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New Matrix Revolutions Trailer

I know it's more sci-fi than horror, but the new Matrix trailer looks good. The mech fighters are going to be bad ass.

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That looks awsome!!:eek:
"I don't care if you were covered in peanut butter and had a 15 hooker gang-bang"-Adam(SAW)
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I've seen the trailer...know all the lines.. :)
Hope that the whole is a great movie then ;)

what did they say :" Everything that has a beginning has an End"
Hope after the revolution, though, no more matrixes :D ..I'm afraid if they go on...It might suck afterwards :mad:
Never say Neverland....
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They can't go on unless they kill Neo, cause Keanu won't do another. And since he's the "ONE" they really couldn't kill him could they? Besides they need to finish it. Don't wear it out!!
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