Giallo! / Thursdays in October at Cinefamily

Giallo! / Thursdays in October at Cinefamily
Updated: 10-09-2010


Blood. Flesh. Madness. Music. Mystery. A black glove holding a bloody knife. A stylish bella donna stripping nude for her killer. These are the familiar elements of the giallo, Italy’s own peculiar brand of bloody pulp fiction: a Mediterranean blend of detective stories, slasher flicks, and sexy ‘70s high-fashion shows that are beloved for their stylishness and sensuality. These films are overflowing with creatively conceived and executed violent set-pieces, killer soundtracks that fans still obsessively collect, and visual delights of all forms -- men, women, clothes, cars, lamps, doorstops, everything is beautiful. So beautiful. To celebrate this most cinematic of horror genres, the Cinefamily presents ten rare screenings every Thursday in October, including uncut 35mm prints of Dario Argento and Sergio Martino films flown in from Italy, and a sneak preview of the new French homage to the giallo, Amer!


If you are in L.A., you simply must check out this amazing program. And even if you're not, at least check out all the cool posters and trailers for these films at the Cinefamily website.


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