grenade but he catches it, throwing it back at her. The grenade hits her in the head and bounces off, exploding further down the hallway. She falls back into the room. The creature continues crawling. Fade to Monalisa. She's walking down a hallway, holding out her large gun that's fitted on her arm. A shadow moves ahead. She edges around the corner. It's Chronogrl. She's eating something.

Monalisa: Holy shit!

Chronogrl turns and looks at her, blue blood around her mouth. She's been eating one of the Lux Lucis.

Chronogrl: Piss off, I'm hungry.

Monalisa: Don't I know you?

Chronogrl: Probably.

Monalisa: You bought a gun off of me before.

Chronogrl stands and wipes her mouth.

Chronogrl: I remember that. Never did end up using it. What are you doing out here.

Monalisa: I could say the same thing.

Chronogrl: It's not safe. You're gonna get yourself killed.

Monalisa holds up her arm, waving the gun.

Monalisa: I've got insurance.

Chronogrl chuckles.

Chronogrl: See you around.

Monalisa starts walking forward.

Chronogrl: I wouldn't go that way if I were you.

Monalisa: What? I need to.

Chronogrl: Shit, you're clueless. Can't you hear them?

Monalisa: I have no idea what you're on about.

Chronogrl: The creatures. Can't you smell them?

Monalisa: All I smell is...onions. Being fried...

Chronogrl: Exactly. Do you like onions?

Monalisa: What?

Chronogrl: Do you like onions?

Monalisa: No...not really.

Chronogrl: Well picture these motherfuckers as onions with big teeth and without the layers. More like ogres.

Monalisa: Ogres have layers.

Chronogrl: Okay, they do. But ogres layers are different. More like a cake...

Monalisa: I don't have time for this! I need to get back to my house. And if you had any sense, you'd come with me.

Chronogrl: Your funeral...

Monalisa: What do you suggest?

Chronogrl: I suggest you put that gun up to your head right now and end it all, because you are not going to get out of this shit alive.

With that, she runs along the corridor, in the direction she told Chronogrl not to go.

Monalisa: Where are you going?

Chronogrl: To level 2, hall G!

Monalisa: Why?

Chronogrl: To kill these sons of bitches!

Monalisa: Why are you doing this?! WHY NOT JUST HIDE!?


She turns around a corner and runs away. Monalisa sighs and turns. The flash of a claw, then blood spraying up the wall. The gun drops onto the ground. Ending credits roll.

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Opening credits roll. Fade to The Return and Disease walking down a hallway on the AM05. The lights are flashing, emitting a buzzing noise. A roof tile falls down in front of them. Disease rapidly fires into the ceiling. Nothing there.

The Return: Shit, this place really gives me the creeps.

Disease: You're telling me. What the hell were those things back there?

The Return: I don't know...but I think V does.

Disease: Agreed. He knows more than he's letting on. In fact, he isn't letting on anything. He's a changed man.

The Return: Did you see the state of that place? And think how long he'd been on there. I'm not surprised he's a little messed up.

Disease: True. And there was no sign of Murderdoll...

The Return: No. No there wasn't...

The two are silent for a moment.

Disease: What do you think of that Dante character?

The Return: I don't trust him. But V seemed to take to him well. A little bit too well.

Disease: You think? I dunno. He and V are both shady. I just think we should watch our backs around them, know what I mean?

The Return: After what I've seen today, I doubt I'll be around either of them again.

Disease: What do you mean by that?

The Return: I'm gonna leave the ISF. I can't deal with this any more.

Disease: Deal with what? Apart from today, it's the easiest job in the world. You just drift around looking for any trouble, and there never is any!

The Return: That's my point! I spent all those years in a tiny ship, away, missing precious time with my daughter and Denise, just dreaming of the day we get to go into some action, and now we've found some, it's...it's just not what I expected.

Disease: What were you expecting? The enemy to sit down to dinner with you while you calmly shoot them?

The Return: This shit is messed up, dude! Look around. There are fucking aliens crawling around this bloody ship! At any moment one could run up behind us and tear our throats out! You saw the speed they move!

Disease: Wow. I knew you weren't the toughest of mercenaries, but I never saw you as a wimp. Kind of disappointing.

The Return: Don't try and play that card!

Disease: Really, you are so much of a pansy, it's unbelievable!

The Return: Because you're such a good soldier?!

Disease: Better than you, mate!

The Return: Tell that to the pregnant woman! You lucky to still be in the ISF!

Disease: You don't know shit man!

Something runs around the corner towards them. Disease instinctively fires at it. Red blood sprays over the walls as the bullets pound into the creature.

The Return: Oh shit!

Angra falls to the floor, bullet holes all over his armor. Bloody Ribctu runs around the corner and fires at the two of them, stopping only when he realizes who they are. A bullet has gone into The Return's leg.

Bloody Ribcut: WHAT THE FUCK?!

Disease: I...I didn't realize who he was.

Bloody Ribcut: Fucking check your Navman, sometime! JESUS! We thought you were being attacked!

The Return: Why did you think that?!

Bloody Ribcut: The two blips on the Navman! What were they?

Disease: Nothing! There's nothing here.

The Return: WHAT THE FUCK? We're standing here, chatting! What about Angra?

