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The House That Dripped Blood 1971 ★★★˝

The house that dripped blood is a fun anthology with four stories about a house where mysterious deaths and disappearances occur.

About ten years before turning into the man who got lost in his own museum, Denholm Elliott delivers a solid performance as a writer who goes mad when stalked by his own creation. With what you think is a twist before that goes wrong too.

The second story sees a variation on the House of wax with a pretty eerie final shot of Cushing's face. The third one brings us Christopher Lee as a father and a stern one at that. What else, with a voice like his? The climax can be seen coming a mile away and let's just say it's one that the good people at the Good Guy doll corporation would not approve of.

As is common with anthologies, the level of the different stories varies and this one fares no other. The last story is less memorable and the wrap around is wrapped up quickly. That said, the score really a layer of eeriness to the writer story and it's the type of cheesy horror score that I do love. Needless to say, Cushing and Lee are always a joy to watch.

A worthy part of the golden age and a fun addition to your seventies collection.

Saturday the 14th 1981 ★★★

A horror comedy that does an amazing job at being hilariously stupid. I don't know what's better

the Creepshow-esque opening credits
the dad, aka what would happen if Norm MacDonald turned Richard Forster into an SNL-character
the Jaws-theme knockoff in of all things a fricking bathtub
the exterminator: a crossover between Guillermo Del Toro and a huge, awkward nerd
the schlocky special effects that come with a Corman-production (though this time it's Mrs Corman at the helm)
the children from a time where all boys were stupid and all teenage girls were hysterical
the Beetlejuice rejects that make up their family and neighbours
Jeffrey Tambor and Nancy Lee Andrews hamming it up as the vampire
The Van Helsing parachuted in, because why not?

Also a nice touch to have the TV play nothing but The Twilight Zone. It's a TZ equivalent of the time when Homer got to design a car and its stupidity is precisely what makes it entertaining and endearing.

For people in the mood for “a movie that does dumb well”.
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MORTUARY (1983-although various dates are listed). Your patience may be tested by this one. Mary Elizabeth McDonough (from TV's THE WALTONS) play a girl who is affected by her Father's murder and has reason to feel the killer is coming after Her-a contentious relationship with her Mother (Lynda Day George) and an ineffectual boyfriend also does not help. Adding to her woes are sleepwalking and being pursued by the killer in a long cloak with a white face-all I could think of was the writer of SCREAM must have seen this. Also, You can figure out who the killer is, halfway through the film; never a good sign.
Mary Elizabeth is appealing and while there is some nudity, it's via a Body double (I remember Judy Morton from the same show has shown all to PLAYBOY and was thinking another Walton girl went the same path). Also Christopher George (in his last film) and stealing every scene He is , is a very young, very skinny Bill Paxton who hams outrageously throughout. **1/2
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