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10 Places where Someone is still Alive But Dead

10. Hunting or Haunting Place? You decide:

Harjeena,a place situated in Dhabeji,Sindh province of Pakistan has some message for you if you care yourself and the friendsÖ...Never ever go there alone or stay after sun set.
If you stay there till night;some creepy friends are waiting for you to enjoy fishing and take something which you will never forget or never be able to tell because they can kill you.
Nearby fishermen claim that they donít stay there when night overshadows the day.
According to them,trapped spirits of those who committed suicides there,often come there at night and throw the hunters in the sea.

9.It hasnít stopped yet:

This is another fascinating story about a lady,named Tahira.The story revolved around for many years and is still a spine shivering for the majority of the people living in Karachi.
In the local newspapers of of 80ís; several news were published regarding a lady of Karsaz Road,KDA Scheme 1 Karachi.
The lady is supposed to take lift from the lonely drivers.Seeing their intentions,she either horrifies them or just disappears.
The story about taking the lift and just disappearing is not enough.She also had choked the necks or scratched the faces of some drivers.But she never killed anyone.


8.The Poltergeist activity of a Palace

Mohatta Palace,located in Clifton, the most beautiful towns of Karachi is a treat for the families and foreign tourists to enjoy the the serene and soothing atmosphere of the whole area of it.
The palace is so beautifully architectured and decorated that it leads among the best buildings of the city.
Besides its beauty,Mohatta Palace is said to be occupied by the poltergeist activites.Labors who work there late nights,have observed that some force is helping them in the proper decoration of the building.
The chairs,the pictures,the flowers and the sofas are seen by the workers,adjusted in front of their eyes.Many claim that the owner of the palace whose name was Chandraratan Mohatta,was one of the richest man before Indo-Pak partition.



7.Deserted house of the dead

This house is situated in Gujrat where the traces of the past keep reminding the people about someoneís presence.
A spirit of a pious old man has been witnessed by most of the residents of the nearby houses.
The house is around 100 years old and is nothing but an abundant building with damaged walls but it is well know for the mysteries that occupy attentions of many.
One of the middle aged residents claims that he heard from his mother that one of his forefather,who used to live in the house many years ago,had friendly relations with the spirit of the old man
Boys often throw ball in the house and they get it back.


6.Even police cop never enters alone

An oldest bungalow,situated in Soldier Bazar Karachi ,is one of those places where the terrible noises make people grind their teeth.The bungalow is know as Bhoot Bangla(Ghost house) after several cases of paranormal happenings reported by the people of the town.
The darkness of night makes up the whole scenario so much terrifying that the police cops of the area looks reluctant to go there.
A strange man was caught on the roof of the house.When asked,he said someone was calling me for help inside that house and I am new here so I thought that some help is needed so I went there but no one was there.
The bungalow is supposed to be occupied by the demonic spirits.


5. You will never be allowed to live there

If we say: Rest of the world is on one side and the subcontinent is on the other.The haunted places in this region are more than those of the rest of the world.
P.E.C.H.S Karachi,Pakistan.An aged gentleman,working there as a house-keeper, tells those things which are really very terrifying.
The bungalow which is under his care,has been left by its owners for many years.
Real reason for that! Yes my dear, a ghoooost.Well this one specific room and a kitchen adjacent to it.
A woman moves through the room and enters the kitchen and cries.The house-keeper never dares to enter the house alone.
On accompanying his friend one day.His friend just entered the room and touched the wardrobe.He got such a terrible shock (just like if he has touched an eel lol) that he was thrown away 7 feet.Since the room has never been dusted for several years,there are clear foot marks of that lady and they are so weird.It is believed that the woman is buried there after her brutal murder.
No one has the courage to purchase this bungalow because that lady wonít let this happen

http://forum.pakistanidefence.com/in...- P.E.C.H.S. )


4.Please donít kill us.

Located in Nazimabad , Karachi, Pakistan.This house and its surroundings are very famous for their creepy stories.Some are real and some are man made.
People who cross the street,just opposite to that house,often hear loud shouts and crying noises.The overall ambiance takes the breath away of the most brave people of the town.
The haunting has its mystery related to the murder of a new wed couple, back in 1992,when
robbers entered their house and killed husband and wife and their only father.
People claim that these noises are so horrifying that they donít even dare to go near to that house even in the morning and in the afternoon as well.



3. Head with no body

13th floor of Tarumanagara University in Jakarta Indonesia,is supposed to be haunted by the bodiless head flying and disturbing the employees working there in the afternoon.From where that head came and what were the causes
Are still unknown.People speculate that it may be demonic entity or a restless spirit of someone whose head was slaughtered badly.


2.Burning gravestones

Chowkandi graveyard,located on the National Highway of Karachi Pakistan,is among the most beautiful and ancient cemeteries of the country.It is around 600 hundred years old.The graves are mostly of Kings and Queens.
But,if someone is trying to visit there after sunset,he will not be able to tell anything for a whole week.
Paranormal investigation team visited there.They had the feeling that something is burning as hot as iron when they touched the gravestones.
Several shouting voices and apparitions have also been witnessed there.Overall,the place has its own charm which attracts visitors from different parts of the world but none of them stay there after sunset.
What will you do if you are curious to find what is causing all these troubles?Definitely nothing;but if you dig the mud,you will find the heads (Not of humans !) but heads of goats.
The most common black magic in subcontinent is performed by using goatís cutted neck and blood in cemeteries.



1.Every night resurrects the dead

Shamshan Ghat or Crematory, located in Hyderabad district of Pakistan;telling the stories of the dead who have never reached their destination even after their deaths.
It is a place where Hindu burial and burning rituals are usually performed and this cremation site is about 250 years old.
If you are interested for a spine chilling creepiest place,then this place is on top of the spot.
According to the gate keeper and other staff:they have witnessed weird children coming to play there and make noises when the night falls.They come out of no-where and go no-where.They just emerge and disappear.
People often have seen a child coming out of grave and he immediately changes himself into an old man.
A young man of nearby town has witnessed a woman in red bridal dress walking on the road,nearer to the shamshan .Since he was well aware of the happenings there,he just turned back home.
Few years back,when labors were given the task to repair the yard .They stopped the work and never came back again.Most of them fell terribly ill.When they were offered more money;they said they came here to work,not to give their lives.



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um...welcome to HDC?
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Welcome to horror.
I command by the power of Christ and the Gospel for this evil spirit that is inside this man or woman to come forward now and to face the judgment of God.

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Hi and welcome!
Cheers From A Very Old Broad ???

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Welcome to the forum.
"The wind that would have killed us both, it saves my life"-Bel Canto
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Hello & welcome! :)
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Thanks giving

Thank you all for nice comments. Now onwards, I will share some great stuff here.
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