They go to run toward him. A shape swings down from the roof, kicking Disease, then grabbing his gun. The figure shoots the gun out of Bloody Ribcut's hand as he goes to fire at it. Another shape jumps from the wall, through the metal, tackling The Return. It takes his gun as well and starts smashing it into his face. They're two creatures. The one from the ceiling has a feminine shape, with tufts of black hair sprouting from it's head. The other one is a muscle bound masculine shape. The female speaks.

Rayne: Well, well, well. We have hit the jackpot.

Dude: Hell yeah! Let's eat!

The two start laughing maniacally. Fade to Gore, Massacre Man and Newb bursting through a door. Massacre Man slams it shut. Gorephobia goes to lock it. Massacre Man pulls him away.

Massacre Man: That won't help!

The creatures dive through the metal of the door, screeching in delight. There are other people running in front of the three of them. Newb manages to catch up with one, turns and sees the creatures gaining on them. He sticks a foot out a trip the person. It's a woman in her mid forties. A young girl screams out as her mother falls to the floor and begins getting torn apart by the creatures. The girl runs to try and help but is quickly pulled limb from limb by the creatures.

Massacre Man: WHAT THE FUCK?!

With the creatures distracted, Massacre Man quickly catches up with Newb and pushes him into a room, following him and pulling Gorephobia in. They close the door and go through another door, ending up at another staircase, one that only goes up.

Gorephobia: FUCK!


Newb: It was a necessary sacrifice! I did it for everyone. Not myself!

Massacre Man: Considering you're so selfless, why don't you through yourself into the pack next time?!

Gorephobia: Where are we?

Massacre Man: This leads to a meeting room. Not many people know about it. Anyway, there's an elevator in there.

Gorephobia: Really? An elevator? That's your idea? How the hell is it gonna work with half the power down?!

Massacre Man: Well...it won't. The cable would have snapped in the collision.

Newb: So your plan is...?

Massacre Man: The main cable would have snapped, but there was a ladder put in for just such an occasion. It will take us directly to the correct floor!

Gorephobia: Won't the whole thing be swarming with these creatures?

Massacre Man: Possibly...

Newb: Well that's just brilliant! Jeez, you're an idiot! You know what? I don't need this! I'm gonna find somewhere safe. If you had any sense, you'd come with me!

Gorephobia: What's wrong with you? Aren't you usually upbeat and funny?

Newb: THERE ARE FUCKING ALIENS EATING PEOPLE! I think I'm allowed to take a break!

He lights a cigarette.

Massacre Man: No you idiot!

He hits the lit cigarette out of Newb's hand, but it's too late. Alarms in the room have gone off, lights flashing and a siren wailing.

Massacre Man: No smoking room! High tech smoke sensors!

The shriek of the Lux Lucis rings through the hallway.

Massacre Man: Looks like we have to go my way!

They start running up the stairs. Ending credits roll.

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Opening credits roll. Fade to Hammerfan's face. She's just regaining consciousness. There is a sick crunching sound coming from somewhere in the room. It takes her a moment to notice what it is. She screams. The camera zooms out to reveal the Lux Lucis crunching her leg. It's already reached the bone.


Lux: Nobody can hear you!

She kicks the leg he's biting but he quickly breaks it. The bone splinters. Blood sprays around the room.

Lux: You know...seeing as you're going to die anyway. Do you think you could do me a slight...favor?

Hammerfan: HELP ME!

She tries to crawl away. but doesn't have the strength. He looks up at her and sneers.

Lux: Perfect!

He reaches his hand up and grabs her belt. With his long claws he quickly breaks it. She tries to push him off but he bites down on her hand. He shuffles further up her, licking his lips. His face reaches hers. She tries to push him away but doesn't have the strength anymore. He licks her face, his long tongue wipes across her. He sniffs her hair. She's crying slightly.

Hammerfan: Please no...

Lux: Shut up!

His hand reaches down to her trousers. Her hand reaches up, onto the table above her. Her hand meets with something. A knife of some sort.

Lux: When you're done, I'm gonna find your daughter and do the same to her.

Hammerfan: How do you know about her?

Lux: I said shut up. You won't enjoy this. But that will only make it all the more fun...

Hammerfan: Oh, I will enjoy this!

Lux: Huh?

She drives the knife down into his neck. Dark blood sprays everywhere. He shrieks out and falls backwards. He tries to flee but his legs are still damaged from earlier. She pulls him back by the scruff of his tattered shirt. She pulls out the knife and drives it into his collar bone. He screams again and hits her in the face, his claws making a large gash. There's a button on the knife. She presses it. The Lux Lucis convulses wildly as the knife electrocutes him. His eyes bubble. She pushes his body off of her. She tries to stand up but quickly fails, her broken bone shooting up into her flesh. She cries out and falls onto the creature again.

Hammerfan: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

There's a bulge in the Lux's tattered jacket. She pulls it out. It's a wallet. She opens it up, then puts a hand to her mouth, shocked. The camera pans down to the wallet. There's a photograph of Hammerfan, a man and a teenage girl, all smiling. Hammerfan looks down at the creatures' hand. It's wearing a ring. She gasps, and holds her hand against it. The rings match.

Hammerfan: No...no...ple...please no.

