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Originally Posted by neverending View Post
You do know the title's been used already, right?
Yeah, and that comes as an unfortunate side effect of the contestants not being able to edit their posts after submission. I figure it's not so bad though, since the last time it was used was for a Pink Panther movie in the 60's.

That was a really fun challenge.
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The Judges have turned in their verdicts. And most of you have solid grades which will make you pass into the next Round.

Except two Finalists.

First things first. The Topper of Elimination Round #1, with a very solid and impressive Average Grade of A- is...


Number 2 in the Average Grade scoreboard, with B+, is...


Not less than FOUR Finalists scored an Average Grade of B, and they are...

(in no order)
  • ChronoGrl
  • FerretChucker
  • Bwind22
  • Alkytrio666

...which leaves us with the two Finalists who are on the verge of elimination...

Papillon Noir and Roshiq.

Roshiq scored a D+ from one of the Judges, while Paps scored mostly C minuses...


Roshiq had Bs, Paps had one B...

It was really a tough and very close call in the end between the two...

But the one who moves into the next Round of elimination is...


Which means...

Sorry Paps. You did your best, but you are eliminated from HDC Idol.

Elimination Round #2 starts within the next 24 hours.
"If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Sorry to see you go, Disease and Noir.

Congrats to Flayed for winning the round.

I'll admit Bwind was my favorite- I'll be looking for you to make a great showing in the next round.

The rest of you- step up your game if you expect to be crowned HDC IDOL!
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oh god...that was really a close call! I'm glad that you considered our previous efforts and just because of that I have made through to the next round.:o

But feeling really sad for Noir...she gave a nice effort against a tough challenge last round.
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Thanks judges. I appreciate it.

Sorry to see you go Butterfly, you did do well.

The Ferrets like it...
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And sorry Paps.

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Good luck to the remaining finalists...

Originally Posted by Phalanx
Because you want his maggot ridden dick dontcha
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Thank you, neverending, for that unexpected compliment!

Congrats Flayed! Nice job everyone else! Sorry to see you go Pap, Disease & Cactus.
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Wow. Thanks to all of the judges who gave me outstanding grades. Congrats to all my other fellow finalists.

It's also sad to see good competitors fall. If time frames and circumstances would have fallen differently, it very well could have been me who fell this round while my fellow competitors moved on.

I'm eager to see what awaits all of us in the next round.

Bwind, I must say that following you on the same competition was less than pleasant. You gave an excellent showing and left me wondering long into the night how I was going to compose something different enough that I wouldn't seem like the cheap cash in on your idea. You've turned out to be a fierce competitor, and I look forward to going up against you in the next round.

This is a very strong group; one that I respect and am extremely impressed by. I've enjoyed reading every single response to the challenges, and I hope there are more contests of wit in the near future.

Enough of the sentimental bullshit, though. To the six of you who remain in my way, I say:

"Bring it, you bastards!"
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I welcome all Finalists to the second Elimination Round of HDC Idol. Each round will result in the elimination of ONE of you until we reach the Final 3, who will advance on to the Grand Finale stage of HDC Idol.

Your second Challenge is more tough than the previous one, because you get to be the crew members of renowned Movie Makers, so I wish you all the very best and hope you raise your own levels much higher to meet this Test and dominate it with awesome Grades.

All 7 of you will be assigned to a genre Icon of Horror, and will be given a Challenge each. Keeping the Genre Great in mind, and knowing the fact that you are a member of his film crew, you have to put your answers and ideas forth in accordance before the Judges.

Grades will be given out, and the worst Grader will be out of HDC Idol.

Point to Note :- If you do not answer your challenge within the stipulated time, you are automatically eliminated from HDC Idol.

Again, we may have more than one Finalist eliminated in Elimination Round #2 itself. Of course, the fittest will survive and continue on.

Here are your challenges...

- The Flayed One - Tobe Hooper is so fascinated with Cloverfield that he wants you to pitch a giant monster plot to him for his next movie.

- Bloodrayne - George A. Romero's next movie is a horror musical. Give your choice of songs from popular mainline releases to him.

- FerretChucker - Sam Raimi wants to make a sequel to Army of Darkness's alternate ending, with Ash 100 years in the future. You are his script-writer.

- Alkytrio666 - Wes Craven is making another low budget slasher. Think of possible casting options for the flick.

- ChronoGrl - Christophe Gans is ready to make yet another video-game adaptation after Silent Hill and wants you on-board as producer.

- Bwind22 - Dario Argento liked Sean Keller's Giallo so much he wants to make another giallo flick with you in Sean's place.

- Roshiq - Frank Darabont enjoyed a lot of success with The Mist in 2008. Do you have an equally effective Stephen King short story in mind to be adapted into a movie screenplay?

You have 48 Hours to do your research and post your entries (either on here or in a PM to me). Failure to do so WILL result in elimination.

Best of Luck!!
"If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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