Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack Release Party

Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack Release Party

Exclusive video and interviews from the soundtrack release part of Repo!

Updated: 02-13-2009

On Tuesday, September 30, 2008, the soundtrack for Darren Lynn Bousman's insane horror sci-fi musical "Repo! The Genetic Opera" hits stores. Like the movie itself, the soundtrack is pretty crazy - members of Filter, Slipknot, G&R, Love & Rockets, Jane's Addiction, and a lot of other awesome bands got involved in this project.

With all of the musicians and other talent involved (did we mention Paris Hilton is in the movie?), you just know there are going to be some big Repo parties. Luckily for, Staci got invited to the big bash for the release of the film's soundtrack. Staci talked to so many people that we can't possibly list them all here - how do Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy), Bill Moseley, Alexa Vega, and Mr. Bousman sound, just for starters?

So, forget about reading this boring text and check out the Repo party video right now!


Repo! The Genetic Opera

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