Fade to Doc Faustus. He's walking down a corridor, alone. He is talking into a speaker on his shoulder. Something shuffles in the darkness.

Doc Faustus: Oh wait...I see something.

He approaches with caution. Then he sees what it is; a young woman cradling a baby. She appears to be gravely injured. She looks up at him with tired, drained, fearful eyes. When she sees it's a human, she smiles weakly. He bends down, and inspects the baby. It's still alive and breathing, albeit looking very hungry. V's voice sounds down the speaker.

V: Do you need assistance? What is it?

Doc Faustus hesitates. He looks at the young woman who has now put her hand on his arm, then looks out the window. A light briefly shines through. He looks torn. He speaks down the radio.

Doc Faustus: Just...an injured creature...I can take care of it.

V: Roger.

He stands up, brushing the woman's hand off of his arm.

Doc Faustus: I'm so sorry...I really am. But I...I have to...I...

The woman stares at him with confused, terrified eyes. She looks at the baby.

Woman: Bu...the ba...the baby. Not my baby...

Doc Faustus holds up the gun, the green laser meeting the child's head.

Woman: Not my baby!

She spins, aiming to shield the child with her own body. The camera turns to Doc Faustus as he fires the gun. The woman lets out a slight scream, but it is quickly silenced. Then the sound of a baby crying. Doc Faustus closes his eyes and fires again. The crying stops. Fade to Papillon Noir, wandering through a room. A dead couple lay on the bed. She gags and goes to walk out, then notices a gold necklace on the counter. She hesitates, then picks it up and puts it in her pocket. The Flayed One walks in through the door.

Flayed: Any signs of life?

Papillon Noir: Not here...

Flayed: Damn!

They both walk out of the room, then out of the apartment, back into the hallway. They continue walking along it as the camera rises, going through the ceiling to reveal a whole swarm of lux Lucis silently crawling along in the same direction as the pair. Ending credits roll.

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Opening credits role. V and Dante are standing by a hole in the side of the ship. V is talking into his radio. He puts it down.

V: Doc should be here in five minutes.

Dante: Now what?

V: We go to the next station-

Dante: That wasn't what I meant.

V: I know. But if we just go over there, kill the creatures and dave the humans then we can forget-

Dante: No we can't!

V: What do you suggest then?

Dante: I don't know...

V: Exactly.

Dante: But you saw what I saw. You saw the future of the humans.

V: We saw a possible future.

Dante: I want to believe that too.

V: Do these creatures change that?

Dante: No. But they let the spirits live on. They progress.

V: Progress? You call that progression?

Dante: Either way they're doomed! At least these things let life carry on! They have the souls of the humans. And through them, the human race will carry on.

V: Souls? These things have no souls?

Dante: Then what are we? Are we without souls too? What right do we have to select ourselves as the better ones? That choice was made by a power far greater.

V: The thing that set this into motion is nothing more than a child with a magnifying glass. And we are the ants.

Dante: If we kill these creatures then there is still nothing but doom! You know that. These things-

V: It must be so nice living in denial. I should try it.

Dante: They are our kin!

V: They are not a patch on us! What are you suggesting. We just let them kill those innocent people?

Dante: No. I suggest we let the better ones win. This is out of our hands. If this is the correct next step, they will stand victorious. If not, then we will know that it wasn't meant to be.

V: What a splendid idea. Tell me, what do you think the hundreds of slaughtered humans would have to say? What would they think? ANSWER ME THAT!

Dante: I tried to help my friends! And I couldn't. Do you know why? Because it is out of our hands. I thought like you. I thought if I just killed them all, things would be fine, but they're not! The true victor will stand tall at the end of this. Because now I realize. In aiding the humans, we could be making the right choice. Or we could be dooming the tiny amount of life left.

V: How can you care so little about them? We have to save them! We have to. We have the capability. And you won't do it. You're as bad as those creatures.

Dante: Just know this. I am not your enemy. But I am not your friend. I am nobody's friend, and neither are you. We are freaks! We are the odd ones out. You look at yourself; V, defender of the human race. But no. If they knew what you were they would cast you out into the black abyss.

V: I suggest we go our separate ways.

Dante: Finally, some intelligence.

He starts walking away. Doc Faustus walks around the corner.

Dante: Oh, and tell me, V. Where is she? Where is your precious stubbornforgey?

V glares at him.

Dante: If you couldn't save the woman you love, what makes you think you can save them?

Ending credits role.

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Opening credits roll. Fade to Gorephobia, Massacre Man and V. They're climbing up a ladder in an elevator shaft. Massacre Man, then Gore, then Newb. Newb stops for a second and looks down.

Massacre Man: Keep up old man.

Newb: How far is this? We must be heading further and further from that manual power thing.

Massacre Man: We are. But I suppose you could always try and run through those things. Anyway, it will take us up to the storage room for old technology.

Gorephobia: We have a storage room for old technology?

Massacre Man: Yeh. Just in case...

Gorephobia: Exactly!

Newb: What?

Gorephobia: There's bound to be some useful stuff in there. Do they have weapons?

Massacre Man: Possibly. I'm not sure. I think there are a few sharp objects. And definitely a walky talky of sorts.

