Silent Hill Special Event Held In Tokyo, Japan

Silent Hill Special Event Held In Tokyo, Japan
Coverage of a Silent Hill movie release promotional haunted house in Tokyo.
Updated: 07-01-2006

Japanese horror fans are being treated to a special haunted house set up in Shinjuku to promote the release of the Silent Hill movie in Japan. The Silent Hill "shocking house" will be open from June 22nd through July 2nd. Here is an exclusive picture from your friends at

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For the opening of the haunted house on the 22nd, the studio had a bunch of cute Japanese nurse zombies on hand as well as game producer Akira Yamaoka. Unfortunately, was not able to attend the opening, but the fine folks over at Kotaku have pictures of Yamaoka and the naughty nurses.

If cute Japanese nurses aren't your thing, how about Japanese zombie maids? There is also a Silent Hill maid cafe in Akiba, also promoting the release of the film - photos once again, courtesy of Kotaku.

Japanese Zombie Nurses: Nurse Photos
Japanese Zombie Maids: Maid Photos

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