Creepersin Films horror releases trailers at AFM in Santa Monica

Creepersin Films horror releases trailers at AFM in Santa Monica
Updated: 11-11-2010


Creepersin Films have released two new trailers at this years AFM in Santa Monica for their highly anticipated films Bothers Cannibal and Lake Death. Both films are written and directed by Creep Creepersin.

BROTHERS CANNIBAL is a very dark comedy about two brothers who got more than they bargained for  when their meeting with a strange girl turns deadly. A film by Creep Creepersin. Starring Matt Turek, Buz Wallick, Elissa Dowling, Charlie Vaughn, Alexandra Ackerman, John Karyus and Joel Hebner.

LAKE DEATH is a slasher film where 8 people reunite after 10 years at a high school reunion in the mountains. One of them has changed a little too much over the years. People disappear and the killer could be anyone of them. Lake Death stars Rachel Zeskind, Greg Duke, Charlie Vaughn, Noah Longo, Holly Meowy, Chandler Maness, Jamie Burnidette, Cheryl Sands, Benjamin Voelker and Kevin Kramer. Written and Directed by Creep Creepersin.

Creepersin says about Brothers Cannibal, "This is a film that is very true to me and how I make films and my storytelling. It is sick, it is twisted, it is funny and its gritty. Its what all of the films I have made have been adding up to, all in one film."

As for Lake Death, Creepersin says, "Lake Death is special to me because it is a real, honest to goodness slasher film, the kind I grew up watching. This is just the first film of a franchise that we at Creepersin Films are very happy about. There are a lot of twists and turns. It is everything that i would want out of a slasher film. We plan to start shooting part 2 in the spring."

Creepersin Films Representatives, Creep Creepersin, Nikki Wall and Charlie Vaughn, will be at AFM closing the deals on who gets the films.

"There is a lot of interest in these pictures." says producer Nikki Wall, "We are very excited to see this play out."


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