A slight beeping sound comes from Newb's pocket.

Newb: My phone...maybe the signal's back up?

He hurriedly pulls the phone out of his pocket and looks at it for a second.

Newb: Low battery. Piece of shit!

He throws it down the shaft. As it does, and Newb watches, the light of the screen illuminated something for a split second.


The Lux Lucis screams up the elevator shaft. Several others do. It jumps up, falling short only ten yards from Newb's feet.


Gorephobia: We'll never make it!

Massacre Man climbs up the next few rungs frantically, coming up level with a box in the wall. He opens it and pulls something out. A flare. He lights it.

Massacre Man: Throw this down!

He passes it to Gore, who then passes it to Newb. Newb grabs it in the wrong part and screams out as it burns his hands. It falls down onto the creature below, who too screams in pain. Newb losses his grip on the ladder and falls, crashing into the creatures below.

Gorephobia: NEWB!

Massacre Man: Leave him!

Gore and Massacre Man carry on climbing. Newb screams out as the creature scramble to grabs him. he looks down and sees something large jumps up the shaft, jumping off each wall to gain height with great speed. It jumps into the mass of creatures and pulls out Newb. Newb stares into the face of Freak, who dives back down the shaft. Further up the shaft, Massacre Man and Gorephobia are still climbing.

Massacre Man: Oh, FUCK IT ALL!

Gorephobia: What?!

Massacre Man: The door to the storage room is fucking blocked with debris! Pieces of the wall are sticking out everywhere!

Gorephobia: What do we do?

Massacre Man: I see a hole in the other side of the shaft. If we jump, we might reach it. But there's one snag!

Gorephobia: Talk fast!

There's a howl from below.

Massacre Man: There's a fire!

Gorephobia: My hair ain't gonna get any redder, GO FOR IT!

They keep climbing. The ladder jolts as the creatures climb up from below. Massacre Man turns to face to hole. He dives into it, smashing his knee on the bottom. The fire isn't very strong, but it's growing fast. He covers his face and signals for Gorephobia to jump.

Gorephobia: It's further than I thought!

Massacre Man: JUMP!

Gorephobia: I'll fall!

Massacre Man: They'll kill you!

Gorephobia looks down. One of them is close. He jumps, just as it dives for him, hitting it's head into the wall and falling back down. Gore smashes his face on the wall just above the hole and is about to fall out. His feet meet the ground and Massacre Man grabs him, pulling him in. The flames are growing. They run into the flaming hallway, and Massacre Man sees a doorway. He runs for it, pulling Gorephobia with him, but a Lux dives through the hole. It throws itself on Gorephobia, who falls onto the flaming floor, and begins bitting his shoulder blade. Massacre Man knocks the Lux away and pulls Gorephobia into the doorway, then closing the door. The hallway they were in explodes, and Massacre Man and Gorephobia are thrown backwards.

Ending credits roll.

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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two stations, crashed in space. Fade into Doc Faustus. He is walking with V and looks worried by something. He looks out the window to the left and sees only blackness. He looks forward and suddenly V is stationary.

Doc Faustus: V?

V says nothing. The loud voice sounds once again.

Voice: Hello Doc. I have another job for you.

Doc Faustus: Why me? Why did you choose me?

Voice: If I remember correctly, I simply saved you.

Doc Faustus: You damned me. Damned me to a life of guilt.

Voice: Is that really worse than no life at all? When this is all over, repent. Do what you want to make up for it. But I suppose I could always turn you over to them. Oh, how they have longed to eat your flesh.

Doc Faustus: You sicken me. I cannot do this. I have done enough. No...no more.

Voice: You would do that? Think of the people you have killed. The mother and child. The young man hiding behind his oven. The rest of them.

Doc Faustus: I betrayed V! I betrayed my team. My blood has kept them on our tail for-

Voice: Don't be so naive! Your blood didn't let them track you. You were making so much noise they could have done that blindfolded. No. Your blood has been sustaining them. They have been without blood for so long. They had turned cannibal! But no, human blood kept the creatures on this ship alive long enough. Many have feasted on the other side, but you let these ones stay alive long enough for what I have planned!

Doc Faustus: What do you mean?

Voice: If you will not aid me, I will not tell you. I am not a fool.

Doc Faustus: I can't.

Voice: Then have fun. I've kept these things from feasting on you long enough. Your friend V might survive. But you...no. You won't last two seconds!

Doc Faustus: Get out of my head!

Voice: Always the weakest. The worst. The runt. That's all you were. You were never a fighter. You were a terrible doctor. What was it your dad said?

Doc Faustus: Leave me alone!

Voice: Do as I command!

Doc Faustus: I CAN'T

Voice: You will never amount to anything! Get out of my house. You drove your mother to the drink! YOU!

Doc Faustus: No...

Voice: You never recovered from Dad's words, did you?

Doc Faustus: I'll do it! I'll do it! Please, just get out of my head!

Voice: This ship has the only working escape pods. Those of the AM05 were already faulty, but were destroyed in the crash. But the pods aren't leaving. There is a severed wire. Fix it.

Doc Faustus: Can't those things do it?

Voice: No. It must be you. They would destroy it, and I cannot risk that.

Doc Faustus: What will happen?

Voice: The new creatures will breed. They will find there way to the nearest station and they will expand.

Doc Faustus: Why can't you do it? You messed with our ship!

Voice: I have my reasons. Now go. Find a way to get away from V and go!

V continues walking in front of Doc Faustus. Doc looks around for a moment, then gulps, and carries on walking. The camera moves around to V, who glares slightly. Fade to Dante. He is standing next to a small hole, just big enough for a cat. He looks through it. There is a gap on the other ship, opposite. He grimaces, then grabs the broken metal with both hands. He pulls with all his might. Blood trickles down his fingers as the severed metal cuts into it. Soon, the hole is wide. He stands back and then runs at it, kicking. It makes the hole bigger. He does this a few times. It is big enough for him to fit through.

Dante: I'm coming, Hammerfan!

He jumps. Fade to Papillon Noir and The Flayed one, standing next to a set of stairs.

Papillon Noir: Where now?

The Flayed One: Down, I think. Back on Earth, we generally kept things down low. It seemed safer.

Papillon Noir: Where will it take us?

The Flayed One: I think this set goes down to Level three. Then we'll kill these sons of bit-

The Ceiling falls in as a creatures dives onto Papillon Noir. It knocks her down and starts biting into her forehead. She screams and manages to push it back, but it starts scratching her. The Flayed One tries to slash at the creature with his sword but another one appears and knocks the blade from his hand.

The Flayed One: Bugger!

The Creature leans in to bite his neck. He holds it back though. A third creature appears, then a forth, then a fifth. They start pushing to get at the people. Papillon Noir's screams are getting louder. One of them pulls out a lock of purple hair. Flayed, now being clawed by two creatures, opens a firehose box next to him. He smashes the coupling into one of their faces thenas it gets knocked back blasts it with a jet of water. He does the same to the rest, then makes a jumps for his sword.

Creature #2: GET THE BLADE!

One of them pulls Flayed back as another grabs the blade. It brings it down but another creature intercepts, trying to fight the sword away, to use it himself. Papillon Noir starts punching the creatures but one of them nstarts punching her. So does the next. By this time, Flayed has managed to pull out a smaller knife. He stabs a creature in the chest, and wrestles the sword off of it. The other creature grabs the blade but Flayed turns on the flames. The creature screams in pain.

End credits roll.

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Opening credits roll. Fade too Massacre Man and Gorephobia. They're both laying unconscious, a slight fire around them. Someone slaps Massacre Man. The hand slaps him once more and his eyes blink opens. He's badly charred. The face looking at him is Dante.

Massacre Man: Captain Dante?

Dante: Massacre Man, friend. What are you doing here?

Massacre Man: Have to reach...emergency manual reboot.

Dante: I don't know if you'll be getting down there.

Massacre Man: Where's Gorephobia?!

Dante: Sitting there, he's fine.

Massacre Man: We have to reach the reboot. Get the message out to other ships.

Dante: You're on the other end of the station. You won't make it there!

Massacre Man: Then what do we do?

Dante: You come with me. I'm going to find you somewhere safe. You can't fight. Your injuries are too bad.

Massacre Man: I can't! I have to help.

Dante: You'll die.

Massacre Man: A good captain puts himself last.

Dante looks him up and down.

Dante: You never could give up, could you?

Massacre Man: That's why my ship wooped yours at baseball.

Dante laughs.

Massacre Man: What about Gorephobia?

Dante: He looks badly burned. I don't know if he'll make it.

Massacre Man: So what? We just leave him there?

Dante: The fire around should act as a good deterrent. But I don't think those things will be one of his worries when he's being barbecued.

Massacre Man: We'll take him with us. It'll slow us all down but...

Dante: Pick him up...

Massacre Man lifts Gorephobia on to his shoulders.

Dante: Maybe I should...

Massacre Man: What?

Dante: We're in a ward...

Massacre Man: So?

Cut to Massacre Man and Dante pushing a trolley along a hallway with Gorephobia on it.

Massacre Man: Where to?

Dante: I have a friend to find.

Fade to Hammerfan. She's holding a gun whilst laying on the floor, pointing it out the hole in the door of Monalisa's shop. She looks pale. There's a lot of blood around her leg. Her eyes droop and then she slumps. The gun fires at the door. Fade to Chronogrl. She's running down a flight of stairs. One of the creatures jumps at her from below. She grabs it and bites at the top of it's head. It screams and scratches her. She falls backwards then dives at it, her fist outstretched. The fist misses and makes a dent in the metal wall. It walks down the stairs as she walks towards it slowly.

Chronogrl: Lets dance...

Lux Lucis: Whatever you say barbie.

She trips slightly.

Lux: Enjoy your trip? Bitch.

Chronogrl: I would have sent you a postcard but I forgot...

She pulls a knife from her pocket and throws it with great aim. The creature falls to the floor. She stamps on it's head.

Chronogrl: I killed you.

She proceeds down the stairs and arrives at a door marked; Level 2, Hall G.

Chronogrl: They almost made it too easy...

She presses the button on the door and it opens. Bullets fly towards her and she dives out of the way. A few pound into her legs.

Chronogrl: CHRIST!

The camera shows the sights through the door. Roshiq is standing there, all of his guns exposed from his legs and most skin removed. He has some deep scratches in him and the blades at the tip of his fingers have been replaced with even longer blades. His camera eye has been removed and now there is a deep metal hole, and sticking out of that slightly is a small gas stove lighter. A tube sticks from the back of his head on the side of his new eye. It leads to a gas tank strapped to his back crudely. He walks forward awkwardly and speaks in a very jolted manner

Roshiq: Commmmp-ply or ...die!

Chronogrl peeks around the corner again and more bullets fly towards her.

Chronogrl: Shit.

Ending credits roll.

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Episode 18

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two space stations, crashed in mid space. Cut to Dante and Massacre Man, carrying Gorephobia down some stairs. They reach the bottom of a flight.

Massacre Man: Get the trolley!

Dante runs up the stairs. A trolley gets thrown over and lands at Massacre Man's feet.

Massacre Man: Not what I meant...

Dante jumps over the edge too, landing perfectly. They put Gore onto the trolley.

Dante: We're close!

Dante starts to walk forwards, then breaks into a jog. Massacre Man follows, pushing Gorephobia on the trolley.

Massacre Man: Wait!

Dante: No! I have to find her!

He runs towards Monalisa's shop. Behind him, Massacre Man is grabbed by something. Dante turns and rushes back. It's a Lux Lucis, and a large one at that.

Massacre Man: You fucker!

He pulls at the creature's arm but it only grips tighter. Dante runs at it, but it holds one of it's hands out.

Lux Lucis: Come any closer and I'll break him!

Massacre Man: Just try-

His face goes purple as his air cuts off. His eyes bulge.

Dante: What do you want?

Lux Lucis: Revenge.

Dante: What?

The creature hesitates for a moment, then lets go of Massacre Man and runs off, it's muscles bulging.

Massacre Man falls to the floor, gasping for air.

Dante: Let's go!

Massacre Man: Hold...on.

Dante: She's so close!

Massacre Man: What's wrong...with you?

Dante: I need to find her!

Massacre Man: How do you even know where she is?

Dante: I just do!

Massacre Man: No. You...tell me.

Dante: I can feel it.

Massacre Man: You haven't given me a straight answer to anything you've done. Nobody could jump from those stairs without a scratch!

Dante: Do you want my help or not?

Massacre Man looks at Dante, then sighs.

Massacre Man: Why does she matter so much?

Dante: What are you talking about? She's a human being, we have to save her!

Massacre Man: But in the time we've been looking for her, we could have been abandoning loads of people. What's so special about her?

Dante: She's the last one.

Massacre Man: Last what?

Dante: The last person of my ship! The last one left. I laid there, in some kind of fucking coma whilst these bastards tore apart the people I was supposed to be protecting! They all got slaughtered and if I can just save her, then maybe I'm worthy of being a captain!

Massacre Man: Fine...but she better be cute.

They proceed to the opening of the shop and Dante steps in. Hammerfan is laying on the floor, unconscious. Outside, Massacre Man examines a hole in the wall opposite the door, made by the bullet that Hammerfan fired.

Dante: Jesus...

He looks at Hammerfan's legs.

Dante: Hammerfan...wake up.

He gently taps her face.

Dante: Hammerfan.

Her eyes blink open. She looks at Dante and smiles slightly.

Hammerfan: You...

Dante: Yes, it's me, Dante.

Hammerfan: You bastard...you left me.

Dante: I'm sorry. I really am. I just-

Hammerfan: They're people.

Dante: What?

Hammerfan: The creatures. Those things. They're people.

Dante: I know...how do you know?

Hammerfan: He tried to kill me...

Dante: Who did?

She points to the photograph of her, a man and a girl, standing together.

Hammerfan: How could he...you know?

Dante: I guess I have to tell you. Those things. They were mutated by the light. That light that shone on the ship. It, altered things in their body.

Hammerfan: How can you be sure?

Dante pulls off his shirt, revealing scaly skin that's going brown.

Dante: It did it to me as well.

Massacre Man: Holy fuck in hell!

Dante: It's alright. I'm still me. But as I looked into the light, I saw it all. Everything. All of the secundum that ever was.

Hammerfan: Secundum?

Dante: That's what they called it. It's latin for Next. As in, the next stage.

Hammerfan: Evolution?

Dante: Kind of...it all started when the Earth was formed. There was no "let there be light". The light was already there, and he made Earth. It is an entity of pure creation. It made Earth and filled it with creatures, and fed off of their lives. But as time goes by it can't feed off of the creatures anymore, so it progresses them. Hence, evolution. But soon the creatures rebelled against it. They saw that they could harness it to make themselves evolve better, instead of the random changes it was putting them through.
They somehow imprisoned it in the center of the Earth, in the molten core. But it used it's last bit of mass energy to ruin all they had built. It destroyed it all. As time went by, it's energy seeped slowly through, making things evolve slowly. This evolution gave it just enough power to stay alive. Then came the WOC.

Massacre Man: The War of Crisis...

Dante: It damaged Earth so much and filled it with radiation. Somehow, it fed itself off the radiation and gained enough strength to flee Earth. Before it did, it used it's strength to save a helpless girl whom it fell in love with. Then it fled, to the far ends of the universe that had been created by it's...others. But they had long since died, each of their worlds betraying them. It fed off of their dead energy and returned to get revenge. It had been a creature of neither benevolence nor malevolence, but it's imprisonment bittered it and it now views us with red eyes.

Massacre Man: So how do we kill it?

Dante: That's where it wins. If we kill it, there is no force to progress us.

Hammerfan: Why...is that. Bad?

Dante: Somehow, and I don't know how, if an race goes too long without the Secundum, they lose their souls.

Massacre Man: Souls exist?

Dante: Our soul is what gives us our free will. It is the thing that makes us each unique. Without it, everything just...blends into each other. A grey world of uniformity and no individuality, then they just fade away. No progression and no souls causes an accelerated devolution where we would just turn to nothingness. And that is the thing that tears me apart inside. What do I do? Save the human race from a mass slaughter and destroy Secundum, only to leave them to a slow fate, or do I sit back and watch as they all die?

Massacre Man: Jesus...

Hammerfan: No...

Dante: And I have to choose...

Ending credits roll.

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Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of a corridor. There is a light shing from around the corner of it. Three shadow appears. Two creatures walk around the corner, dragging Papillon Noir.

Creature #1: I can't believe she did that much damage.

Creature #2: I know. Evil skank.

He turns and spits on Papillon. The camera focuses on her face. It cuts to a quick shot of The Flayed One stabbing a creature, then back to her being dragged. Cuts to her screaming, then back to being dragged. Cuts to The Flayed One slashing off a creature's throat then back to being dragged. Cuts to him standing above her. She cries to him, blood all over her.

Papillon Noir: Please...

He shakes his head with a cruel look.

The Flayed One: You fool...

Papillon Noir: No...

Cut to her being dragged. Cut to him leaning over her and taking the things she stole from her pocket. Cut to her being dragged, with the voice of The Flayed One sounding in the back ground.

The Flayed One: Once a pirate, always a pirate...

Her eyes blink open. She takes in her surroundings, her purple her sticking to her skin with the dried blood. She looks at the creatures and screams.

Creature #2: Well, well, well.

Creature #1: Just in time to meet your new dad.

They throw her down a large hole in the floor. She lands in a strange net made of mucus.

Papillon Noir: What, the FUUUUUUCK?

Someone approaches her from the darkness.

Freak: Why, now you're just perfect.

He reaches across to her. She tries to fight him back but he merely slaps her and she knows there's no use. He pulls her up off the mucus and holds onto her hair, dragging her down a dark red passage. eventually, he reaches a large room. Around the walls are many women, tied in thick balls of the mucus. Some appear dead, others nearly dead. One of the women looks up and shouts out.

Monalisa: Papillon Noir!

Papillon Noir: You! AH!

Freak pulls her by her hair into to the middle of the room. He pulls her hands and feet down to some sticky points on the floor, leaving her helpless.

Monalisa: Don't do it to her!

Another creature from the shadows runs at Monalisa and stabs her leg.

Monalisa: AHHHH! GOD! You bastard! When I get out of here-

Freak turns and and flicks his hand towards her. An oily black slime covers her mouth. He turns back to Papillon Noir.

Papillon Noir: What are you gonna do to me? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO TO ME?

Freak: Our species are rather odd. Both genders carry a...pouch. It is located inside our backs. It holds what you could call baby Lux Lucis'. Anyway, these children will never grow if they do not live in the correct environment. They will survive years as these unborn creatures, but the process of growth will not be incurred until they live in the environment that our stomachs give them. They will remain in the stomach, draining it of acid, and any food that may remains in there. Then, having doubled in size, they climb up the throat and out of the mouth.

Papillon Noir: Holy shit, you're gonna try to-

Freak: Try to? No, my friend. I will make you a mother. It is a very fast process. It takes two hours at the most.

Papillon Noir: Why don't you just do it to the other ones of you?!

Freak: Unfortunately, it is a very painful process that often results in death from choking or just the damage the little ones do. With our low numbers, we would prefer less death for now.

Papillon Noir: You sick freak!

Freak: I know.

Papillon Noir: Can't you just...I don't know. Put them in a bath of stomach acid?

Freak: If it were that simple, I would. But the children need to absorb from a living creature. The imprint you would leave on it would define it.

The camera shows a shot of his back. It opens up slightly, showing a thin flap of skin, with small things moving around in side of it.

Freak: Showtime...

A small shape, roughly the size of a golf ball moves up his back, traveling up the back of his neck them skull. Suddenly, the elongated top of his head opens, and a circular ball of puss and blood pops out. Freak grabs it, puts it in his mouth, then leans down to Papillon Noir.

Papillon Noir: PLEASE! NO! HELP!

He leans in closer.


He reaches her and locks his lips with hers. Her eyes widen as she strggles to pull away. The gold ball sized thing travels down her throat and Freak walks away. Cut to V and Doc Faustus.

V: Maybe we should find the others...

Doc Faustus: No...

V: There is clearly nothing on this ship. Nobody is left.

Doc Faustus: There could be. We haven't explored everywhere.

V: We have. Between us, we've covered everything.

Doc Faustus: Let's do a double check. I can't bare to leave anybody behind.

V: There is nobody on this hell hole! We have to find the others. They haven't been in contact for hours.

Doc Faustus: What if we're in a wrong-

V: There is nothing left to find!

Doc Faustus: Fine! Leave. See if I care.

V: What? No. How stupid are...you wouldn't survive without me!

Doc Faustus: What would you know about helping us? You've done nothing but point and shoot this entire time! You wouldn't explain a thing about what happened here.

V: You wouldn't understand!

Doc Faustus: Wouldn't understand? WE'RE NOT FUCKING IDIOTS V!


Doc Faustus: Go fuck yourself!

V: Only after you've fucked your new friend!

Doc Faustus: What?

V: What? You thought you were getting one over on me? Fucking pathetic little rat. You've been feeding those things, killing those people and trying to get to the escape pods!

Doc Faustus: How...but-

V: You're a worm. A backstabbing worm.

V points his gun at Doc Faustus, who then points his at V. They look at each other for a moment. V's finger twitches.

V: You may be a traitor, but I'm not. I couldn't kill you...

Doc Doesn't lower his gun.

V: Good luck fixing the escape pods. I'm off to find those people over there who have saved your ass so many times. But just think...what does that bitch in the sky need you for?

V pushes past Doc Faustus and runs down the passage. Doc, who hasn't moved, fires the gun at the empty space where V was. Ending credits roll.

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Opening Credits roll. Fade to Dante, Gorephobia, Hammerfan and Massacre Man. Gorephobia regains consciousness.

Gorephobia: AHH! Shit! Fire! Everywhere!

Massacre Man: Dude! Calm down. It's alright. You're safe.

Gorephobia: Newb?

Massacre Man shakes his head.

Gorephobia: Oh yeh...I remember now.

Massacre Man looks back through the bullet hole he was inspecting earlier.

Hammerfan: That...I did that earlier...

Dante: Shhh. You've lost a lot of blood.

Massacre Man: How did you do it?

Hammerfan: I was...fainting...and the gun went off.

Massacre Man: How long ago?

Dante: Why does it matter?

Massacre Man: Take a look.

Dante: What?

He looks through the hole. The camera shows a faint red light, changing every second.

Dante: What is that?

Gorephobia: Anybody want to explain what's going on?

Massacre Man: I'll be fucked if that doesn't look like a countdown...

Gorephobia: Isn't that the weapon lady's store room?

Massacre Man: Yeh. That's what I'm afraid of.

Dante: Open it up.

Massacre Man: I can't. She's got one of the only locks on the ship that I don't have control over.

Dante: Jesus.

He jumps up, shooting through the roof and disappears for a moment.

Gorephobia: Where did he-

Dante drops back through the roof.

Dante: This isn't good.

He holds out a large box, about the size of a safe. There's a countdown behind reinforced glass. It says 1:30:11, counting down.

Massacre Man: Is that what I think it is?

Dante: Yeh...

Gorephobia: Is that a bomb.

Dante: A powerful one.

Massacre Man: FUCK!

Gorephobia: How powerful?

Dante: Blow up the moon powerful...this makes the fatman look like a firecracker.

Massacre Man: STUPID BITCH! Why would she keep this on here?

Hammerfan: I'm sorry.

Dante: What for?

Hammerfan: I shot it...it's my fault.

Massacre Man inspects it. There's a bullet indentation in the side.

Massacre Man: Yeh. Looks like it is.

Dante: Calm down!

Massacre Man: I'll calm down when I know I'm not about to become a radioactive piece of jerky!

Gorephobia: Maybe we can...I don't know. Cut the wire?

Dante: Not in real life.

Gorephobia: Shit...so what do we do?

Massacre Man: Send the fucker to Earth!

Dante: Wouldn't get there fast enough. The blast would still kill us.

Massacre Man: Wait...what about the ship's engine?

Gorephobia: It's not working, is it?

Massacre Man: But if we get to the manual power up. The one that taps into the black fusion reserves...it should power the ship for a good twenty minutes.

Gorephobia: Why would they just make it for twenty minutes?

Massacre Man: Black Fusion isn't cheap. Or easy. Or safe. But it does work in any conditions. Probably even against that light this Captain Dante was on about.

Gorephobia: Okay...but then won't the engines just detonate the bomb?

Dante: No...not at first. This thing's tough. The bullet barely made a scratch. It's just unlucky it hit the section which starts the timer...

Massacre Man: But if I remember, the fusion should absorb the blast. It works like a miniature black hole.

Dante: That might work. That really might.

Massacre Man: Captain Dante, go up to the fusion center.

Dante: I can do that.

Massacre Man: Gorephobia, you come with me to start up the manual power. It's time I started acting like a Captain again.

Dante: What about Hammerfan?

Massacre Man: Dante...

Dante: Don't you dare...

Massacre Man looks at the pale Hammerfan, who's eyes are closing.

Massacre Man: Is she gonna make it?

Dante: I'm taking her with me.

Massacre Man: She'll slow you dow-

Dante: I don't care!

Massacre Man: Okay...just remember, if you don't get there in time, she's dead anyway.

Massacre Man and Gorephobia jog off. Dante picks up the bomb and then lifts Hammerfan up. He sprints off, the weight barely affecting him. Ending credits roll.

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